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Murdoch Mayhem! « Getting at the truth

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Mary Bancroft – Master Spy

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Murdoch Mayhem!

Wendi Deng flies through the air!

Wendi Deng flies through the air!

It was only fitting that the man who launched a custard pie attack on Rupert Murdoch during the Media Select Committee performs as a stand-up comedian, a 26-year old known as Jonnie Marbles.

The attacker was born and brought up in Windsor in a $560,000 home, just a stone’s-throw away from Windsor Castle.

His father, David Marshall Bowles, was of the distinguished upper class—a retired company director, who was involved in a number of businesses supplying educational services and materials.

Jonnie Marbles gained notoriety early in life when, at 17, he fathered a child, Joshua, with his then girlfriend, Joanna Kwasowski.

Jonnie did the decent thing, however, married his girlfriend and enrolled in the elite Royal Holloway, University of London.

He commuted to college each day from Windsor, where he shared a home with his child and young bride.

Jonnie and his wife eventually split up, and, after he graduated in 2008, he began to work on the stand-up comedy circuit performing gigs at a number of pubs and dives in the London area.

Jonnie Marbles

Jonnie Marbles

At the time of Jonnie’s pie attack on Rupert Murdoch’s young wife, Wendi Deng was sitting just behind her husband.

In a flash just after poor Rupert was splattered in the face, Wendi soared up and laid a flying slap on Jonnie. The fact that she did this with an open hand—instead of using a deadly karate chop proves that she is not the secret Chinese secret as so many allege.

Poor old Rupert just sat there, as his slowly moving son, James, did little to match the blur of the flying Wendi Deng.

Jonnie gave great comic relief to what had been a boring show. The British MPs all put on their most proper British accents, and behaved in a most proper British way—asking only the most proper questions—everything was quite proper.

The unholy trio of Rupert and James Murdoch, and their out-on-bail glamor girl Rebekah Brooks all innocently and very properly denied any knowledge of phone tapping and of payoffs to criminal informers and to Britain’s revered Scotland Yard.

How can the unholy trio not have known, when their complicity is obvious even to the man on the street? So obvious that even the constables of Scotland Yard are resigning in droves, Gilbert & Sullivan style, and heading for the hills, or Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest, or wherever such people hide out in England.

CNN host Piers Morgan, and former Murdoch editor, is lashing back at an allegation of a British Parliament member that he, Piers, participated in the hacking scandal.

On Morgan’s Monday show, Piers seemed incredulous that Murdoch could have known.

Sure, Piers—after that performance, you may be joining those guys fleeing to Sherwood Forest.

2 comments to Murdoch Mayhem!

  • Anonymous

    Rupert Murdoch will be gone, while his COO, Chase Perry takes over News Corp.
    James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks will do jailtime. No one can tell me that these people didn’t KNOW about the phone hacking! The shocking articles speak for themselves.
    Murdochs out, News Corp share prices will soar. Yippee!

  • Anonymous

    What about PM David Cameron, a good friend of Rupert’s? Rupert made him PM, and Tony Blair, John Major and Margaret Thatcher.
    David Cameron even hired Rupert’s News of the World employee as his spin doctor?
    Can’t tell me that David Cameron did not know about Rupert’s goings on?
    Corrupt lot.