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It is a remarkable story and so full of intrigue that it reads at times like fiction.Jonathan Burnham, Editor in Chief & President, Talk Miramax Books.

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This book out-Dallas, Dallas. No one has written so well of the other side of paradise,Francis T. Seow, former Solicitor General of Singapore

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Mary Bancroft – Master Spy

“I can’t understand what the f–k you are saying.” The voice came from an elderly lady in the back row of my computer class. It was from Mary Bancroft, a part owner of The Wall Street Journal. She is the author of Autobiography of a Spy and was the woman behind the plot to kill Hitler, the lover of CIA chief, Allen Dulles, the lady who invited me to dinner to meet Woody Allen and, yes, Mary Bancroft was my computer student.

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ISIS threatens Italy

ISIS routes from Libya to Italy

ISIS routes from Libya to Italy

Italians are worried ISIS that has already infiltrated their country. Apparently, dozens of jihadists who fought in Iraq and Syria have returned home to Italy. In addition, Italy has evidence that ISIS terrorists are hiding among thousands of people arriving boats and ships from Libya. Along with Libyans, others arriving by sea are other Arabs and Africans, just passing through Libya to get to Italy.

More than 11,000 migrants have been rescued in the Mediterranean and taken to Italy in the past six days, with hundreds more expected Friday, April 17, the coastguard said.

Sic transit gloria mundi...

Sic transit gloria mundi…

The migrant wave has swelled in recent days on the back of the worsening security situation in Libya – the staging post for most of the crossings – as well as the milder spring weather.

On April 14, Italian police reported that Muslims who were among migrants trying to get from Libya to Italy in a boat this week threw 12 Christians overboard—killing them.

Italian authorities have arrested 15 people involved in the incident on suspicion of murdering the Christians at sea, police in Palermo, Sicily, said.

The original group of 105 people aboard the killer boat left Libya in a rubber boat. Sometime during the trip north across the Mediterranean Sea, the alleged assailants—Muslims from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal—threw the Christians 12 overboard, according to the Italian police.

Investigating migrants from the Christian murder ship

Investigating migrants from the Christian murder ship

Since the fall of Muammar el-Qaddafi in 2011, Libya has descended into chaos, giving rise to warring militias, many of whom are loyal to ISIS. “We find ourselves facing a country with a vast territory and failed institutions, and that has potentially grave consequences not only for us but for the stability and sustainability of the transition processes in neighboring African states,” Italian foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni said.

Unfortunately for Italy, as many as 500 newcomers arrive each day from Africa.

The Italian Navy has a fleet of ships dispatched to find these migrants at sea. These ships have saved as many as 170,000 people from sinking vessels in 2014, a 66% increase over 2013.

It’s hard to say how many hiding among these immigrants could be terrorists or ISIS sympathizers.

Sabrina Magris, president of the International University School of Rome and Florence, which offers counter terrorism and hostage negotiation training to various governments around the world, said that Italian officials are increasingly worried about the situation in post-Qaddafi Libya and the influx of terrorists sneaking into Italy. A growing number of Libyan militias have proclaimed their loyalty to ISIS in recent months.

Pro-ISIS blogger Abu Irhim al-Libi wrote last month.,“If ISIS can successfully intermingle with those fleeing the Libyan coast en-route for Europe, this could turn life in southern European states into hell.”

ISIS has hundreds of thousands of sympathizers in Italy. Italy’s army is only 5,000 strong—a force to small, perhaps, to save Italy from ISIS—and there are hundreds of thousands currently waiting to be transported to Italy.

Last year, 170,000 refugees from Africa and the Middle East entered Europe through Italy, according to the United Nations. And by some estimates, their number may more than triple this year, as political and economic stability in their home countries worsens. Presently, there are 600,000 or so migrants currently waiting in Libya for their turn to go to Italy.

To stop the largest group of migrants from coming, Europe would have to end the bloody civil war in Syria and institute a lasting peace in the area. This is something Western governments don’t have a great track record with in the Arab world so far, as Libya demonstrates. In fact, the current turmoil in the Middle East and Libya has been caused by the U.S. overthrowing of the governments of Iraq and Libya—thereby upsetting the delicate balance of power in the Middle East and North Africa.

This is the legacy of the last Bush administration with the support of the Democrats led by Hillary Clinton who voted in favor of the invasion of Iraq and who played a leading role in reducing Libya to a failed state. Consequently, there is no end in sight to the continuing migrations to Italy and the threats of ISIS calling for their invasion of Italy.



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  • Paris

    Hello John and May Chu, i have no idea how else to contact you. I refer to your website – you keep using the word ‘tamil’ rather than ‘tamil tigers’.

    Tamil Tigers are terrorist.

    Tamils are not! They are a sect of Indians, nothing more, nothing less.

    Could you please change that on your site? As it stands, it implies that Tamils as a race are all terrorists, and does appear quite racist even if that wasn’t your intention. I can safely tell you many Tamils love peace and curries, and not guns and war.

    Secondly, what is happening with your movie Escape from Paradise? I’ve been waiting eagerly, and nothing for so many years. Please update, thanks.

    All the best and hope to see your story in the cinemas soon!

    • John Harding

      Tamil Tigers are a specific group of supposed terrorists. Those we refer to in the aforementioned website are not (to our knowledge) Tamil Tigers. They do, however, happen to be Tamils who are terrorists, ergo our use of Tamil terrorist(s). This, in no way, refers to those peaceful Tamils residing in Singapore, or elsewhere. Based on your comment, I took a close look at the website, but did not find anything that, in my mind, should be changed. Some of the people referred to are doing prison time in the US, and, perhaps, there are more to go, however, he is not a Tamil terrorist, but a Chinese terrorist – and we have written about him in this website at I refer to him as a Singapore terrorist, which does not imply or mean that all Singaporeans are terrorists. I do, however, believe the the Jeyaretnam brothers are pro-Tamil opportunists – which I have covered in this website and others.
      Escape from Paradise is slowly making it to the red carpet. Today, the producer sent me a sample of the music. The schedule is at There is more regarding the film and its star, Bai Ling at .
      Great to hear from you. Let’s keep in touch.
      John & May Chu