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Sovereigns and serfs « Getting at the truth

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Sovereigns and serfs

The noble's first rights to the serf's bride

The noble's first rights to the serf's bride

For those who may not know, here is how the finances of the New World Order now work.

Let’s begin with the fact that people are taxed by their sovereign states, also known as “countries.”

The wealth that the sovereign state extracts from its populace through taxes is used to run the government. This includes lending money to the banking  system at the very low interest rate of one percent. In bad economic times, the sovereign state gifts even more money to the banking system as bailouts—free money.

The banking system then uses these funds to purchase higher yielding securities—thereby profiting by doing virtually nothing.

Originally, banks were lending institutions, but they devolved into becoming speculative investors, seeking profits, not from loans, but from investments.

This explains why it has become so difficult to get loans from banks. Investments are more profitable and safer than dealing with borrowers. The safety factor comes from the knowledge that if the banking system makes some poor investments, the sovereign state is ready to bail them out.

Bailouts and low interest loans to the financial community are easy for the sovereign state. Sovereign states can spend money they do not have by creating sovereign debt. This debt will be paid off eventually by taxing the populace or future generations, if necessary.

The management of banks and financial institutions are now paid enormous sums of money for doing very little other than holding their position in their corporate infrastructure. Similar rules apply to the managers of large non-financial corporations. These captains of industry, as they are called, by simply holding on to their job also receive enormous benefits, usually in the form of bonuses which may exceed $100 million.

These managers along with others of vast wealth are now referred to as the 1%. Once upon a time they were called “nobles.” 

Those who are not in the 1% are now referred to as the 99%, formerly known as “serfs.”

This new system of extracting wealth from the 99% (the serfs) to redistribute it to the 1% (the nobles), has evolved from a prior system, now defunct, called “capitalism.”

This new system can best be termed feudalism. Yes, that does sound antiquated, so the term should be brought up to date by calling it “neo-feudalism.” This brings it into line with such terms as neo-conservatism, neo-cons and the like.

Neo-feudalistic sovereign states do not confine their loans to their own countries. They have expanded by pushing money onto other states. This is what today’s Germany has done to Greece. Angela Merkel has done what Adolph Hitler failed to do—made Greece a fiefdom—a vassal—a feud of Germany.

As a vassal state of Germany, the Greek people are expected to live in austerity for decades, if not forever, to pay their lords, the German Fourth Reich.

One might argue, however, that in this modern high-tech day and age how can we possibly claim that capitalism has morphed into neo-feudalism. Why feudalism is the stuff of the Middle Ages, the Medieval period when Crusades were launched against the infidels, when the lord of the manor had first rights to the serf’s bride.

That sounds familiar— just like what’s going on today in the neo-medieval age.

2/23/2012 Update

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has reported a larger than expected loss of almost £2bn this morning as it is hit by another raft of impairment charges. The biggest hits included a £1.1bn gamble of its clients’ money on sovereign debt.

Stephen Hester, RBS chief executive, is nevertheless upbeat, stating “We started in a deep hole. We are clawing are way out. The turnaround is ahead of course. We are well ahead of schedule.” Yes, and Stephen Hester will get a large bonus in spite of losing his clients’ money. And when a bailout comes, that of the British taxpayers—the serfs.

Update, 2/29/2012:

Ireland has shocked Europe with plans for a referendum on the EU’s fiscal treaty, a move that risks an unprecedented fragmentation of the eurozone and a major clash with Germany’s Fourth Reich. The Irish Premier, Enda Kenny, said Dublin the fiscal agreement requires a vote under the country’s constitution. “It gives the Irish people the opportunity to reaffirm Ireland’s commitment to membership of the euro.”.

All three major Irish parties back the treaty but there is a high risk of rejection by angry voters, the serfs, who are in a restive mood. The fiscal agreement gives the EU intrusive powers to police the budgets of debtor states, and has been denounced as feudal bondage by Sinn Fein.

Like we said—feudalism.

4 comments to Sovereigns and serfs

  • Richard L

    you outdid yourself with this post!
    This is a GREAT POST! on the issue of Greece:
    I just don’t see how Germany /Euro Zone are going to be able to control the Greeks???
    Even if Greece signs up- there’s no way they’re going to behave by EU regulations.
    Best for Greece to defaut and return to their OWN currency! Take the risk and chance, and lead their OWN country ahead.

    Once again, great post!!!#@#

    Richard L
    Palo Alto, CA

  • Uncle Tony

    What’s the difference between Dictators, and their people?
    Just like your article. Also, when America says they want to save people of other countries in the name of Democracy, give America an excuse to invade, wreck everything, then get their people to come in and clean up the mess.
    If not for oil and drugs, America has no interest. Maybe that is lucky for Singapore?
    So, even countries like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan are the ‘serfs’ while America is the boss.
    We in Singapore just have to ‘pay and pay’, no financial security, CPF money not enough to live on.
    many people all living on top of each other, and yes—, jobs go to the workers that will work for nothing!How to live?
    But, Singaporeans different from Greeks.
    Uncle Tony (serf???)

  • JeffGoh

    “. . . in America, we have achieved the Orwellian prediction – enslaved, the people have been programmed to love their bondage and are left to clutch only mirage-like images of freedom, its fables and fictions. The new slaves are linked together by vast electronic chains of television that imprison not their bodies but their minds. Their desires are programmed, their tastes manipulated, their values set for them. ” Gerry Spence, From Freedom to Slavery.

  • Thanks Jeff: That is a great quote.