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Singapore terrorist Balraj Naidu sentenced to prison in USA « Getting at the truth

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Singapore terrorist Balraj Naidu sentenced to prison in USA



Singapore's Baldev Naidu - convicted terrorist


Forty-eight-year-old Singapore citizen Balraj Naidu was sentenced on Thursday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore.


Naidu was convicted in October of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Naidu has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for his terrorist activities.

Federal prosecutors say Naidu was part of a conspiracy to buy weapons for a terrorist organization in 1997.

The prosecutors say Naidu attempted to purchase grenade launchers, sniper rifles, machine guns, and other state of the art firearms worth US$ 900,000.

Naidu was charged following an undercover operation by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office of Homeland Security Investigations jointly with Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Defense Criminal Investigative Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Baltimore Police.

A second Singaporean, Eric Pala, was granted immunity to testify at Naidu’s trial. This would imply that there are other known terrorist elements residing in Singapore.

Naidu, is the co-founder of Singapore’s Reform Party along with Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the party’s Secretary General. Kenneth Jeyaretnam is the brother of Philip Jeyaretnam of Singapore law firm Rodyk and Davidson.

In January 2011, Philip Jeyaretnam will become Managing Partner of Rodyk and Davidson, taking over from Helen Yeo, wife of former Singapore cabinet minister Yeo Cheow Tong.

Late note: Be sure to read the startling information revealed in the comments to this post.

10 comments to Singapore terrorist Balraj Naidu sentenced to prison in USA

  • Political SalesMaN

    This would imply that there are other known terrorist elements residing in Singapore.So Kenneth J, is also one of them, I remember Naidu has said he will sell his house and finance Kenneth J and made him a SG of Reform Party.

    • admin

      Correct! And thanks for your informative comment.

      Certainly if Naidu had US$900,000 to spend on deadly weapons, he had funds to finance Kenneth Jeyaretnam and make him SG of the Reform Party. And what does this say about Singapore’s Reform Party? Shouldn’t the US declare the Reform Party a foreign terrorist organization, and put Kenneth on the “no fly” list. And what about Kenneth’s brother Philip taking over Singapore law firm Rodyk & Davidson from Helen Yeo. Need I mention further that Helen Yeo, wife of former Singapore cabinet minister Yeo Cheow Tong is connected through her sister to Burmese drug lords, and through her sisters “associate” to activities in Afghanistan and Morocco? More on that story at RodykandDavidson.

      Singapore is not so squeaky clean.

  • YourReply.

    Why are you bringing such unnecessary people in this topic? If you do not know the real story , why do you bother writing false information? Do you get anything by writing false information to the public reading this? & You arent not suppose to post any picture that does not belong to you. Do you personally own that picture? Did you buy the photo? If not then how can you as such upload?

    Please get your facts right before implicating such false information.

    There is no reason for you to include other party members in something like this, you have no proof of such !

    GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR REPLY ! & this post is about Baldev Naidu why did you write about Kenneth.J Or his Brother?

    Are you just simply just envying their success? Don’t include information that has no link to the topic.

  • Poiltical SalesMaN

    Why are you bringing such unnecessary people in this topic? If you do not know the real story ,If U want the real story I Political SalesMan can reveal to U.I have been since JBJ time.I have pentiful card to surface in proper time not now.I repeat Baldev Naidu has said I will sell my house and finance Kenneth (Ape-MaN)and make him the SG of Reform Party.if he is not connection, do U think a silly person will sell is house for nothing motive.Their motive is to bring in the Jaffna people to Singapore and build a base here.Remeber KJ is alao one of the Jaffna gene.In JBJ time there was a few Jaffna guy approch him and JBJ turn them off.

    • admin

      Thanks for revealing a possible motive for the connection between Baldev Naidu and the Jeyaretnam boys. It was very important for Baldev Naidu to see that Kenneth Jeyaretnam became SG of Singapore’s Reform Party.

  • Liquidator

    So, Balraj Naidu (BN) has finally been nailed in the US for his reach within the terrorist circle, the bane of civilised humanity. A thorough research into the Reform Party’s (RP) development since its birth on 11/7/08 will reveal his contrasting relationships with the Jeyaretnams, first the late JBJ and later Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) that would be of interest to readers here. He was a ‘still water runs deep’ kind of a fellow that had a chilling twist about it.

    Soon after the RP become a registered political society, he applied for a Deed Poll with JBJ to get his first name ‘Balraj’ changed to ‘Balldev’ without being able to offer a compelling reason. He was a client of JBJ in a cheating case and frequently visited the latter’s office at 18A Smith Street, which later became the RP’s HQ. On one such visit he slipped a signed cash cheque for S$340K unnoticed in his case file and claimed later that it was inadvertently done. JBJ wondered if it was a test or an enticement. There were numerous other instances that led JBJ to suspect BN was up to something amiss. I understand that had JBJ not expired on 30/9/08 BN would have been removed from the party’s CEC.

    BN’s partnership with KJ was even more eventful. You may have read a letter in the Today Newspaper (TNP) on 19/4/10 from the ex-Chairman and Vice-Chairman, two co-founders of the RP, its surviving leaders in the wake of JBJ’s departure, refuting KJ’s allegation in an exclusive interview that was published in the TNP on 8/4/10 about their “poor management” before he “took over”. To date, KJ has never responded to the points they raised, obviously fearing there would be a disastrous backlash. One of those unequivocally referred to foul play at the RP’s HQ on 26/4/09 that saw KJ ‘become’ its Secretary-General (SG). Incidentally, both of them, along with another CEC member, stepped aside instead of fighting back that would have spilled out to the public to dissolve the party prematurely.

    A ‘Gang of 4’ spearheaded by this scoundrel BN executed a rowdy coup d’état that saw KJ seize the post of party SG that day. The other 3 who formed the gang were Edmund Ng who was awarded the post of Chairman, despite his total absence from the RP’s caucus since JBJ departed, till he resigned last week. There was also the landlord of RP’s HQ James Teo who broke the door-lock securing the office in the absence of a tenancy agreement with the RP. For this, KJ gave him the Treasurer’s post. The 3rd one was another misfit, co-founder of RP and its initial treasurer, Ms Amy Liu who had resigned from the party 6 ½ months earlier after failing to put the RP in quandary with the law by deliberately mishandling its funds. It is interesting to note that all these 3 including BN were legal clients of JBJ seconded to make the numbers to form the RP. It seems BN had revealed in the raucous of 26/4/09 that he had sold a ‘property’ to finance KJ so he had the right to make him SG. I wonder whether this is why KJ publicly pleaded after BN’s arrest that he is an innocent family man, a loyal confidant of his late father and that the whole of RP would stand firmly behind him.

    So, we have BALRAJ NAIDU, the common factor in two causes – killing two birds with one stone as it were – trying to defeat a sovereign Government by providing arms to its enemy, an outlawed terrorist group and partaking in the overthrow of a legally elected management team of a Registered Singaporean Political Society by unconstitutional means. He was found guilty by the Baltimore Court and has been sentenced to a 5 year prison term in the first instance. The irony is that, in the second instance, KJ and the RP would be incriminated, not him!

  • Poitical SalesMaN

    To admin ,can we view the record of viewer in this article.Thank you.

    • admin

      We do not reveal any information regarding the viewer. However, the viewer may chose to put such information in his or her comment.
      Thank you.

  • Paul

    Wondering if you were also going after criminals like the Indonesians who control Goldplus….

    But almost one year has gone, Nursalim is still out there living in peace. In Singapore, Nursalim use his Chinese name Lim Tek Siong (formerly known as Liem Tek Siong) as the shareholder Tuan Sing Holdings. His wife, Itjih Sjamsul Nursalim or Go Giok Lian is also listed as shareholder of Tuan Sing. The pair also controls Nuri Holdings Ltd, but early last year Itjih handed over the ownership to her daughter named Liem Mei Kim (husband of Dr Tan Enk Ee).

    The family owns Habitat Properties Ltd, and bought Goldplus, which had just purchased 69 Holland Road, now called Holland Mews. Habitat has some properties in Singapore such as University Park, Reservoir Villas, Royal Court, Anderson Green, Century Woods, and St Martin Residence. Meanwhile Tuan Sing has hundreds of subsidiaries with total assets of S$770.9 million as of December 2004 and net profit of S$14.3 million. Son William Susanto Nursalim is also the executive director of the company.

    Nursalim owes the government Rp28 trillion (US$2.8 billion) due to the collapse of his bank PT Bank Dagang Nasional Indonesia Tbk in 1998. Under the settlement signed in 1998 with Indonesian government, Nursalim handed over three major assets to Indonesia Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA). They were PT Gajah Tunggal (the largest tire producer), GT Petrochem Industries (polyester and chemicals), and Dipasena (shrimp farm).

    • admin

      Paul: Interesting that you should mention Goldplus. My wife’s family home was 69 Holland Road, which was purchased by Goldplus. We wrote about that purchase in our book Escape from Paradise, which is advertised on this site, and which you can purchase from Amazon or through the Book Depository (the link is in the sidebar), which is cheaper for Singapore as the postage is free.

      In our Escape from Paradise website we discuss Nursalim in some detail on the page about Helen Yeo. Crooks like Nursalim and flee from Indonesia to Singapore, because there is no extradition treaty between Singapore and Indonesia. One is under discussion, but Singapore refuses to include the crime of fleeing with money as Nursalim did. Singapore always welcomes money – even from crooks.

      In Escape from Paradise we expose the fact that Helen Yeo was Nursalim’s lawyer for the purchase of 69 Holland road. We mentioned her only in passing, but still she succeeded, with the help of her husband, Yeo Cheow Tong, in getting our book banned in Singapore.

      What we did not say in the book, was that Helen Yeo had the 69 Holland Road property recorded as being sold BEFORE it was sold. Helen Yeo did this to enable the seller to escape from Singapore while avoiding his creditor, as they were in the middle of a divorce. Apparently, Helen Yeo was afraid that the book came close enough to her crooked deal, that she had to have it banned, with the help of Yeo Cheow Tong and Philip Jeyaretnam.

      Originally our book’s website was a single page, but we expanded it to expose Helen Yeo, because she had the book banned. Her letter to us and the IRAS records proving the crime are both reproduced on the website.

      Yes, we might write something here about Singapore’s non-extradition treaty and about Nursalim, and should we – your information will prove helpful.

      Thank you.