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Failed States, thanks to the U.S. « Getting at the truth

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Failed States, thanks to the U.S.

The actions of the United States and its leaders has resulted to the creation of three failed states—Iraq, Syria and Libya.

What, me worry?

What, me worry?

In the battlefield, which was once Iraq, President Obama has few options, as his only ally appears to be Iran. Since, however, this is not a viable option (or is it?) Obama is chilling in the White House—as he did high on weed in his high school days.

In Syria, Senator McCain is backing the rebels—the very people that Obama and Iran are against in Iraq. McCain, who made it by marrying a very rich woman, wants to arm the Syrian rebels, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, who made it by marrying two very rich women, is staying out of the picture entirely.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has accused critics of the war in Iraq of trying to “willfully” claim the current crisis in the country is a result of the original invasion.

Mr. Blair rejected claims that he was to blame, saying that if the West had not rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein, the crisis in the Middle East would be worse. In addition, Blair would not have received the reported $19 billion that the Bush administration paid him for England’s joining the war in Iraq.


Islamist militants, the ISIS, have seized major cities in Iraq and are marching on Bagdad as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s military lays down their weapons to avoid beheadings, crucifixions and worse.

The surge in violence across northern and central Iraq, only three years after the U.S. troop withdrawal, is a civil war in what was OPEC’s second-biggest oil producer. Iraq’s main oil fields and refineries have fallen to the Sunni rebels of ISIS.

In addition, ISIS fighters have taken control of two big weapons depots holding some 400,000 items, including AK-47 rifles, rockets Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades, artillery shells and mortars. A quarter of these weapons were quickly sent to Syria in order to help the ISIS (and Senator McCain) overthrow the al-Assad regime.

The New York Times reports that army commanders from the Saddam era joined forces with the Islamists to rout the government including General Sultan Hashim, Iraq’s defense minister under Saddam Hussein during the U.S. invasion in 2003.

The U.N. refugee agency reported that nearly 480,000 people had been driven from their homes by fighting since January between government forces and rebels in western Iraq’s Anbar province.

The U.S. embassy in Bagdad is closing down as its staff flees the country. Obama announced today that he is sending a mere token of only 275 troops to assist with the effort—fleeing boots on the ground.

Three Republican congressmen who served in Iraq—Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Doug Collins of Georgia, and Brad Wenstrup of Ohio—said it feels like the progress they made has been thrown away.

Hundreds of thousands have died in Syria as Iranian forces battle Sunni fighters in Syria. Both Sunni and Shia fighters believe the battle was foretold in Islamic 7th Century prophecies which sayings of the Prophet Mohammad and his followers that started it all some 1,400 years ago when Islam split into its Sunni and Shia branches starting the war between the two that followed the Prophet Mohammad’s death in 632 Does Senator McCain understand that this is a Holy War?

United States led NATO launched a war in which rebel militiamen played a supportive role and ended with the overthrow and killing of Gaddafi.

The NATO powers that overthrew Gaddafi and by many accounts gave the orders to kill him – did so not because he was a tyrannical ruler—but because he was going to sell oil to the Chinese. Big Oil would have been very unhappy with that.

The Libyan former Prime Minister Ali Zeidan fled after parliament voted him out of office. Militias based in Misrata, western Libya, notorious for their violence have launched an offensive against the eastern rebels in what could be the opening shots in a civil war between western and eastern Libya.

A striking feature of events in Libya was when the militiamen, whose victory NATO had assured, killed the U.S. ambassador; no action was taken by Washington, London or Paris.
Libya’s oil exports have fallen from 1.4 million barrels a day in 2011 to 235,000 barrels a day.

This is good for Big Oil as it provides the opportunity for them to raise their prices.

7/26/2014 Update:

The United States shut down its embassy in (failed state) Libya on Saturday and evacuated its diplomats to neighboring Tunisia under U.S. military escort F-16 fighter jets and other U.S. aircraft providing security. This is amid a significant deterioration in security in Tripoli as fighting intensified between rival militias, the State Department said.

Ambassador Deborah Jones with her personal belly-dance instructor.

Ambassador Deborah Jones with her personal belly-dance instructor.

“With all the free-wheeling militia violence, we are suspending our current diplomatic activities at the embassy — not closing the embassy — but suspending the activities … ,” Kerry said. Huh? How do you suspend your activities by not closing the embassy?

On Friday, U.S. Ambassador to Libya Deborah Jones (known for her short skirts) appealed for fighting near the embassy to stop. “We have not been attacked but our neighborhood a bit 2 close to the action,” she tweeted. “Diplomatic missions 2 B avoided pls.”

On Sunday, Jones tweeted about “heavy shelling and other exchanges” of fire in the vicinity of the embassy and speculation about the potential evacuation had been rife at the State Department for more than a week.

Prior to her appointment in Libya, Deborah Jones was the United States Ambassador to Kuwait from 2008 to 2011.

She graduated from Brigham Young University, but even though a fervent Mormon is an accomplished belly dancer.

Jones is “married” to Richard G. Olson, the United States Ambassador to Pakistan even though she doesn’t live with him or even share his last name.

Deborah Jones is a great example of American insensitivity to other cultures. Her presence alone is enough to destabilize Libya.

 Update 8/27/2014 – Rand Paul: Hillary’s ‘War Hawk’ Policies Led to Benghazi Attack, Rise of ISIS

Rand Paul has stated, “I would say the objective evidence shows that Libya is a less safe place and less secure place, a more chaotic place with more jihadist groups—and really, we’ve had two really bad things happen because of Hillary’s push for this war. One is that our ambassador was killed as a consequence of not having adequate security and really as a consequence of having a really unstable situation there because of the Libyan war, and then most recently our embassy having to flee by land because they couldn’t leave via the airport because of such a disaster in Libya. So I think it’s hard to argue that the Libyan war was a success in any way. From my perspective, the first mistake they made was not asking the American people and Congress for authority to go to war.”

Sen. Paul countinued, “Sometimes people are trying to say I don’t have enough concern for this. Well, actually, I have a great deal of concern—and not thinking through the consequences of intervention has caused Islamism and radical jihadist groups to proliferate. So I think Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein were both secular dictators who were awful, and did terrible things to their people, but at the same time were also enemies of the jihadists. Assad is the same way. What we’ve done in Libya, and now what we’re doing in Syria, is we have armed groups that are commingled with jihadists.”

Yes, by overthrowing Sadaam Husein, and Qadaffi, the United States has created ISIS. Arming the rebels in Syria and the overthrow of Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad, the United States is giving Syria to ISIS—another unintended consequence. I have lived in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for a total of nine years and this is easy to see that anyone who has spent time in the region understands the terrible errors of Bush, Obama, and Hillary Clinton.


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