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Singaporeans in exporting IED’s to Iraq: ‘It was just business’ « Getting at the truth

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Singaporeans in exporting IED’s to Iraq: ‘It was just business’

New York Law School Prof. Tai.Heng.Cheng defends anti American arms dealers

New York Law School Prof. Tai.Heng.Cheng defends anti American arms dealers

Four Singaporeans are accused of shipping—from Singapore to Iran (destination Iraq to kill Americans) – 6,000 radio frequency modules they had bought from an American company, Digi International.

They are being defended by former Singapore Police Officer, Tai-Heng Cheng.

Cheng got his law degree at the National University of Singapore, had is the author of an anti-American publication, Shaping an Obama Doctrine of Preemptive Force.

More incredibly, he is Professor of Law at New York Law School, where he has been since 2006.

The three men and a woman, all Singaporeans, are accused by the American government of conspiring to evade a US trade embargo against Iran.

The United States has requested their extradition.

New York Law School Professor, Cheng Tai Heng, is an expert witness for the defense.

He testified that the charge of conspiracy to defraud the US is not an extraditable offense under a treaty between the two countries.

This would mean that Singapore Reform Party Secretary General, Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s associate, Baldev Naidu, should not have been extradited from Singapore to the U.S., and should not be sitting in a federal prison, today—for his illegal exports of U.S. arms.

The Singaporeans are accused of shipping—from Singapore to Iran (destination Iraq)—6,000 IED radio frequency modules they had bought from an American company, Digi International.

In statements read by their lawyers, they said they had believed that it was an ordinary business transaction.

The four, held under the Extradition Act, are Lim Yong Nam, 37, Lim Kow Seng, 42, Benson Hia Soo Gan, 44, and Wong Yuh Lan, 39.

They are believed to have tricked Digi into selling them the modules through a network of companies.

The modules left the US in five shipments from June 2007.

In May 2008, some were discovered in unexploded roadside bombs in Iraq. The shipments by these Singaporeans were destined to kill American soldiers in Iraq. Who knows how many of these IED devices were exploded killing Americans in Iraq?

Between them, the four could face 11 counts in the US – including conspiracy to defraud the US by dishonest means and illegal export of defense articles—if they are extradited to the U.S.

The four were all in the electronics parts distribution business when they were arrested on U.S. request in October.

All are believed to have been involved in the purchase and shipping of the modules.

They are alleged to have told Digi and the US government that the modules were to be used for a telecommunications project in Singapore.

In their statements, the four rejected the US charges.

Hia said he did not know the radio parts required an export license. And how did Singapore allow the IED equipment to be exported without a license.

Wong said she was unaware that American goods were not allowed into Iran.

Lim Kow Seng said it ‘would not make commercial sense’ for him to risk breaking the law.

Hia told reporters after the hearing as police officers handcuffed him and shackled his feet: “We’re innocent.”

A pre-trial conference will be held next Monday with Professor Tai-Heng Cheng fighting for the defendants.

Update: Feb 24, 2012

The Singapore High Court has revoked the bail granted to Lim Yong Nam, 37, one of four Singaporeans accused of sending United States-made weapons parts to Iran.

Lim, Wong Yuh Lan, 39, Lim Kow Seng, 42, and Benson Hia Soo Gan, 44 are facing extradition to the US, which accuses them of plotting to break its trade embargo on Iran.

A magistrate ordered their extradition two weeks ago.  The four are challenging this decision.

Lim was originally released on bail of $100,000, on the grounds that he was suffering from depression.  The other three were detained pending their extradition.

Last week, the prosecution applied to the High Court to revoke Lim’s bail, arguing that the magistrate had no power to grant it under the Extradition Act.

Yesterday, Justice Choo Han Teck agreed with the prosecution.

He said that under the Act, there was no basis for granting bail pending any challenge to the magistrate’s order for extradition.



4 comments to Singaporeans in exporting IED’s to Iraq: ‘It was just business’

  • John Staunch

    John Harding is a real shame to academics. One who doesn’t know the economic prowess of Singapore is not fit to write on economic topics.

    “By this standard, France, Portugal, and nearly every developed country in the world is doing better than Singapore in terms of debt.”

    Just look at the value of the Singapore Dollar will tell how strong is the economy of Singapore.

    • admin

      A shame to academics? Better to say, shame on the academic system in Singapore. You should know that national debt and the value of the currency are not necessarily connected. Any country can support its currency in the open market. This is especially easy for a small country – like Singapore. In fact, Singapore does support it’s currency in the open market which is why you believe you have a strong currency. Singapore’s educational system succeeds in that it turns Singaporeans into believers.
      If you check, you will see, that over the last 90 days, the Singapore dollar has fallen from US$0.80 to US$0.77. The US is in bad shape, but still the Singapore dollar is sinking even against the US dollar.
      Check your facts and don’t just follow your Singapore education blindly.
      Here are the facts – http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/

  • Lanny T

    To John Staunch.

    You just proved to everyone that you believe everything that the singapore govt tells you.
    “economice prowess”?
    we are going thru rough times in the US, and you want to talk about Singapore’s economic prowess?
    Sharp downturn for Q4 GDP, slump in exports, with downturn in
    europe n the US.
    Ouch for everyone!

  • Ang

    Terrorists! I had no idea that this country had any to start with. OK…”alledgely”…