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Bring America back by bringing the jobs back to America « Getting at the truth

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Bring America back by bringing the jobs back to America

Americans living in tents

Americans living in tents

Foreign imports and illegal aliens are destroying America.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has forecast that U.S. gross domestic product would grow only at 2.5 percent this year and 2.7 percent in 2012.

Subtract the rate of inflation, 3.0% from the 2011 projected growth rate of 2.7% and the result is -0.3%, which is negative growth or a recession.

It gets even worse if you consider that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which measures inflation has been manipulated by the United States to make things seem better than they really are. Gasoline, for instance, is very lightly weighted in the CPI.

It is estimated that the true CPI as it was originally calculated should be 7% higher than the present 3.0%, or a whopping 10.0%. Using that number, the American economy is shrinking, the GDP rate coming in at -7.3%. That feels more like it!

  • Today, over 14 million people are unemployed-more idle men and women than at any time since the Great Depression.
  • Nearly seven people in the labor pool compete for every job opening.
  • Hiring is now 17 percent lower than the lowest level in the 2001-02 downturn.
  • One fifth of all men of prime working age are not getting up and going to work.
  • The number of people unemployed for six months is 6.2 million.
  • Wages for part-time workers now average $19,000-less than half the median income.

Thanks to the media and the politicians, we American citizens are told very little about our present economic condition.

Meanwhile, multinational corporations are sending more jobs overseas.  It is all about huge profits for CEOs and Wall Street at the expense of America.

The American government is in the pocket of big business.

Jobs cannot be created out of thin air. Jobs are created by demand. Workers create demand. Raise import duties to reduce the flood of foreign products destroying America. Keep illegal aliens out of the American workforce.

Bring America back by bringing the jobs back to America.

8 comments to Bring America back by bringing the jobs back to America

  • Facts of life

    The Writer must be joking.
    The US gets all the top talents from
    all over the World and became the strongest
    nation on Earth for all these years. With the
    foreigners, how could the US be as powerful as it HAS BEEN?
    And it is also true that American industrialists had long been using sweat shops all over the World to get much of its’ prosperity, espionage and influence too.

    • admin

      Joking? Re-read what I wrote, and don’t confuse top talents with illegals. Yes, the US gets all the top talents, and there is no problem with that. I do not include illegal aliens among the top talents. They have done nothing to deserve to be in America – they have only broken the law, robbed jobs from Americans, and put an increased strain on the welfare system. Another point you miss is who is getting prosperity from the sweat shops – the multinationals are getting that prosperity – not the American people. Please get what I wrote right.

  • Facts of life

    My apology,
    ‘With the
    foreigners, how could the US be as powerful as it HAS BEEN?’
    should read as ‘Without the foreigners, how could the US be as powerful as it HAS BEEN?’.

    Fr: Facts of life.

  • The United States Of America should learn to be more selfish for the good of its people.She had been too generous in giving aid,food or money to many countries and sometimes ended into the pockets of corrupted political leaders.She through the Marshall Plan helped rebulid war torn Germany and Japan into thriving economies.Germans and Japanese are gracious to acknowledge her contributions.

    America is richly endowed with natural resources and is for all purpose self sufficient.It still has untapped energy,its natural beauty is awesome, its food and agricultural industry is one of the best in the world and,above all, her children’S patriotism is sponstaneos

  • Facts of life

    A Non American Chinese had said it well indeed. For another Chinese like me, also non-American, I would say Americans ‘chiak buay liao’- meaning the Americans can never run out of anything simply because the US is much endowed by nature with everything.
    But, unfortunately, the White Settlers(Invaders) there were/are simply too greedy. Talking about the illegal immigrants, get this point right; it is the failure of the authority in the US that resulted in many setting their feet and settling there. Don’t blame the illegals for the failure of the US Authority. As to the negative connotations You associate with the ‘illegal immigrants’, again please blame your government. Also, be reminded that the American Companies choose them over the earlier immigrants, hence they(‘illegal’ immigrants) liked and welcome by your other fellow Americans!

    The American Multi-nationals are all over in the Third World Countries to exploit the workers to make their goods and wares to maximize profits. And here You are saying ‘illegal aliens’ robbing the original immigrants criminally and jobs as well. The US Government has been accusing others of operating sweat shops for a long time and most ironically, It is also aware that much of the products are for the American Companies. The US wants everybody in the World to respect Human Rights, but knowingly abuses them Itself, another American Joke.

    I do have a slightly different view with A Non American Chinese though with regard the patriotism of Americans to the US. I am of the view that Americans’ patriotism is on the wane and is being replaced by moneyism. We can expect Americans to emigrate in drove if the US Government Leaders behold themselves to the Corporate Chiefs and the rich poor gap widens.

    Like to say I enjoy reading your pieces, always!

  • Facts of life

    Oh, I forgot about another trait the US Leaders are synonymous with.
    War mongering and war with anyone in anywhere. All these combats cost Americans dearly in money and in live(casualty). There is nothing productive in wars though they may give much fun to American Politicians, especially all the Presidents Of The USA.

  • You won’t get any argument from me on the points you have made. America is constantly at war. The wars are productive (at least in the short term) for big business, the arms industry. Both the illegals and the government should share the blame. Illegals are allowed because they help business owners. It all comes down to money – short term money for business – and for the illegals.
    Soon the wheels will come off and the fun will begin – if America continues down the road to ruin.