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Obama fails to prove he is an American « Getting at the truth

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Obama fails to prove he is an American

Top-rated talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Friday questioned why new Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has not gotten support from the White House in his efforts to resolve the doubts of so-called “Birthers” about Barack Obama’s place of birth.

Lolo, Ann Dunham, Maya & Obama

Lolo, Ann Dunham, Maya & Obama

Limbaugh says he finds it “stunning” that Abercrombie still can’t prove Obama was born in Hawaii.

Regarding Obama’s supposed Hawaii birth, “they still can’t prove it,” Limbaugh said.

The Obama records which have not been released include; Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, hospital birth records and, of course, a birth certificate.

There are only two hospitals in Hawaii where Obama could have been born, The Queen’s Medical Center, and Kapi’olani Medical Center.

Neither hospital as birth records for Obama.

Meanwhile, a plan in Arizona to require presidential candidates to prove their eligibility to occupy the Oval Office is approaching passage.
The proposal, which also is being taken up in a number of other states, is highly specific and directly addresses the questions that have been raised by Barack Obama’s occupancy of the White House. It says:

Within ten days after submittal of the names of the candidates, the national political party committee shall submit an affidavit of the presidential candidate in which the presidential candidate states the candidate’s citizenship and age and shall append to the affidavit documents that prove that the candidate is a natural born citizen, prove the candidate’s age and prove that the candidate meets the residency requirements for President of the United States as prescribed in article II, section 1, Constitution of the United States.

The Arizona bill also requires attachments, “which shall be sworn to under penalty of perjury,” including “an original long form birth certificate that includes the date and place of birth, the names of the hospital and the attending physician and signatures of the witnesses in attendance.”

It also requires testimony that the candidate “has not held dual or multiple citizenship and that the candidate’s allegiance is solely to the United States of America.”

If Obama fails to comply successfully, his name will not appear on the Arizona presidential ballot.

Similar efforts requiring Obama’s proof of place of birth are under way in Montana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas: Missouri and Oklahoma.

There have been dozens of lawsuits and challenges over the fact that Obama’s place of birth has never been documented. The “Certification of Live Birth” his campaign posted online is a document that Hawaii has made available to those not born in the state. Let me repeat-Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth” is has made available to those not born in the state.

Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate

Obama's "Certification of Live Birth" but not in America?

Consequently, Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth” which he has released appears to be proof he was not born in Hawaii.

Apparently, Obama tried to con the American people with this document—and failed.

Obama even continued to withhold the information concerning his birth during a court-martial of a military officer, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who challenged his deployment orders on the grounds Obama may not be a legitimate president. Lakin was convicted and sent to prison.

Texas State Representative Leo Berman says he’s seen neither evidence nor indication that Obama qualifies under the Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural-born citizen.”

Berman said he’s convinced there are problems with Obama’s eligibility, or else his handlers would not be so persistent in keeping the information concealed.

Will Joe Biden be taking over as president?

Stay tuned.

3 comments to Obama fails to prove he is an American

  • Jango

    What’s with the conjectures, hearsay, etc? Who cares what Rush the fool or for that matter you have to say. Show us concrete proof, that Obama was indeed not born in the US.

    What’s your beef with Obama? What has he done to you (or should I say what has he not done to you)?

    Since you spew so much shit in your blog, lets have some juicy insight to LKY’s world. I’m sure you have none, except for that book, which you guys wrote.

    Waiting for your insightful information about Singapore.

    • admin

      It is not for Rush Limbaugh or for me to show that Obama was born in the USA. That is Obama’s job, which he has failed to do.
      Let me clarify that our book was not about Lee Kuan Yew – suggest you read it before making unfounded comments.
      On a positive side, there will be more coming about Singapore.

  • Jango

    Well, Mr. Blogger, I never said your book was about LKY (reread my post).

    By the way, are you not going to try to pinpoint my location this time around (don’t waste your time)?

    Anyway, will be waiting for your whatever stuff you might have on Singapore.

    As for Obama, you guys don’t have anything on him, so move on.