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U.S. defeat in Afghanistan? « Getting at the truth

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U.S. defeat in Afghanistan?

Returning home

Returning home

What we wrote about, yesterday, has come true today. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has held face-to-face talks with Sirajuddin Haqqani, Taliban leader in Pakistan of a particularly brutal militant group with ties to al-Qaida, Al Jazeera reported on Sunday.

The Haqqani network, a group high on the CIA’s hit list is believed to have been behind some of the most sophisticated attacks from Pakistan into Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s army chief and the head of the country’s intelligence services are thought to have accompanied Haqqani to the talks, sources told Al Jazeera. Pakistan’s intelligence and military officials have long been known to foster close links with members of the Taliban and other militant groups working in Afghanistan.

The reports have fueled speculation that Pakistan is trying to forge a deal that would safeguard its interests in Afghanistan, according to Al Jazeera reporting directly from Kabul.

Obama and Biden on the White House putting green

Obama and Biden on the White House putting green

U.S. Spin Doctor CIA chief Leon Panetta reiterated the narrow goal Mr. Obama set for the Afghan war: “The fundamental purpose, the mission that the president has laid out, is that we have to go after Al Qaeda. We’ve got to disrupt and dismantle Al Qaida and their militant allies so they never attack this country again.”

Doesn’t the CIA realize that Al Qaeda can and does operate in a number of countries – are we going to invade them all, including Pakistan?

Panetta is not completely stupid, just totally dishonest as he lies to the American people.

As we wrote only yesterday the current purpose of the war in Afghanistan is to help Obama politically—as cost and lives mean nothing to him.

7 comments to U.S. defeat in Afghanistan?

  • Jim

    How quickly Americans forget the promise on which Obama laid as his cornerstone for his presidential campaign a couple of years ago. Do the Americans remember his slogan “time for change”?

    So what has changed since Obama got on board? Or rather, what has this smooth talking president changed since he took office? It’s still the same system with the same old administration running the show in the same old way…….. Like they say, the change the prison commander promised his inmates about delivering his promise to allow them to change their underwear was ….for them to line up in two lines and ordering all those on the left to change underwear with those on the right !

  • Zorro

    Sorry pal, you are unwittingly spinning US/CIA propaganda on the so-called al quaida and its ties with the Taliban, which requires no proof, since its an established myth.

    Now for the Afghan resistance dubbed “Taliban”, given their success, at least 90 % of the Afghans must be part of the “Taliban”, another brand name for Afghans resisting US TERROR on their homeland.

    • admin

      I don’t think I was “spinning US/CIA propaganda as I pointed out that Al Qaeda can operate from a number of countries. Can the US attack them all? I don’t think so.

  • justice

    US troops in Afghanistan are heading for defeat, if history is any indication of things to come.

    The Afghans defeated the British in the 19 th century and the Russians in the 20th century.

    The defeat of the US in the 21 st century is coming soon.

    There is no point in explaining away the Afghan resistance with mean code words such as “Taliban” or “al quaida” which serve no other purpose than rabble rousers against the Afghans right to resist foreign agression. Being islamists is their problem, not the American’s.

  • Khan

    History repeats itself,British, the super power of 19th century,Russian so called super power of 20th century and now U.S.A the presnt super is going to the well of defeat,then dont khow how talibans/aghans/pathans r mentally stronger rather than technology wise.

    • admin

      Khan – you are right. The U.S. has already lost the war in Afghanistan, and has been negotiating a “peace” with Pakistan for some time. In addition, the civil war in Iraq is beginning with the withdrawal of U. S. troops.