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John King of CNN launches racist attack « Getting at the truth

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John King of CNN launches racist attack

CNN's John King launches racist attack

CNN's John King launches racist attack

On April 15, 2011, Speaking on Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees, John King, CNN Anchor took up the subject of Obama’s birth certificate. He began by stating, “We begin tonight ‘Keeping Them Honest’ with America’s first birther bill. Arizona lawmakers passed it.”

The Arizona bill would require that a candidate for President submit his birth certificate, to prove that he is a natural born citizen.

According to the Constitution, to run for President, it is not enough to be a U.S. citizen—one must also be born in the United States. If the candidate for President does not meet the condition of being born in the United States, then the candidate would not qualify to be placed on Arizona’s ballot, according to the bill.

This is a very easy requirement to meet.

Anyone born in the United States can request their birth certificate, and receive it in a matter of weeks, if not days. Why President Obama does not put an end to the argument, one way or another, is a mystery.

Why many attack those who think that President Obama should not have to produce his birth certificate is not a mystery—it’s politics.

On this segment, John King interviewed Arizona State Represent Carl Seel, who was the sponsor of the new Arizona legislation. The transcript is from CNN.

During the interview, John King, in his fight to steer the conversation to CNN’s liberal viewpoint lost it. He launched an unwarranted racist attack on Arizona State Representative, Carl Seel. To his credit, Seel answered John King’s racist attack with devastating logic and propriety.

KING: And let me ask it this way. Would we be having this conversation if Barack Obama were white or his middle name wasn’t Hussein?

SEEL: You know, I take offense that you’re trying to create a racial connection to it. Dr. King, who was a Republican, felt that we should judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. So, this is not about anything related to…

KING: But he was on the ballot last time, whether he’s white or black or in between, he was on the ballot last time. The Republican Party, I’m assuring you, spent a lot of money trying to find things to disqualify Barack Obama on the issues legally or anything else.

This document right here, we have shown a copy on the screen, the certificate of live birth, the State Department takes it. It’s just hard for people to believe after all the investigations by news organizations, all the investigations by the Republican Party, that this one won’t go away.

SEEL: Well, the good news about my bill is in the absence of a long-form birth certificate, we’re using the Department of Defense’s standard to determine natural born status. And that’s as an outgrowth of a U.S. Supreme Court case. So I expect the ACLU and groups like that to probably readily sue over this. But I think we’re on excellent constitutional ground.

KING: All right, well, I’m not afraid tonight to say that I’m a bit skeptical, but Carl Seel, we do appreciate your time. We appreciate your perspective.

John King, having lost his temper, and having made an uncalled for racist attack on Carl Seel, brought the interview to an early end.

CNN is no more “fair and balanced” than Fox News. Fox News, however, has not resorted to racist attacks.

7 comments to John King of CNN launches racist attack

  • Tang Li

    Here’s a question that we might want to consider – Why can’t we change the constitution to allow those NOT born in the USA to run for political office?

    I mean is there any scientific proof to say that someone born in the USA makes a better President than someone who has not been born in the US? In fact someone who is not born in the USA but is a US citizen might have an appreciation of the place that a native born may not necessarily have.

    • Anon

      People not born in the US CAN run for office! McCain was not born in the US but in Panama.

      You are a natural born citizen if your citizenship rights are derived from birth. People who are born to US parents anywhere in the world are US citizens at birth.

      The only reason why Obama’s place of birth is an issue at all is because people cannot accept the idea that he is legitimately the president due to various kinds of underlying pre-conceived notions what a president should be like.

      • admin

        Yes, I wrote about McCain, and that he was NOT qualified to be president, not because of his being born in Panama, but because of where he was born in Panama.

        Take a look

  • Anonly

    How does what John King said constitute as being a “racist attack.” I think you need to look up the meaning of racist attack. Also, Fox News in itself is racist.

    • John King asked Carl Seel “Would we be having this conversation if Barack Obama were white or his middle name wasn’t Hussein?” That implies that Carl Seel and/or the legislation has a racial or religious bias–so it is a racist (and religious) attack.

      Glad you don’t like Fox – neither do I.

  • Anon

    Now that Obama has wasted time responding to the stupid birthers and released his long-form birth certificate, are you going to admit that you were wrong yet?

    Guess your pride probably doesn’t allow it.

    • admin

      It has nothing to do with my being for or against birthers. It has to do with John King’s inappropriate remark.