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Singapore – hotbed of terrorists & criminals? « Getting at the truth

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Singapore – hotbed of terrorists & criminals?

Singapore Reform Party co-founder to be extradited to US on suspected terrorism charges

Alleged Terrorist Naidu

Alleged Terrorist Naidu

A Singaporean wanted in the United States on six terrorism-related charges submitted himself on Monday to prison authorities in Singapore to await extradition. The Singapore Law Minister has ordered Mr. Balldev Naidu to be surrendered to the US authorities.

This is an unusual surrender of sovreignity for Singapore to extradite one of its own citizens to a foreign country.

Singapore District Judge Roy Neighbour ordered Naidu, 47, to be taken into custody after he ruled there was sufficient evidence for Naidu to answer to the charges he faces in the American courts.

Naidu, who is one of the founding members of Singapore’s Reform Party, an opposition party, recently changed his name from Balraj Naidu to Balldev Naidu last year, possibly to escape detection.

Naidu is wanted by the US government for allegedly conspiring to possess firearms, conspiring to support a foreign terrorist organization, and money laundering, among other charges.

Naidu is alleged to have conspired with another Singaporean, Haniffa Osman, now behind bars in a US prison, for trying to buy weapons in the United States, supposedly for the Sri Lankan rebel group, the Tamil Tigers.

Naidu is said to have acted as a broker and middleman between firearm manufacturers and purchasers and/or end-users. Although allegedly the “end-users” were the Tamil Tigers, the seriousness of extradition might indicate Naidu was dealing with terrorist directly groups which threaten the security of the U.S.

Police authorities learned that Naidu had located his source of the firearms through Indonesia, an Islamic country, and conspired to export them illegally from the United States to Sri Lanka. There is evidence that Naidu had traveled to Hong Kong and Jakarta, and he was in it for the money, as well, as he would receive a commission for his role.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Reform Party Secretary-General Kenneth Jeyaretnam has expressed strong support for Naidu.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam, a Tamil and former “hedge fund manager” working in London, recently took over the party founded by his father, the late J B Jeyaretnam and Naidu.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam stated that the party will “stand behind” Naidu, and “The Balldev I have come to know, since taking over leadership of The Reform Party, is a gentle family man and someone who would never intentionally become involved with terrorists or arms dealers…Balldev was a loyal supporter of my father, JB Jeyaretnam and I will continue to support him in my personal capacity.”

Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s brother, Philip, is a writer of gay books, and works in Singapore as a lawyer.

Singapore’s reputation has suffered since the escape of alleged terrorist Mas Selamat, leader of the country’s  Jemaah Islamiah (JI), from the country’s highest security prison.

According to Singapore authorities, Mas Selamat “escaped” through a bathroom window. He then walked, apparently in prison garb, through the streets of Singapore, as the police put out an all-points alert. Mas Selamat reached the northern shore of Singapore and swam to Malaysia.

Eventually, he was captured by the Malaysian police. Singapore’s demand for the return of Mas Selamat was turned down by Malaysia, out of fears that he would “escape” again. One must ask – does Malaysia suspect that Mas Selamat sent by Singapore to Malaysia for some ulterior motive?

Singapore has long been a haven for terrorists and criminals, especially from neighboring countries. Conveniently, Singapore does not have extradition treaties with its neighbors.

Indonesian Liem...

Indonesian Liem - AKA...

Liem Tek Siong, alias Sjamsul Nursalim, alias Liem Tjoen Ho, fled to Singapore from Indonesia, owing $2.8 billion due to the collapse of his Indonesian, bank. The Chung Shih Ping family fled to Singapore from Brunei as two family members were detained in Brunei for corruption. The list goes on.

The CIA World Factbook states, that 14.9% of Singaporeans are Muslim and that “Singapore is vulnerable, despite strict laws and enforcement, as a venue for money laundering.” And more!

87 comments to Singapore – hotbed of terrorists & criminals?

  • Jim


    Thanks a lot for the proxy feed.

    Yes, I can access the TR website, but still can’t get link into the articles and comments page (its a indefinite hang). I think the black-out is only on all Singtel subscribers. In this instance, Singtel has shown that it is not an independent company as the government claim to be – it is a tool of the PAP.

    Are you using Starhub or PacificNet or some other ISP ?

  • Jim


    I have also tried other proxy sites. Can’t even access the front page of TR. At least for proxypass.us I could still access the front page of this website (but can’t access its article or comments page). I think Singtel (Singnet) has also blocked all alternative proxy sites on all its subscribers to prevent their access to TR.

    I think those on Starhub should be doing fine because connection via cable (not using Singtel fibreoptics downline). Not so sure about those on PacNet or others though.

  • Cannot access items in Temasek Review from the U.S. – not even through http://www.proxypass.us/.

  • Jim

    anon & John

    Maybe TAS (telecom authority) can’t block Starhub subsribers because its owned by HK billionaire Richard Li, reason being if they do so they would to issue such an order to Starhub such unsavoury practice would be known to the people of HK and via that channel, to the rest of the world. And the PAPies rule of stiffling dissent and muffling political content through cyberspace would be spread over the global front. They could do it with Singtel no problem – it has always been used as an animal belonging to the PAP (and not the government – this distinction must be made clear).

  • Political SalesMaN

    Jim: Make it clear the whole Singapore belongs to the FamiLEE. if U don’t listen to what they said, they will victimize U. Unlike JBJ not even a small newspaper vendor dare to help sell this “Book”. So it is the only way the orator have to sell the book in the street by themself with his comrade to gain sympathy.

  • Political SalesMaN

    Let us come back to the topic of Naidu. The two photo post on the page is correct, John Harding meaning is after extridiction of Naidu. There are another
    terrorist. Read the sentence carefully “He will Stand Behind” Balldev Naidu. That’s mean after Naidu is gone he will took over this post (Terrorist).So John Harding posted photoraph is correct!

  • Jim

    Political Salesman

    Mmmm…. that’s a nice way of putting it. He will stand behind Naidu because that way he won’t stand in the line of fire lest Naidu throws a bomb forward. Standing behind him will give him sufficient time to run, and also Naidu will cushion him from the blast.

  • anon

    Hey Jim,

    I’m using Starhub.Anyway I can access TR without any proxy.

  • Jim


    That’s what I guess as much (Starhub users got no problem). I was told Singnet has blocked all its users from accessing TR.

    And one more thing, TR is now a 100% PAP website under a covert name. They claimed to have changed to a new server and all those who have been blocked if they want to have live feed and be unblocked (by their so called new firewall) have to provide their internet IP to them so that they can remove the blockage (do they really expect us to fall for that trickery?). Furthermore, TR advise these blocked netizens not to use proxy channels to access their site because, as they claim, these sites sometimes launch malicious virus on them (another lame excuse). Real reason – when you use proxies they can’t identify your IP address.

    So if you can access the site maybe you want to warn those contributors there to be careful. TR (covert weapon of PAP) is using that site to measure dissent and discontent among population, and those whose contributions include disclosure of the dirty linen on LKY or PAP do be careful. They will block them and remove their contents. They only allow immaterial criticism on the PAPies’ policies, i.e. childish attacks are allowed because they don’t hurt them a bit. But when you pour out real dirty evidence, it would be a different picture altogether.


  • Jim

    lee hsien tau

    To you and all other Singaporeans who have been persecuted by LKY and his hatchet men (the ex-political detainees and others), I have selected a very appropriate Epitaph which should be placed on his tombstone upon his impending demise. It’s taken from a famous poem by James Shirley (1596 – 1666) :


    The glories of our blood and state
    Are shadows, not substantial things;
    There is no armour against Fate;
    Death lays it icy hands on kings:
    Sceptre and Crown
    Must tumble down,
    And in the dust be equal made
    With the poor crooked scythe and spade.

    Some men with swords may reap the field,
    And plant fresh laurels where they kill:
    But their strong nerves at last must yield;
    They tame but one another still:
    Early or late
    They stoop to fate,
    And must give up their murmuring breath
    When they, pale captives, creep to death.

    The garlands wither on your brow,
    Then boast no more your mighty deeds !
    Upon Death’s purple altar now
    See where the victor-victim bleeds.
    Your head must come
    To the cold tomb:
    Only the actions of the just
    Smell sweet and blossom in their dust.

  • anon

    Hey Jim,

    That’s interesting.How did you manage to find out that TR is controlled by the PAP?

  • Low

    Jim – Good epitaph befitting the man.

    Being the literary man that he is, in his craze for power LKY has probably forgotten about James Shirley’s warning (given 300 years before his birth). And he has, alas, also not taken any heed from the advice of Omar Khayyam through his Rubaiyat :

    ” Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend,
    Before we too into the Dust descend;
    Dust into Dust, and under Dust do lie,
    Sans, Wine, sans Song, sans Singer, and-sans End ! ”

    And so, if I may also add a concluding line to the Epitaph on his tombstone :


  • Jim


    Didn’t you notice that despite all the many anti-PAP comments that were put forth through this website, MICA has never brought TR to task and no PAP minister has ever threatened them with legal action, or use the ISA to intimidate them.

    Only those criticisms of a lowly nature, involving disatisfaction on the threats to their livelihood and daily needs of Singaporeand are allowed in the site, including vulgar and debase language That much TR is willing to tolerate. But when weighted criticisms that are a direct threat to the (false) rationale of their policies are voiced, TR’s treatment is different. A lot of these constructive criticisms (which contained rational arguments which are non-supportive of PAP ideology) have not been published by them. And contributors who have posted evidences throwing up the dirty linen of LKY or his PAP front men never have their pieces seen the light in the web pages (they are blocked out). I know of many instances (including myself having even submitted evidences by recanting from reports published in The Straits Times over a period of time which do not purport, but actually, substantiate the fact that LKY is an incorrigible liar – and these were never published by TR).

    And now, they are using this silly excuse of changing server stuff as a weapon to block out what they deem as potential “troublemakers” to their site, when these are contributors who sought to discredit the mistaken belief that LKY and his administration are that white or clean as he has often proclaimed. None of the evidences of such malpractices by his regime has ever been published although many have been summited by several parties. If the TR is not a tool of the PAP what is it ? How can it call itself to be an alternative news source, when it is actually protecting PAP interest?

    Anyway, I have the information from some reliable source. In case you may also want to know, there are actually a couple of ISD guys pretending to be contributors at the website. Their job is to do filtering. Elections are coming soon, so creditable arguments or evidences of dirty linen put forth by contributors must be put down and not allowed to spew a firestorm in cyberspace. They are very alert in this sphere due to experiences observed from the recent events in Malaysia.

    In the last Malaysian elections, the Barisan National lost significant grounds in their votes, losing the controlling hand and managed to hold on to power only after brokering a loose coalition inclusive of some other third parties (including defectors from the strong opposition alliance Parkatan Rakyat). They had under-estimated the power of the internet as a source of rallying opposition support.

    I wouldn’t be surprised many of the so called websites being put up in our cyberspace that champions free expression of political opinons on our political system are actually government or PAP funded. Remember, Mao Tse Tung who called on all the intellectuals in the country to rise up and voice their opinions with his call “let a thousand flowers bloom” during the Cultural Revolution which he launched in the 60’s ? Well, those who did (including Deng Xiao Peng in his younger days) ended up in their political prison.

  • Jim

    anon & political salesman

    I have been informed that someone posing as “Jim” has been posting comments in TR (one comment made by this guy under article “KKH Chemo Blunder..”)

    Well this guy is AN IMPOSTER. I cannot access TR so can I post that comment? It’s obvious that after having blocked off the radar, they are now using an imposter to carry on with comments using my name. What is the purpose ? I think it is to allay readers’ fear that I may have been taken off the air (blocked) because of my very enlightening comments (especially recanting from reports published from The Straits Times to throw light on that LKY has been an incorrigible liar all along). So after that blanket block, especially on those who are criticial of PAP (the enlightened ones) they now use a surrogate to instead, talk about trivial matters (of not much significance to damaging the status of the PAP) using my name. I believe there should be others whose names are also being used by these pre-emptors. However, a discerning few can spot the difference, because our candour and subject of interest are different, and it wouldn’t be too difficult for the more suspicious ones to smell something fishy in the waters.


  • anon

    Hey Jim,

    Thank you for your information.No wonder I feel so fishy whenever I access to TR.If the admin of TR was not related to the PAP,they would not have much resources to hire journalists for the Kent Ridge Review,where TR has offered to pay the columnists at a rate higher than the SPH interns.

  • anon

    Hey Jim,

    Anyway were you the one who posted some comments on CPF in an artcle called “The Foreign Talent debate: A Foreign Talent’s perspective”?It seems to me that the comments on the CPF issue do not convey the whole picture entirely on the actual situation here.

  • Jim


    You are probably right in saying that TR appears to be of unlimited resources, or at least, have very deep pockets. It’s a wonder isn’t it ? I mean they dare to organise and invite guest writers on issues which could provoke the displeasure of our ministers. But so far, TR seems to be having a whale of a time bringing up so many taboo issues without any ministerial intervention or rebuttal. It certainly looks suspicious to me.

    Yes, I was the one who posted those CPF comments. It’s a whole conundrum of issues at stakes in Singapore, and all are intertwined. I have also expanded on my comments on CPF which were carried in the pages of other articles (some of the matters were not repeated otherwise I would have sounded superfluous). This CPF thing is a tremendous headache for our government since the mid 80’s when the then Deputy PM, Dr Goh Keng Swee, realised its long term implications and voiced to an insider that “we (PAP) have created a monster”.


  • qussl3

    Holy crap.

    Was wondering what happened to you both (Jim and Anon).

    I’m not having any probs getting on TR’s site but after reading thru whats here prob wont be back there again soon.

    I was wondering why my comment about CPF’s wildy fluctuating cashflow statement didnt get past moderators.

    Man i hate to be a paraniod monkey but they cut off water supply to my home

  • Justice For All

    Hey guys, the admin of TR has just posted a very interesting reply to my questioning why some disiclosures I made about the corruptibility of PAPies were censored or removed from my posting.

    My comments were posted in TR article “Singapore The Third Least Corrupt Nation In The World”. And the admin’s reply in response there was, among other things cited, contained a statement which read:

    “As you know, our site is being monitored daily. Surely you don’t wish us to get into trouble ?”

    The truth is out. Let it be told. Either TR is a proxy or it is really a third party site offering only limited and calibrated alternative news of a political nature. Either way, it is BEING MONITORED DAILY (by the ISD of course).

  • Jim


    Hi, fancy meeting you here ! Ya, we were firewalled against entry to TR. Anyway, I understand admin of TR has already admitted that their site is being monitored daily ! (Also disclosed by Justice above). So it’s no surprise how compliant one can be when your livelihood is threatened. In that respect, I would not hold anything against TR for the firewall.

    To us, it’s only a question of being denied an effective platform to get pertinent issues to a broader base of electorate sensitive audience, but to them (TR) its a matter of survival in cyberspace (if they are speaking the truth). When faced with the option of no cyberspace platform and having one with limited reach I guess it is better to opt for the latter (that way at least you can live to fight another day).

    So do be more careful when you post your next entry there. Maybe using a proxy gateway would be a better choice. That way, your IP address would not be displayed to TR and those who are subbrogating their line (the eavesdroppers).

  • Jim


    Sorry, there was a little mixed up reference there. Justice had made a similar comment regarding TR’s admission of its site being monitored daily in one of the several websites which I had just surfed. But he was not my originating source though. Just in case you are baffled by my mention of Justice.


  • admin

    When I lived in Singapore, there was an office in the PSA Building where all relevant newspapers were read and “interesting” articles were clipped. It was a huge effort involving many people.

    They even clipped an article about my wife, and I was called on the carpet by my then colleague, Alan Ow of IRAS, questioning me on HER income.

    If the Singapore Government was willing and able to devote such resources to newspapers, searching websites would be a much easier task. I think it is obvious that Singapore is monitoring a lot more than just the Temasek Review (TR).

  • Jim


    I know for a fact that the ISD has an intelligence gathering unit with its office in one of the buildings along Beach Road. On any given day, most of the intel officers are never in the office (their’s is almost a field job with little time at the desk except for report writing).

    I had a friend (an ex-army colleague (officer) during NS days) who went to Thailand in late 70’s for some missionary work. There were street protests and riots against the military government there at that time, and during one of thee protests, he had stood to watch the event as it occurred around his location. Upon his subsequent return to Singapore he was called up by ISD within a few days to explain what he was doing at the street riots in Thailand! My friend was dumbfounded and flabbergasted ! His words to me were “WE HAVE A SECRET POLICE IN OPERATION”.

    We all knew that army officers have been closely watched and monitored by the authorities since the early 70’s, but we didn’t know that the intelligence resources were so far reaching. They were willing to send a bunch of goonies on a long holiday overseas at public expense. It was, therefore, no surprise, when Francis Seow commented that ISD officers were on his trail 24/7 and even followed him all the way to the US.

  • Jim

    I had a friend whose husband, Tjong Yik Min, was the director of the ISD during Francis Seow’s incarceration there. Being sympathetic towards Seow’s political plight, and knowing him to be a class one intellect (a credible fellow who could hold his own in any one on one storming session with LKY) he had accorded him fair treatment with great respect and courtesy being shown this gentleman of all politicians.

    After Seow’s release, Tjong was “transferred” out from ISD to head an IT unit within the SPH Group, a cloaked operation akin to a false flag operation. He was there to only warm the seat, with the unit subsequently closed down and Tjong faded out into oblivion. This guy was a top class scholar (engineer by training) and he could have held high offices in the PAP’s top political echelon. But alas, he was viewed as non-complaint in maintaining the PAP roughshod tactics and bearing. He was not a Yes Man.

  • Jim


    It seems http://www.temasekreview.com has become accessible to Singtel and all internet users again. I wonder what bug was planted (by the ISD) during the window period of black out.

    Meanwhile I am trying to get hold of a copy of the book “The Fajar Generation”.


  • Jim

    (a) Anon, (b) quss13, (c) lee hsien tau, (d) Political Salesman, (e) Justice

    Perhaps you all may be interested to view the video in this website :


    Go ahead. Watch it if you have the time.

    (Admin, you may want to give it a go too if time permits).

    Regards to all.

  • Jim:
    Thanks, I watched the film – excellent.

  • anon

    Hey Jim,

    It was a brilliant film.Thanks.

  • Because I cannot take the kind of ‘shadow harassment’ and fled the cuntry, they cannot but feel the need to track me down, to the extent of even checking ‘my good friend’, Osama bin Laden. 🙂