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Obama caves to Big Business by killing job creation « Getting at the truth

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Obama caves to Big Business by killing job creation

What, me worry?

What, me worry?

The unemployment rate is at 9.1% as hiring has slowed to a near stand-still.

“The economy is not producing nearly enough jobs,” said Obama, adding that Congress should not wait to act on measures to boost job growth.

However, Obama, himself, is vacationing in posh Martha’s Vineyard. Since Obama has waited over 900 days to do anything about jobs, another two weeks or so shouldn’t hurt. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the other elected fat cats have plenty of time to wait—the millions of unemployed Americans don’t.

So far, neither Obama, nor anyone else in government (or the media) has dared to say what it will take to boost job growth.

This is because Big Business is vehemently opposed to the only steps that can really create jobs.

Jobs cannot be created out of thin air or by pouring deficit money into companies, large and small. Jobs are only created by demand. Since 70% of the U.S. economy is based on American consumer demand, and many of those consumers are out of work, what can be done?

The solution is simple; bring the jobs back to America and to Americans. This is the only way the American economy can revive and for the country to survive.

Big Business, which lives only from quarter to quarter, makes huge profits through the use of cheap foreign labor. However, this is a short sided approach which has led us to the disaster of high unemployment—and the decline in the force that drives the American economy—the consumer.

America’s lack of consumer demand is now even hurting China.

Bringing the jobs back to America means more than curbing imports—it means taking jobs away from the illegal immigrant workforce and giving those jobs back to Americans.

As we wrote in our prior article, Bernanke Puzzled—here’s why, just getting rid of illegal alien workers alone would solve the problem. According to the U.S. Census, there are 8 million illegal immigrants that are employed.

If the 8 million illegal immigrants were to lose their jobs and be replaced by Americans, there would be only 5 million unemployed Americans, and the unemployment rate would drop to 3.7%.

Problem solved.

All that has to be done to get rid of the illegal alien workforce is to enforce the laws that are already on the books.

Of course, there are difficulties involved in getting rid of the illegal alien workforce—political gridlock being the main problem. In addition, our elected officials want to win the illegal alien vote. Yes, many illegals do vote.

There may be even more difficulties in curbing manufactured imports.

Big Business and their lobbyists will bring all their money and influence to keep their profitable overseas manufacturing going. Does Big Business (the so-called “job creators”) realize that their elimination of jobs and therefore consumers will dry up demand?

The current American system is a self-defeating. Killing jobs by sending them overseas and firing consumers will only kill demand.

And demand is the only thing that really creates jobs.

3 comments to Obama caves to Big Business by killing job creation

  • erlkonig

    Good stuff.

    Are you saying that illegal immigrants directly vote (I don’t recall any study suggesting widespread voter-fraud)? Or that they do influence the vote of their community?

    What is your opinion on the hazy idea (frequently touted by the Obama administration to placate the Latino base) of a path to citizenship for illegals? Reasonable? Or should they somehow leave the US of A?

    A full-blown amnesty a la Reagan is impossible in this day and age… if any legalization of status happens, it’d be some form of “path to citizenship” deal.

    • admin

      Unfortunately, in the US, many illegal immigrants manage to cast votes – with a little help from the politicians.

  • I have long thought that the solution to the immigration problem is being addressed from the wrong side. The fact is that many businesses take advantage of the cheap labor and are allowed to do so. If we were to impose stronger penalties for businesses that hire illegals, we would remove the incentive.