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CNN: Hillary’s Libyan Mullah frees 600 Al Qaeda terrorists from prison « Getting at the truth

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CNN: Hillary’s Libyan Mullah frees 600 Al Qaeda terrorists from prison

Mullah Mustafa Abdul Jalil

Mullah Mustafa Abdul Jalil

Tripoli, Libya (CNN) reports that ” Hundreds of Islamist militants were among the prisoners freed from a notorious Tripoli prison this week, according to a former Libyan jihadist.

“The freed militants had been imprisoned in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison by Moammar Gadhafi’s regime during the height of the insurgency in Iraq, according to Noman Benotman, once a senior figure in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Benotman said he believes as many as pro al Qaeda 600 militants may have been among the prison population at Abu Salim.”

The Libyan rebels are firmly under the control of Shariah lawyer and Muslim Mullah (religious leader) Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Obama and Hillary Clinton’s choice to be the next ruler of Libya.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Hillary and Obama have the media behind them in this effort.

Neighboring Algeria, which waged a long battle against Islamist insurgents in the 1990s, has already expressed concern about the instability in Libya being exploited by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and other jihadist groups. Algerian officials are also concerned that weapons such as ground-to-air missiles may have fallen into militant hands, a worry that has also been expressed by U.S. commanders.

According to Al Jazeera, “Before Tripoli has completely fallen, before Gaddafi and his supporters have stepped down and before the blood dries on the bodies that have yet to be counted, Western powers are already eyeing up what they view us just rewards for the intervention.

“There are no more illusions over how far NATO forces exceeded the UN security resolution that mandated its campaign. For months, NATO officials insisted it was operating within brief – an air campaign, designed to protect civilians under threat of attack. But now it is described as an ‘open secret’ that NATO countries were operating undercover, on the ground.

“Add to that the reluctance to broker a negotiated exit, the practice of advising, arming and training the rebels, and the spearheading of an escalation in violence and it looks like NATO’s job morphed from protecting civilians to regime change.”

This is good news for Hillary Clinton and Big Business in America.

And Hillary wants more—another regime change in Syria.

The Obama administrations media mouthpiece, CNN’s Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper, literally shrieks , Goebbels-like, for regime change in Syria.

Mr. Cooper is well-suited for the job of pushing for war, both by nature and by nurture. Cooper’s Mommy, Gloria Vanderbilt was heiress to the vast Vanderbilt New York Central railroad fortune at the young age of 15 months. Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper was born into the world of Big Business.

Meanwhile, on a much lower level economically than Hillary or Anderson, polls show that the American people oppose America’s series of wars. The Rasmussen poll shows that only 12% of America wants war with Syria and only 20% want to bomb Libya.

Unfortunately, the American people no longer have much say in the matter.

October 16, 2012 update:

The attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and the murder of Ambassador Stevens’ had nothing to do with an American video tape desicrating the prophet, Mohammed.

It was a well-planned attack by Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, who were liberated by the American bombing of Libya.

Al Qaeda and their fellow travelers in Libya are far more dangerous than Gadhafi ever was. The American bombing of Libya provided weapons to Al Qaeda who is now oberating in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Mali and Pakistan.

The Obama administration with Hillary Clinton failed totally to understand the Middle East, and their bombing of Lybia has unleashed hundreds if not thousands of well-armed terrorists throughout the region.

December 4, 2012 update: U.S. weapons sent to Libya wind up with terrorists:

New York Times Report, December 5, 2012 – Click!

6 comments to CNN: Hillary’s Libyan Mullah frees 600 Al Qaeda terrorists from prison

  • Joe

    We’re so in debt, that anymore wars that America takes on, is going to wipe off the middle class!

  • Annoyed

    If we get a Republican Prez, us small folks are gonna be screwed.
    Big business, more wars, it’s just mad what the powers may be can do th Main Street Americans.
    More jobs will be lost in the coming months.

  • Dan

    America wants the OIL that Libya is selling to China.
    That’s why we’re in Libya! It’s going to be another Iraq.
    I don’t know how we average Americans are going to pay for this?
    We’re not going to retire till we’re 80.
    All these politicians are feathering their own nests!

  • Angry

    I’m just so furious when I read this!
    The news media don’t tell it like you, John!
    You make it easy for me to understand what the hell is going on. Thank you!

  • SoCal

    My kids and grandkids are all going to be paying for all of this nonsense that our elected politicians are doing.
    And our jobs are going fast.

  • AJ

    Why does Hillary wear robes? Can’t she just wear her pantsuit, ‘robe-free’?

    She’s an American, not a middle-easterner!