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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – Crusader, and worse « Getting at the truth

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – Crusader, and worse

March 23, 2011- Ban Ki-moon fleeing angry Egyptian crowd

March 23, 2011- Ban Ki-moon fleeing angry Egyptian crowd

At a news conference, yesterday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was asked why is the UN not helping other countries where civilians are being killed.

Ban stumbled over his answer, mumbling that the other countries were somehow different.

His reply was unsatisfactory to say the least. Ban was on a slippery slope. Obviously, being a highly-paid diplomat, he did not want to give the real answer—to wit, that the UN is helping Libya not because of danger to civilians but because of OIL.

There is also another reason, but first let’s set the stage.

China, which—like Russia, Germany, Brazil and India, abstained from the 10-0 Security Council vote on the resolution but did not veto it—expressed its criticism of the operation through state-controlled media.

“Iraq was attacked because of oil, and Libya is also being attacked for its oil,” China’s People’s Daily asserted.

Ban Ki-moon, a “moonie,” just happens to be the cousin of the notorious Reverend Moon.

Reverend Moon being crowned in the US Senate office building

Reverend Moon being crowned in the US Senate office building

Unbelievably, on March 23, 2004, Reverend Moon was crowned, the new coming of CHRIST in the U.S. Dirksen Senate Office Building. Many U.S. congressmen, including US Senator Lindsey Graham were in attendance. No—it was not widely reported in the press.

Later, in April 2004, Charlie Rangel (D-NY) signed a proclamation on Congressional letterhead in recognizing Moon as the “True Parent” and “King of Peace.” Rangel had promoted Reverend Moon to the position of a God.

Ban Ki-moon’s cousin, Reverend Moon is a crook. He served time in the 1980s for tax fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

However, he is a rich crook—a billionaire, and is owner of the Washington Times and the UPI wire service.

Certainly Reverend Moon’s influence helped Ban Ki-Moon’s great leap into the position of Un Secretary-General on October 13, 2006.

Reverend Moon is not only anti-Semitic, but considers himself to be the savior of Adolph Hitler and the promoter of his brand of Christianity.

His cousin, Ban Ki-moon, is using stronger terms than any prior UN Secretary-General. Normally the UN Secretary-General takes a fairly neutral position. Not Ban Ki-moon.  He is actively urging the member nations to put forth another, stronger resolution against Libya.

Ban Ki-moon wants to go far beyond the current no-fly zone resolution. He wants boots on the ground.

As Reverend Moon’s cousin, Ban Ki-moon demands a Crusade.

5 comments to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – Crusader, and worse

  • Common sense Arab

    Maybe not just oil. But also because of a leader called Gaddafi. Seems the West has a vested interest to see that he is out. And for 40 years this is the best time to do so, hence the attacks on Libya.

    If it is only oil, then the west should also attack all the oil producing countries.
    But no, their leaders are good buddies with the West, like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

    You behave like a Saddam Hussein or Osama and you will know to what extent the West will do.

  • patriot

    Hahaha… Reverend Moon and United Nation Moon, all the Moons are shinning bright in the US. They must be close friends of US Leaders and the American People.

    Me believes getting OIL is secondary to giving American Democracy, when the Middle Easterners accept ‘American DEMOCRACY’, the US will win the hearts of the People in the Arab World and naturally get the oil as well.

    The Middle East and most of Africa mainly embrace a religion that hardly agrees with the Free Will and Freewheeling Culture of the West. The Religious and Cultural Differences stand sorely and sorrily between the Two Civilizations, as such one has to overcome the other and in so doing emerge as the victor. To have a victory, there got to be a fight and the fights have started in the Middle East.


  • Tang Li

    I don’t think it’s just oil. Also think it has something to do with the American psyche of needing a bad guy. Life was always easy when the Soviet Union was around because it was “The Evil System” as opposed to the Good American one.

    After the USSR collapsed, things became a little different until Saddam came along. I remember reading the Economist, which said that “If he didn’t exist, they’d have to invent him.” Saddam was great because everything about him looked bad and he had a short sharp name that even Americans could remember.

    It’s easy to go to war to free the world from Saddam rather than say Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan or King Humaid Al Thani etc etc.

    Now that Saddam has gone the only guy that fits the bill as a classic villain is the “Mad” Colonel in Libya

  • Facts of life

    The crusade and jihad have never stop since the days they started and they will not end until doomsday.