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Mary Bancroft – Master Spy

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How Princess Kate’s topless photos were taken

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have filed a lawsuit against the French magazine, Closer, for printing photos of Kate, sunbathing topless.

Princess Kate topless

Princess Kate topless

A statement from the palace said the pair were “hugely saddened” by the publication, adding that William and Kate “had every expectation of privacy in the remote house” where they were sunbathing at the time the pictures were taken. Remote?

With the public road in plain sight, below? And miles and miles of open space in front of her. Check out the view from the pool!

Chateau d'Autet pool - Kate was standing just inside the fence for all the world to see!

Chateau d’Autet pool – Kate was standing just inside the fence for all the world to see!

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have filed a lawsuit against the French magazine, Closer, for printing photos of Kate, sunbathing topless.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate bending at the fence

How can the British Royals be so careless? You never hear such goings on with the Royals from Spain, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, or Sweden. All those monarchs appreciate their good luck and know how to behave themselves.

The British Royals, who cost more to their country than all the other European monarchies combined, have absolutely no appreciation of their fortunate circumstances and duties. Are they stupid, or arrogant? Aside from Princess Kate’s possibly exhibitionist ways (much like those of her sister, Pippa), we have Prince Harry in the buff in Las Vegas.

The photos of Princess Kate were taken while she and William were vacationing at the Chateau d’Autet last summer. The chateau is owned by David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley, the wealthy nephew of Queen Elizabeth II.

The website for Chateau d’Autet has been closed down just to prevent anyone from seeing where and how the photos of Kate were taken. However, Getting at the Truth, always digs deeper into the facts, and we were able to piece the puzzle together from other sources.

The photo below shows clearly where Kate was standing (with the metal railing in front of her) and from what point on the public road below a photograph could have been taken. However, it appears that the photograph was taken from about 450 feet due south at the edge of a forested area. (To get a good idea of the area, plug the coordinates 43.931111, 5.550556 into Google Earth.)

Chateau d'Autet, showing the pool.

Chateau d’Autet, showing the pool.

Checking the photograph of where Kate was standing it shows clearly that anyone could have taken the photos either from the fields or from the public  highway nearby.

Below is a photo from the public highway showing a clear view of where Kate and William were standing close to the fence, rather than on the other side of the pool where they could have easily had more privacy.

The viewpoint from the highway, labeled D22, is at Latitude:43°55’36.79″N  Longitude 5°33’10.16″E. It is also 1587.07 feet from the Chateau d’Autet, which is at a heading of 339.95 degrees. The photos could have been taken from this point, or an easy walk through the open field could have brought the photographer to the edge of a protected forest 450 feet from the Chateau d’Autet. All of this can be found and verified on Google Earth.

The Chateau d'Autet from the highway

The Chateau d’Autet from the highway

Couldn’t Kate see what was going on?

Is Princess Kate looking at the photographer and smiling?

Is Princess Kate looking at the photographer and smiling?

One might even wonder—was Kate posing?

Prince William is quite OK with topless ladies. Below is a photo of the prince swimming by a topless Pippa Middleton. Princess Kate was along on the same boat.

Going topless in front of others is appears to be no problem for Kate and Pippa.

Topless Pippa and the attentive Prince William

Topless Pippa and the attentive Prince William


Chi Magazine coming out Monday, September 17th!!! Will have 15 never before seen photos!!!

Keep watching and we will keep you fully informed. Our Italian translators are standing by! Ciao, ci vediamo presto!


Chi Magazine

Chi Magazine

May 26,2014 update:

Controversy as the German tabloid, Bild, publishes picture of Duchess of Cambridge’s exposed behind. Kate has done it again! She wears no panties – is she a serial flasher? Describing what happened Bild said: ‘Photos show our favourite Duchess Kate, 32, in the Australian Blue Mountains. The rotor blades of the royal helicopter swirl the air so that Kate’s summer dress blew up – giving a clear view of her beautiful bum!’


Princess Kate flashes

Princess Kate flashes again!



68 comments to How Princess Kate’s topless photos were taken

  • What’s the big deal? It’s not like she has super duper breasts or nipples that shoot halfway to the moon. She looks like any average size woman that is not overweight or weighted down with implants looks. Besides that the pictures are so grainy one can hardly see any details. Her and her hubby need to take lessons from Harry if they really want exposure, now he’s an expert at that game.

  • JScott

    I note the erroneous claims stating there was a public road immediately next the pool and suggesting that Kate was perhaps deliberately posing have been removed. This is a blatant case of gross invasion of privacy. If I took pictures of my neighbours daughter bathing topless I would expect to be arrested. They were in private, and their privacy should be respected.

  • Tom

    These 2 represent Great Britain, you don’t see the Queen going topless.
    If they don’t want topless photos, don’t go topless out in the public.
    They want it both ways!

  • Eugene Barufkin

    I’ve seen topless men with more to be covered than Kate. If men can be topless with impunity, why not women??????

  • Sharon

    I think this may have been a media stunt on her part. To stay famous and rich and in demand with the media. She knew someone was watching somewhere. What woman wouldn’t consider. I wouldnt go out on my private lawn in the US thinking no one will take a picture???? Hmmm I’m just wondering.