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Radioactive Libya « Getting at the truth

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Radioactive Libya

A10 Warthog

A10 Warthog

The Pentagon has confirmed that U.S. fighter jets have continued to strike Libyan air defenses after turning the mission over to NATO.

This means that the U.S. has resorted to the use of depleted uranium and the A10 Warthog.

Depleted uranium bullets are capable of piercing armor due to the penetrative power of atomic waste fuel.

On Monday, March 28, the Pentagon confirmed the A-10 Warthogs were unleashed on Libya. These are the only aircraft which use this devastating ammunition.

In response to questions from the press, Admiral Bill Gortney, commander of the U.S. Armed Forces, stated, “In the last weekend we used the A-10.” Unfortunately, he refused to provide details about the type of mission conducted by the A-10 Warthog. Admiral Gortney was asked whether they conducted the raid on Qaddafi’s forces entrenched in the cities, or if they were opening the way to the rebels by eliminating pockets of resistance with a “close support.” Admiral Gortney replied, “We do not intend to provide details about the type of weapons used.”

The decision to send the A-10 into Libya marks a change in the conflict. A week of attacks by aircraft and missiles has destroyed the installations of the system. Now it is the A-10 Warthog’s job to hunt down individual tanks and trucks, placed between houses and other protected locations. To do their job, the A10 Warthogs are forced to fly at low altitudes, exposing themselves to the guns or surface-to-air missiles of Gadhafi’s troops.

Unfortunately, around the cloud of its devastation the depleted uranium leaves a deadly cloud of radioactive micro-particles—a powder which will cause damage to both environment and health for years.

Normal functioning of the kidney, brain, liver, heart, and numerous other systems can be affected by uranium exposure. It is weakly radioactive and remains so because of its long physical half-life (4.468 billion years for uranium-238).

The uranium powder produced during impact and combustion of depleted uranium munitions can potentially contaminate wide areas around the impact sites leading to possible inhalation by human beings.

The hail of depleted uranium from NATO’s humanitarian hawks is doing years of radioactive damage to the land and people of Libya.

1 comment to Radioactive Libya

  • Common Sense Arab

    If this is true, then it means the ends justify the means.

    And the US has the means to achieve any objective they must set to achieve.

    More so if the adversary is just a country called Libya with “Mad Dog” Gadafi as leader. Just do it.

    And unlike North Korea, where even ex Presidents Carter and Bill Clinton were sent to talk to them, Libya seems to have no powerful friends behind the scenes such that the US deem it necessary to do the same.

    Hence the no talk but just attack.