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Singapore – hotbed of terrorists & arms traffickers « Getting at the truth

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Singapore – hotbed of terrorists & arms traffickers

Balldev Naidu from his FaceBook page

Balldev Naidu from his FaceBook page

Singaporean Balldev Naidu has been extradited to the U.S.

On Friday, December 18th, 2009, Balldev Naidu was extradited to the U.S. to face terrorism charges. God Bless America! It is about time that at least some of Singapore’s alleged arms traffickers be brought to justice.

Hopefully, the U.S. will investigate Balldev Naidu’s Facebook friends, including his supporter, friend, and partner, Singapore Reform Party boss, Kenneth Jeyaretnam and his brother, lawyer Philip Jeyaretnam of Rodyk and Davidson.

Balldev Naidu is not the only person in Singapore who is wanted for terrorist acts.

Indeed, there are others – people whose terrorist acts are apparently condoned and enabled by the Singapore government, where arms trafficking is big business.

Singapore’s arms traffickers

Mrs. Laura Wang-Woodford, a Singapore Permanent Resident, is an owner of Singapore-based aviation company, Monarch Aviation (Pte) Ltd.

Laura Wang-Woodford was arrested on December 23, 2007, at the San Francisco International Airport after arriving on a flight from Hong Kong.

Laura Wang-Woodford

Laura Wang-Woodford

She and her husband, Brian D. Woodford, also a Singapore Permanent Resident, and chairman of Monarch, were charged in a 20-count indictment on January 15, 2003. They were exporting U.S. arms to Iran – to be used to kill  U.S. soldiers liberating Iraq.

After being detained without bail by the U.S., Ms. Wang-Woodford finally broke down and entered a guilty plea that she illegally exported controlled U.S. commercial aircraft parts from the United States to Monarch in Singapore and then re-exported those items to a company in Tehran, Iran.

On November 5, 2009, she was sentenced to a term in the U.S. federal prison. She is imprisoned at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City, her prison ID is 90584-111, classified as a 65 year old Asian female. This is a temporary holding tank, and she will be transferred at a later date. Given Ms Wang-Woodford’s age, it is doubtful that she will leave prison alive.

Laura Wang-Woodford’s husband, fugitive Brian D. Woodford, is believed to be in Southeast Asia, possibly Singapore. The Woodford’s residence in Singapore is 237 Arcadia Road, #01-03 Arcadia, Singapore 289844.

The Wang-Woodford’s company, Monarch Aviation (Pte) Ltd is located at 133 New Bridge Road, #16-09 Chinatown Point. Singapore 059413.

Their auditor, H. Wee & Co has offices at 15 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 436950, telephone +65-6744-5158. Wong Tze Roy, a director of Monarch, is a Singapore Citizen (ID S6916469), and lives at 221 Bishan Street 23 #03-171, Singapore 570221.

On May 22, 2008, the  U.S. also indicted Wang-Woodford and her husband, Brian Woodford, for operating  Jungda International Pte. Ltd (“Jungda”), a Singapore-based successor to Monarch.

Brian Woodford

Brian Woodford

The Woodfords attempted to hide behind Jungda which is located at 336 Smith Street, #05-303 New Bridge Centre, Singapore 050336. Yeo Tiong Leng, a Singaporean (ID S0231994b) of 209 Bukit Batok Street 21 #11-174, Singapore 650209 is a shareholder and director and Chong Gek Sing, a Singapore citizen, (ID S0108901C), 161 Mei Ling Street#16-315, Singapore 140161, is the corporate secretary of Jungda.

And the list of Singapore’s terrorists goes on:

On Oct 8, 2009, in Minneapolis, United States District Court Chief Judge Michael Davis sentenced Jian Wei Ding, 51, of Singapore, to 46 months in prison and two years of supervised release.  Kok Tong Lim, 37, of Singapore, was sentenced to just over one year of confinement and two years of supervised release because of his cooperation in the investigation of illegally exporting sensitive materials to China via Singapore.

There are others, Indodial Pte Ltd, Multicore, etc. – many others.

How Singapore arms traffickers operate

The arms trade passing through Singapore is made possible by the issuance of false Singapore End-User Certificates.

Let’s explain.

The parties in an honest arms deal will file an End-User Certificate, noting what is being sold, who is selling it and to whom it is being sold. There is an understanding that the receiving party does not intend to transfer the weapons to a third country. For arms you need a valid End-User Certificate to obtain an export license from the U. S.

Singapore End-User Certificate

Singapore End-User Certificate - Click to expand

It would be possible, however, to obtain a false End-User Certificate by bribing an official in Singapore and then allowing the shipment of arms to pass through Singapore on its way to a third country, like Iran. In this case, Singapore must also allow the re-export of the arms.

According to Kathi Austin, Director of the Arms and Conflict Program in San Francisco, “Singapore imports a lot of weapons from the Waassenar group [of largely European nations], which is supposed to be a self-governing group to control arms trade to prevent wrong use,” Austin said. “But what do they [in Singapore] want with all those weapons? They are a conduit for third-country transfers, which are illicit because basically a country should carry an End-User Certificate and most often that is violated. The weapons are not going to Singapore; they are going to Indonesia, Malaysia and lots of parts of Africa.”

In Singapore, according to our latest information, an End-User Certificate is issued by the Trade Control Branch reporting to the Director-General, Singapore Customs.

Singapore’s End-User Certificate is a simple one-page form – easy to fill out – but don’t be tempted.

24 comments to Singapore – hotbed of terrorists & arms traffickers

  • You have a picture of Yeo Tiong Leng?

    He might just be an ex-colleague (computer department) with Singapore Press Holdings.

  • I just have the name of Yeo Tiong Leng. I have no idea what he looks like. In any event, he would not be an ex-colleague of mine, as I never had any dealings with Singapore Press Holdings.

  • Political SaleMaN

    Seem that our land have plenty full of corrupted officer.Our land has been use by FT for illegal purpose.
    The PaP gahmen are happy to influx FT.

  • John,

    I spent 2 years in the computer department at Times House after 6 years in the RSAF.

    That was when Sumiko Tan was political correspondent flying around with Goh Chok Tong, and Salma Khalik had her hair burnt straight.

    I spent 2 years knowing the guy as Yeo.

    Flash forward 14 years …. and I was living at Hong Lim Complex, some bug keeps planting itself in my computer through the Singtel dial-up line the moment I went online, my phone was bugged, the pirated CD shop downstairs was selling me problem OS software …..

    I went to Challenger at Funan to check how much the current Windows OS would cost ….. and guess who walked right up to me?

    Yeo Tiong Leng handed me his business card. That’s when I got his full name.

    We spent the next few hours together going from Funan to Sim Lim Square. By the time I got back to Hong Lim Complex, the pirated CD shop had vanished ….

    I distinctly felt that my meeting with Yeo after 14 years wasn’t by chance …. that it was contrived.

    The NRIC of your Yeo Tiong Leng would about fit the age of this ex-colleague of mine. 🙂

    He has far more computer knowledge than me.

  • Scary don’t you think?

    Knowing that the phone you own, whether it’s with Singtel, Starhub or M1 (has to be registered) will be bugged, or else not own a phone at all.

  • JeffGoh

    Thanks Mr Harding

    It is sad that citizens have to be informed of such news from sources outside it’s borders. You have enlightened a lot of Singaporeans and in some ways empower them too.

    Your materials through your book, your articles on “Chips – Cia – Iraq food for Oil program, among others have open our eyes to many aspects of Singapore.

    Please keep them coming.

    Thank You

    • admin

      Thanks, Jeff. We should all know about what really goes on in our respective countries – that goes even for Americans.

  • Jim


    Very recent news on TemasekReview – Yeo Cheow Tong to retire from politics and will not contest in the next general elections !

    Thought you might want to know about this development (actually nothing surprising, already a foregone conclusion)

  • Jim

    Mmmm… that name Yeo Tiong Leng sounds familiar. Can’t exactly recall the circumstances. Will pigeon back information for our readers here when the mental block is removed in due course.

  • Jim,

    Maybe if you looked at the photo, it’ll help to remove the mental block.

  • Jim: Thanks for the news on Yeo Cheow Tong – http://www.yeocheowtong.com has been updated!

  • Jim

    Lee Hsien Tau

    Sorry, his face is not familiar to me. Only his name is. Must be some other guy with same name.

  • Jim,

    Maybe if you got time……..209 Bukit Batok Street 21 #11-174, knock on the door………

    I can’t do it………I’m in Bangkok.

  • I’m trying to get him on FaceBook, but so far, I’m drawing blanks.

    So much for being ex-colleagues. 🙂

  • Jim

    Hi Admin,

    The dysfunctional PAP government is at it again. Another round of black out on TemasekReview.com today. It’s inaccessible whole day long. Looks like they are cooking up more storm for their liking than trying to fish for issues of discontent the electorate might have against them.

    Incidentally I find it very strange and inexplicable that TR can release “alternative” news on several political issues on the same day the governmental version appeared in The Straits Times. Looks like they are sharing the same journalists and editors, i.e. sharing the same resources, i.e. the same people managing both sites !

    Some food for thought

  • Jim, I guess one of the Temasek Review journalists said a little too much. Censorship is alive and well in Singapore.

  • robert nesta

    Why hasn’t anyone reported the alleged bribery at the Trade Control Branch to the Corrupt Practice Invesitgation Branch?

  • Jim


    The CEO of Temasek Holding, Ho Ching, is now going to get an adviser to help her ! He is the ex-SGX CEO Hsieh Fu Hua. If Hsieh’s term of employment is to do trouble-shooting, it’ll be very interesting to know what would happen if he finds Ho Ching to be the problem (for Temasek’s troubles).

  • A Edwards

    Just read a few articles here.
    Just a note of caution – some of you are being manipulated unknowingly. Various tags and connotations attached to some of the people mentioned in some of these articles have been concocted and are untrue. The reason – the authorities wishes to tarnish them and what better way then to use a website like this.
    This is one of the methods employed by the ISD of Singapore. Beware and make sure your ‘facts’ are verifiable and objective.

    • admin

      No concoctions or untruths. You, yourself, sound like part of the ISD in your attempt to discredit our getting at the truth.

  • Marry Soriano

    This is not actually because Singapore is not only the place where terrorist live. As long as the terrorist is not creating war then problem can still be prevented.

    • admin

      That makes no sense, Marry. Terrorists create wars. I guess what you are saying is that so long as they do not make problems in Singapore, it’s OK. No, it’s not OK – not OK at all!