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Philip Jeyaretnam, Singapore’s PSC, and the terrorists « Getting at the truth

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Philip Jeyaretnam, Singapore’s PSC, and the terrorists


Singapore's President swearing in Philip Jeyaretnam to the PSC

Singapore's President swearing in Philip Jeyaretnam to the PSC

Philip Jeyaretnam has been appointed to Singapore’s Public Service Commission (PSC). As a member of the PSC, Mr Jeyaretnam will be involved in its task of appointing and promoting top civil servants.

Philip Jeyaretnam’s father founded Singapore’s Reform Party, along with co-founder Balldev Naidu.

Balldev Naidu is due to be extradited to the U.S. on six criminal charges, including conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and possession of a firearm.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam, leader of the Reform Party, has published a statement in support of his good friend and alleged arms dealer, Balldev Naidu.

Haniffa bin Osman

Haniffa bin Osman

Balldev Naidu’s alleged co-conspirator Haniffa bin Osman has already been sentenced to a U.S. federal prison. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, “SINGAPORE MAN SENTENCED FOR CONSPIRACY TO PROVIDE MATERIAL SUPPORT TO A FOREIGN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION AND MONEY LAUNDERING – Attempted Purchase of Surface to Air Missiles, Night Vision Devices, Machine Guns and State of the Art Firearms.”

The case against Balldev Naidu is so sensitive that recently all information and photographs regarding the case have been removed from the U.S. Department of Justice website.

We did find however discover that a person calling himself Balldev Naidu was interested in offering $1 million as collateral for interest, on an Internet site named Go4Funding.

On this site Balldev Naidu represented himself as being from China United Resources, and here is what he wrote:

Balldev Naidu, 7/24/2008 2:11:55 PM

Send us more details

cheerZ Balldev
China United resources

Seems like Balldev Naidu has plenty of money.

Back to the Jeyaretnam boys, Philip and Kenneth
(The excerpts from The Straits Times article by Sue-Ann Chia are in quotes.)

Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Kenneth Jeyaretnam

His [Philip’s] British mother wanted her two children to receive an ‘English education’. So both Philip and his elder brother Kenneth studied in international schools here and, later, boarding schools in Britain where they did their A levels.

Philip and Kenneth are members of the privileged class with their private schools, and protected education – out of touch with reality, and away from the reality of Singapore.

“He [Philip] finally found a job with a newly set-up firm, Robert Wang and Woo, headed by his father’s friend, Mr Woo Tchi Chu”

Daddy got Philip Jeyaretnam the job – more coddling.

“He [Philip] moved on to Helen Yeo and Partners, which was run by the wife of former transport minister, Yeo Cheow Tong.”

Philip Jeyaretnam chose to move where he would be more comfortable, with his own kind – fellow elite Singaporeans, the infamous Helen Yeo and incompetent Yeo Cheow Tong.

Helen and Yeo Cheow Tong

Helen and Yeo Cheow Tong

“When his father set up the Reform Party last year after emerging from bankruptcy with financial help from both sons, Mr Philip Jeyaretnam attended the dinner to launch the opposition party, along with his second son Quentin, who is now 12.”

Did this inadvertent admission on the part of The Straits Times, imply that Philip supported the Reform Party financially?

(Philip Jeyaretnam’s sons, Quentin and Tristan, have quite nice upper-class names – don’t they?)

“While he eschewed politics, he has not shied away from taking up public positions, the latest as a member of the PSC.”

Philip has not “eschewed politics;” he is a mole within Singapore’s system.

“The reaction from Singaporeans has been predictable. ‘Has he been co-opted by the Government?’ netizens queried after his appointment ceremony last week.”

“He [Philip] sees it another way.”

And so do we.

How can we assume that the privileged Jeyaretnam boys, Philip and Kenneth, are not in it with Balldav Naidu, and his alleged co-conspirator and convicted terrorist Haniffa bin Osman?

Balldev Naidu’s alleged co-conspirator, Haniffa bin Osman, is in the arms trade, even trying to purchase surface to air missiles (for Changi Airport?) – great company for Philip Jeyaretnam of the PSC.

As a member of the PSC, Philip Jeyaretnam will be in a position to promote and veto candidates for Singapore’s Civil Service. He will be deciding on their salaries, as well.

When I worked for Singapore’s Inland Revenue, a highly placed colleague told me why he was consistently turned down for promotion by PSC. My colleague had investigated a particular PSC member for tax fraud. As a consequence that PSC member consistently blocked any advancement for my colleague. Unfortunately, my friend had to follow the rules and never reveal this to the Singapore Government.

The Singapore Reform Party and fellow terrorist travelers appear to have wormed their way into Singapore’s Public Service Commission.

4 comments to Philip Jeyaretnam, Singapore’s PSC, and the terrorists

  • Mat

    Philip is very talented and formidable. The PAP respects talent first and foremost, and will try hard to co-opt one to be part of them, if this can serve their interest. They have succeeded with Philip. They also respect power, never mind if the other party is a military dictator like the Mynamar regime and will do business with them. Previously they also respect Thaksin, former Thai PM and strongman and also bought over his Shin Corp. But on hindsight it was a mistake as Thaksin is now a fallen politician. And of course not to forget Charles Goodyear which also turned out to be a mistake.

    So if the PAP didn’t co-opt opponents or even whack them hard, it probably means the opponents are not of calibre but a nuisance or could be talented but will not serve or even damage their interest. And of course the PAP make mistakes in this co-opting too, sometimes very costly. But whatever it is, political power is not at all affected.

  • Curious

    What happened to Kennth’s hedgefund?

  • Jim


    There is a picture of Balldev Naidu at last !

    Go to website http://www.facebook.com/balldev

    I don’t know whether this is THE Balldev Naidu or not, but it appears to be as the people surrounding his aura are Kenneth Jayeretnam and the youth group of the Reform Party (association to these character/group are through linkage provided in his facebook).


  • Jim:
    Good for you and thanks – what an obvious place to look.
    Best regards,