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X10 Liquidated by U.S. Bankruptcy Court « Getting at the truth

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X10 Liquidated by U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Escape from Paradise

Escape from Paradise

The pen (our book, Escape from Paradise) is mightier than the pocketbook (X10) or How our Book Drove X10 out of Business.

On November 27, 2000  X10 Wireless had filed with the SEC for an for an initial public offering of 5 million shares to be priced at $15 to suck in $75 million from U. S. investors.

That put a market value on X10 Wireless of $376 million, of which $301 million would belong to the one Chung Hin Chew (aka Hin Chew Chung), and company. Chung ran the parent company, X10 Ltd, which was incorporated in Bermuda, out of an office in Hong Kong. The U.S. investors were purchasing a small shell of a company under the control of Chung and his X10 Ltd.

The X10 Wireless deal was described (and exposed) in Escape from Paradise. Just as our book was published, X10 Wireless was ready to go public on NASDAQ. The company even had a ticker symbol — “XTEN.”

We rushed our first copy of Escape from Paradise to the SEC, who thanked us for the book about “Hin Chew Chung,” the man behind X10 Wireless.

Immediately thereafter, on Sept. 26, 2001, the IPO of X10 Wireless was withdrawn.

Chung Hin Chew (aka Hin Chew Chung)

Chung Hin Chew (aka Hin Chew Chung)

Later, in 2003, X10 Wireless went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and struggled to stay alive.

Maybe some private investors would show up—and they did.

Several years ago, X10 Wireless’ parent company, X10 Ltd went bankrupt. Their Hong Kong office disappeared.

After years of struggle to stay alive, in August 2013, X10 Wireless went into Chapter 7 bankruptcy and was liquidated by the United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Washington in Seattle.

The court notified over 400 creditors and shareholders of the demise of X10 Wireless. We have the list—it’s public information—anyone can get it.

The creditors included people who paid for and never received their orders, and include Canada’s Revenue Agency, Google, American Express, Bank of America, FedEx, Sprint, UPS, Verizon and others.


Douglas Ooi

Shareholders of note who lost their investments in X10 Wireless were Douglas Ooi (step-nephew of Singapore’s ruler, Lee Kuan Yew) and Singaporean Low Kee Cheong.

Low Kee Cheong

Low Kee Cheong

Did the shareholders of X10 Wireless—those who invested in the company know that, the mysterious X10 Ltd owned 91.63% of X10 Wireless?

Did they know that the bulk of the profits would go to the 91.63% owner—X10 Ltd, aka Hin Chew Chung, and not to the minor shareholders of X10 Wireless.

We explained this set up very clearly in Escape from Paradise (and the SEC understood).

Even had X10 Wireless done well, or gone public, X10 Ltd. with its 91.63% ownership would have been the big winner—along with the mystery man behind X10 Ltd., Chung Hin Chew (again aka Hin Chew Chung).

Originally, Chung was from Brunei. After encountering some “difficulties” in Brunei, and being held for a year under house arrest by the Brunei authorities, he fled to Singapore.

Chung now lives in far-off Malaysia at a very fashionable address:


54 Jalan Bruas
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
No. 2, Jalan Chelagi
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Creditors who are interested should be able to reach him there.

With Chung’s ownership, there would not have been much left for the minority shareholders of X10 Wireless even had the company not gone under.

Now, nothing is left for Chung Hin Chew, X10 Ltd, or the minority shareholders and creditors of X10.

Still, there plenty of X10 products for sale on eBay.

11 comments to X10 Liquidated by U.S. Bankruptcy Court

  • Rx Sims

    I am a supplier n hv been trying to get my money back from X10!

  • master cam

    “DO NOT believe a word this company says!!! I ordered 4 security cameras from them only to find out they are not the model numbers I ordered! On the back of the invoice it states “The model numbers of some of the items you received might not match the model numbers of the items you ordered. Please be assured that the items shipped to you are EQUAL TO OR BETTER in function than the items you ordered. Does it say anything about the manufacture has different numbers than they do…NO! It says the items shipped might not match and assures you that you get an equal or better than item
    …Crock! Then try to talk to them….ha, another Crock! You have to pay for shipping, insurance and a 15% restocking fee to return them. I had called a couple of days before they arrived because I had not gotten anything to the fact that they were being shipped. I was told there was a small back order…then they show up two days later…Not good business X10…Seems your business is the 15% restocking fee that I am sure you have gotten plenty of….”

    I read your investigative research, very thorough, this Chung guy was planning to rip off the American people! Anyone having ANYTHING to do with this guy, watch out!

  • Pete O' Mally

    Now I get it!

    I’m glad it went bust, obviously it was a sham company!

    X10 is extremely unprofessional, unhelpful, and downright deceitful. I spent a lot of time researching wireless IP cameras. This was my experience.

    I called X10 customer service several times before making a purchase, to make sure I knew what we were getting, and wanted to make sure I could return them for a full refund if I didn’t like it.

    I asked 2 different sales people if I could return the cameras for a FULL refund, and both sales reps told me I had 21 days for a FULL refund. After ordering,there was NO communication about the shipment- no tracking, confirmation, etc. The estimated shipping window came and went, without a word from them- I had to email customer support to find out what happened. After 5 days, I got an email saying they were delayed, and would be there soon- and that was it/ After christmas, I tried for a week to install them, but the audio would simply not work. I called X10 tech support about 10 times, and would be put on hold for up to an hour each time. I was also assigned a specific rep, and told I had to work only with her- but she was NEVER available.

    When I finally got her, she determined that they cameras were defective- she said she would email me return instructions, including a prepaid slip to send them back, b/c they were defective. 2 weeks later the email had not come, and I had to call 5 or 6 times to get someone to assist.

    Then they tried to argue that it was past the 21 day window, so they were not returnable!! I finally won that battle, when they told me there would be a 15% restocking fee- on a broken camera!!! I told them that 2 sales reps guaranteed me that there would be a FULL refund given if they were returned, and they said that I was given “incorrect information,” and that they would have to reprimand the reps that told me that- so, they lied to make the sale.

    Well after 2weeks of waiting for this x10 model sc1200 and wasting two days moving the control box from one spot to another in my 1200 square feet open floor plan condo I put it back in the box it came and and threw it into to garbage. No matter where you put the control panel it may or may not pick up one of the sensors . One last attempt to make this work correctly by clearing all of the sensors out of the control panel reinstalling them all 8 of them one by one. I hit the remote button to arm the system and then it would not disarm it no matter what i did .$159.00 piece of crap. I had low expectations of it working correctly and boy was I right. DON’T WASTE YOU MONEY.

  • Newland Ross

    Congratulations John!

    this guy is so busted now!

    X10.com is one of the companies that you would NOT want to waste your time, money, or energy on. Their website, originally looked like a porn website with half-naked women posing in the most sleazy way. Then after many complaints, they gradually changed to a more professionally looking site, but still have annoying and obnoxious pop-up ads that the users cannot disable. When I called in and spoke with the sales people, we were NOT impressed with the quality of the salesman, who sounded like someone who’s just finished a 6-six pack and didn’t want to work. The order never got “entered” but we were charged. Then when it came to shipping, they shipped the package with missing items. It took them a full 2 weeks to make it right. And when we put the system together, it didn’t do what they claim it would do. The buttons, the switches, and virtually all X10 products have that cheap quality feel, like they were made by an armature (most, if not all, X10 products are made in China!). Don’t let the pictures on their website fool you. X10 products are of the lowest quality in any electronic products I’ve used. And I haven’t even touch on the reliability aspect of their products. In our case, some sensors failed within 7 days. And the 30-day money back guarantee is only a sale pitch. They would play all kind of games to slow down or avoid refunding your money.

    The best thing is avoid X10.com to save you the headache and the agonies that would certainly come with whatever they sell you. Good riddance.

    What a dirty rotten scoundrel.

    Newland Ross
    Oregon, USA

  • Samuel Rothbaum


    It’s truly amazing how a company that performs such abysmal in both product and service could last this long. It looks like X10.com puts more resources in advertisement, which caused it to go Chapter 11 in early 2000, than in product and customer service quality. I decided to give X10 another chance, it’s failed miserably again.

    My order (the home security system) died within one day of use. All sensors were unreliable (they worked whenever they feel like it and not when they are supposed to). And came the notorious customer service at X10.com. Actually there was absolutely no service other than causing the customers lots of headaches and pain. They also dragged their feet in refunding my money after the whole thing was sent back to them on an RMA.

    The once known sleaziness of their websites, at the time had improved quite a bit with much less bikini clad women in cheap poses. The image of the company has not improved, but in fact, tarnished by its own extremely bad customer service.

    The real owner, Mr Hin Chew Chung just wanted to take the American people to the cleaners! I hope the creditors get their money back!


    Samuel Rothbaum
    New York City

  • Geoff G

    I wonder if Alibaba, which lost it’s ipo in China is the same setup as this?

  • Outraged

    This company is a rip off! and now we know WHY!

    I had spent more than 40 hours trying to troubleshoot the Vanguard system, then the Sentinel system, finally Active Home Pro when neither of the other 2 worked. Active Home remote viewing doesn’t work either, at this point in time. I have yet to see software from a supposed ‘security company’ that is as insecure and buggy as this. THIS SOFTWARE USES ACTIVE_X FOR THE REMOTE ‘WEB VIEW’ AND DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 7 64 BIT SYSTEMS! ActiveX is old technology and it doesn’t appear that they have any fixes in the works. Tech support was been marginal, mostly consisting of ‘standard response’ solutions that I have already tried. The wireless cameras were another horror story in themselves, but I’m not going to get into that right now.

    So the real owner has cheated out his creditors? that figures!

  • Penny Dillan

    thks for the clarification. mr Hin Chew Chung should watch out for the long line of people waiting for their money outside his home. What a weave of lies and scams.
    Shame on you, Chung.

    Penny Dillan
    Ohio, USA

  • Adam Whitman

    There should be a class action lawsuit against Mr Hin Chew Chung.

    Adam Whitman
    Clemson, South Carolina

  • Fb time

    Here’s the mysterious owner of X10

  • Pink Panther

    I live and work in KL. So I went to take a look at #54 Jalan Bruas, Damamsala Heights.
    Mr Chung lives in a huge house, with a swimming pool. Very nice place, and a very show off area.