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Debt Ceiling Deal! « Getting at the truth

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Debt Ceiling Deal!

Debt ceiling deal passing
“Mission accomplished” — until the next debt ceiling crisis

The Representatives, Senators, and President, by passing the debt ceiling bill has restored the full faith and credit of the United States.
The Representatives, Senators and President by passing the debt ceiling bill have lost the full faith and credit of the American people.
July 31: Boehner saved is job—the debt ceiling is now done.?
Effectively there are three political parties now: Republicans, Democrats, and the Tea Party lead by Michelle Bachman.
House in Chaos as Boehner lacks majority and is forced to delay an expected vote on Republican debt ceiling legislation, abruptly halting debate on the House floor in the middle of the discussions.
Boehner House vote put off indefinitely.  Boehner’s interest was not the American people but only to save his position as Speaker of the House, and that he could lead his party—he couldn’t. Boehner may be toast as Speaker—Michelle Bachmann and Tea Party want Boehner out!

White House deputy spokesman Dan Pfeiffer calls Boehner,
“The Grinch who destroyed Christmas!”

Hillary Clinton in Egypt

During her recent trip to Egypt, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that USAID would provide up to $2 billion in financial support to small companies in the Middle east, The purpose of the $2 billion is to reduce unemployment in Egypt and neighboring countries. Clinton was accompanied by Elizabeth Littlefield, formerly with Wall Street's JP Morgan.

In their political frenzy, both Democrats and Republicans have forgotten about America—and America should forget about them.

July 27: Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters now view most members of Congress as corrupt.

The dollar moved to an all-time low against the Swiss franc while gold touched a record high.

Boehner has lost control of his party. Boehner’s House Republicans do not have enough support to pass their debt-ceiling increase plan on their own, a top conservative said Tuesday as his party’s leaders tried to cobble together a coalition of Republicans and Democrats to put the bill over the top.

A childish, immature, and  non-Presidential Obama threatens veto and warns aging Social Security recipients that their payments will stop. The American government wants to be financed by Main Street, and the “entitlements” of Social Security and Medicare.

The Republicans don’t want to increase taxes to the wealthy, as they are the “creators of jobs.” Wrong—the wealthy are the exporters of American jobs to cheap overseas labor.

The Pew Research Center has reported that the median wealth of Americans has fallen significantly from 2005. White Americans median wealth  is down to $113,149 from $134.992, Hispanics down to $6,325 from $18,359, and Blacks down to $5,677 from $12,124.  Median wealth includes the value of stocks and bonds, equity in the home, and car, and other such items.

Michelle Bachmann will not vote to raise the debt limit, and condemns Boehner’s bill as Tea Party splits Republicans.

Exhausted Boehner stumbles and miscalculates his bill by $300 billion—scrambling to redraft—vote put off until Thursday, at best. Meanwhile, a growing number of House conservatives—along with the Club for Growth and the Heritage Foundation’s political arm—oppose Boehner’s go-it-alone debt plan.

Sarah Palin stated, “If I were in Congress, I would not vote to incur more debt.”

Five months into the Libyan war, the U.S. has spent $1 billion.

Rep. David Wu announced his resignation from Congress today, moments after U.S. senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden called for his resignation. Allegedly, Wu had unwanted sexual encounter with the 18-year-old daughter of a childhood friend.

And now the name-calling starts!

White House press secretary Jay Carney said the Republicans are being “incredibly juvenile” for trying to force his plan through the Congress to the President’s desk. Carney claims they are “trying to stick the President with default.”

Nancy Pelosi on a backhand slap to the Republicans screeched hysterically, “What we’re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.”

White House deputy spokesman Dan Pfeiffer called Boehner the “Grinch who destroyed Christmas,” and sobbed, “Holidays America: Boehner plan would have the debt ceiling all over again during the holiday season, which is critical for the economy,”

What kind of government do we have in America?

What can the American people do?

7 comments to Debt Ceiling Deal!

  • Facts of life

    Nothing can be more
    interesting than a
    global financial

    • I agree with you. I never stand on the edge of a cliff for fear that I might jump. Now, perhaps, Obama is doing the jumping for all of us. Sure it’s going to hurt – but I am fascinated by living in the center of a tornado.

  • Student from Raffles

    If the America were unable to increase the debt ceiling, they will default. With no trust from other countries, America would be unable to borrow money anymore and if America decide to print more of the worthless paper, other countries would cease to recognize it and certainly the world will no longer trade using US dollars. However with the superiority of the US army and a struggle to keep power, Dear Sir John Harding, do you think there will be a World War 3?

    • admin

      There are those who are saying that we may well be headed to a World War III. America’s attack on Syria is not against Gadhafi, but due to the fact that Libya’s oil was going to China, and the growing Chinese influence in Libya. The U.S. escalating against Syria is not based on the current internal struggle in Syria, it is because Russia has a naval base in Syria. The goal of the U.S. and its pawn, NATO, is to have complete control of the Mediterranean Sea thereby isolating Russia from that gateway to Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. This American policy may well reach the tipping point to World War III.

      PS: My wife was a student from Raffles back when it was coeducational. Congratulations on being accepted into the best school in Singapore!

  • Facts of life

    For the company(concurrence) John.

  • Aquarius Rising

    All the ignominy and gloom. Didn’t Obama promised change in his pre-election speeches? Didn’t he also promised about bringing the troops back home from the 2 war fronts? The national debt has changed alright, from high to higher ! I was pinning my bet on McCain to win the presidency thinking that Americans are rational thinking people who would not easily be swayed by a politician with good oratorical skills (but no substance) and that they would not be taken in by his rhetorics. But I was wrong. They went for Obama. Frankly, I haven’t seen any change in the way America is being run. Good luck to America if Obama runs and is elected for a second term !

    • admin

      A pox on all American politicians. Obama is terrible, but I doubt that McCain would have been any better. McCain wants war, which has added 4 trillion to our national debt. The Republicans are doing their best to favor the rich – the “creators of jobs” as they say. Having money for your company does not create jobs. Jobs are not created out of thin air. Jobs are created by demand, primarily by consumer demand. The jobs have been exported to third world countries, resulting in the reduction of consumer demand, because many consumers are unemployed. I think the politicians understand this. However, Democrats and Republicans alike, they don’t want to let the secret out – their lobbyists, and Big Business might stop paying them. The only recent action that I have seen to create jobs is that Obama has sent $500 million to be given to small companies to create jobs – IN EGYPT!!!