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Obamacare Death Panels are already in operation « Getting at the truth

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Obamacare Death Panels are already in operation

NBC News,com: There are death panels in there, and they’re going to decide whether people get treatment or not. Which means they’re going to ration health care and that’s not right. – North Carolina female.

Social Security Letter

Joe’s Obamacare Death Panel letter. Click to expand.

The “North Carolina female” is so right. One of my friends just received an Obamacare death panel notice in the mail. Let’s just call my friend “Joe” to spare any embarrassment.

Joe is nearly 80, and had not been to the doctors for many years. True, Joe has Medicare and Social Security. Unfortunately, he could not afford Medicare Part B, which is what you need to see a doctor. If you can’t see a doctor, you can’t be tested or get a prescription under Medicare Part D unless you pay a doctor bill on your own.

Both Medicare Parts B and D cost money, and Joe on his Social Security could afford neither. Medicare Part A is free, but only if you check into a hospital, normally for over period of two days. Drop by the hospital emergency room for a brief visit, and you will find yourself stuck with a bill which no-one will pay—but you. In addition, the emergency room bill will seldom be under $1,000 and can wind up being ten, twenty, of (in one case I know), seventy times as much. Yes, I have heard of a $70,000 emergency room bill. The recipient gave up everything and has now lived in his automobile for many years.

Medicare Part D costs are difficult to determine, but Joe needed $500 worth of prescription drugs to stay alive. That comes to $6,000 a year of which Medicare Part D would pay only $1,983.75 living the rest, $4,016.25, for Joe to pay. On top of that, Joe would have to pay about $1,200 a year for his Medicare Part B—no way could he afford that. (There is a Medicare Part D calculator, here.)

Joe, however, was lucky in that he was so poor that he qualified for Medicare, which paid just about everything, including his Medicare Part B and Part D. costs.

Going to the doctor’s after so many years, Joe found he had diabetes and a heart-valve problem. He was due to for an operation to fix the heart valve. Until, his Obamacare Death Notice arrived cancelling his Medicare, and gauging his Social Secure payments for “past due” Medicare Part B payments. Even though Obamacare has not commenced, Joe told me that the death panels are in their “pre-season practice.”

Nothing had changed for Joe, especially not his poverty-level income which got him into Medicare in the first place—except for his heart-valve problem.

Since Joe no longer “qualifies” the government is taking $321.00 from his next Social Security check. Thereafter, the government will be deducting $111.00 per month from Joe’s Social Security check.

Of course, Joe can cancel his Medicare Part B, but even if he does, he will still face a large deduction from his next Social Security check. Why? Because he didn’t cancel in time. You see, Social Security didn’t notify Joe that his Medicaid September 14th. However, he was thrown out of Medicaid over two months before.

Joe still has 60 days from the receipt his Obamacare Death Panel Notice to appeal the panel’s decision. During this time and until the panel reviews its decision, $111 dollars will continue to be removed from his Social Security check.

Is Joe appealing? No. He is cancelling his Medicare Part B, and considering moving to Mexico where he says health care is quick and affordable.

So long as Joe stays out of the country for 330 days a year, he doesn’t have to enroll in Obamacare. In addition, Joe gets a $95,100 tax deduction, which means he does not have to pay any tax unless his income exceeds $95,100. On top of that Joe will be getting a housing allowance deduction.

For Joe, all this equals no taxes! Maybe Joe’s “Obamacare death panel notice” was a blessing in disguise.

1 comment to Obamacare Death Panels are already in operation

  • Wentworth Bent

    Who can afford healthcare now in our country? even the middle class folks are suffering. I have 2 teenagers, and my wife and I have no idea how much we are going to pay when Obamacare kicks in.
    It’s a scam and a shame. Obama’s giving all the business to his insurance buddies!
    Wentworth Bent