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Referee Joe Cortez, not Floyd Mayweather, KOed Victor Ortiz « Getting at the truth

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Referee Joe Cortez, not Floyd Mayweather, KOed Victor Ortiz

Referee Joe Cortez was looking the other way

Referee Joe Cortez was looking the other way

Joe Cortez born in 1945 may be just a bit too old to be a boxing referee.

In the fight on September 17th between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz, it was Joe Cortez who delivered the knock-out punch to Ortiz.

It is the duty of the referee to step between the fighters on a break and separate them—something Joe Cortez did not do.

Instead, aging Joe Cortez was not watching the fight at all as he was looking away from the fighters and appeared to be talking to someone in the corner.

Joe Cortez didn’t even see the knock-out punch or the punch before that.

The end of the bout went like this. After being assessed a penalty for a head but, Ortiz went to Mayweather, smiling and apologizing.

Joe Cortez gathered the two in the middle of the ring, they touched gloves and each backed off a step for an instant. Then, with Cortez not even looking at the fighters or separating them as per the rules for a break and with Ortiz waiting for some signal from Cortez for the action to continue, Mayweather stepped forward and hit him with a shot in the mouth.

That sent Ortiz staggering backward and, in a flash, Mayweather followed with another shot, a huge right that put Ortiz down and out for good. Cortez, who didn’t see either shot, then counted Ortiz out and the uproar and boos cascaded down.

The guilty Joe Cortez said afterward, in an attempt to cover his error, “Time was in. The fighter needed to keep his guard up. Mayweather did nothing illegal.”

Yeah sure, Joe.

Joe Cortez should never referee another fight.

12 comments to Referee Joe Cortez, not Floyd Mayweather, KOed Victor Ortiz

  • jeff cortez

    stupid joe cortez!!! he should retire now!!! FUCK YOU MAYWEATHER!!! HE IS GAY!!!

  • Stu

    I couldn’t agree more. The fight would have gone on and ended gracefully had Cortez done his job. I wish more people were speaking the obvious.

    • admin

      Stu – Yes, more people should speak the obvious. Seems they are afraid of City Hall and the establishment. Thanks for the comment!

  • jackson

    Yes it looked like WWE where the ref gets distracted while one wrestler gets a chair. Who knows maybe Cortez got his last big payday and it was all a setup for a rematch. I would like to see Floyd try that against Manny!!

  • Rbroberto

    I believe that Joe Cortez should retire or be fired for what had happened. This was very unprofessional and made a bs excuse. He should have seperated them to each corner while he was talking to the commission then RESUMED the fight, he restarted the fight and did not give both boxers a clear signal which caused Ortiz to be knocked down.

  • PHilario

    If he didn’t see the punch, he shouldn’t have called it a KO.
    It could have been a slip or a push for all he knew.

  • Neb

    I do have a solution.
    1. Stop watching Mayweather fights – he proved to be mentally challenged.
    2. Give Joe Cortez something else to do – he is obviously too old to be in the ring.
    3. Switch to UFC – way more honest sport.

  • David

    I was totally disgusted by the headbutt, then gutted by the classless display by Floyd.. I dont know what Cortez was doing or who he was talking to, no action will be taken though. There were lots of conspiracy theories around my way of a fix & payoffs etc but i wasnt buying it, same way i’ll never buy a Floyd PPV again, I lost respect for a great boxer Sat nite, too bad.

  • jeff martino

    Ortiz hugged Mayweather 3 or 4 times after the headbutt. Why did Ortiz even pretend to be apologetic after this obvious foul? Did Ortiz really think that he could convince Mayweather to forget all about it? Ortiz should have been shitting in his pants after the failed headbutt. Ortiz was embarrassed standing in the middle of the ring. Ortiz was hoping that Cortez could or would convince Mayweather that the penalty point should suffice. Ortiz had lost all composure at this point. Did Ortiz think that it was time for a peace conference. So what if Cortez was looking away. How does a boxer know if a ref is looking at anything. Ortiz job was to box. Did Ortiz think it was time to talk about his feelings.

  • Stu

    Without a doubt, no one is more to blame than Ortiz; but Cortez is a close second. He was completely disengaged at a moment that warranted his attention. Regardless, Cortez should never officiate another fight again. If he has done his job, perhaps this embarrassing ending could have been avoided.

  • jeff martino

    This type of KO is a good lesson for all the young fighters. The best or most frequent example is at the start of the first round. After the first bell. When the fight is on. In the first seconds of the fight a sneaky boxer will stick out his jab in a “friendly” gesture. In an apparent attempt to touch gloves. If the unsuspecting rookie falls for this gesture he may get caught. You young guys can prevent this by establishing a strong sportsman like conduct. Shake hands only when appropriate. Remember you only have 2 or 3 minutes per round to get the job done. Hand shaking, kissing and apologizing while time is running. What world do we live in?

  • jeff martino

    Now I remember. When you come out, come out fighting. That rule goes along with protect yourself at all times. I haven’t benn this motivated in a long time. Thanks Mayweather.