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Corporate America incites Town Hall Meeting violence « Getting at the truth

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Corporate America incites Town Hall Meeting violence


Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting

I received an email from someone who calls himself Dr.  Jolley who forwarded an email from Jeanette Nordstrom of the National Center for Policy Analysis .

The subject of Ms. Nordstrom’s email was “Free Our Healthcare NOW!  Update,” and stated “Say NO!  to government run health care!

Ms. Nordstrom’s email contained links to four PDF files on questions to ask at Town Hall Meetings.  These included:

  1. A 33 page list giving the time and place of forthcoming Town Hall Meetings.
  2. A list of “Obama Care Talking Points”
  3. Three pages of Answers to the Nancy Pelosi/White House Talking Points.
  4. Questions for Town Hall Meetings with questions like, “Why punish working families at a time when so many are hurting?”

I checked further.

The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) www.ncpa.org claims to be a “nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization.”

But is it?

For starters, the NCPA is financed by conservative foundations, including the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the (infamous) Sarah Scaife Foundation, the Earhart Foundation the Armstrong Foundation, and good old nonpartisan ExxonMobil.

Among its claims to fame the NCPA brought together prominent members of the (George W) Bush Administration (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz) in the late 1990s to articulate their neoconservative foreign policy, including sending a letter to President Bill Clinton urging him to invade Iraq.

NCPA’s Chairman, Pierre Samuel “Pete” du Pont, IV, is a member of the Republican Party, and served three terms as US  Representative from Delaware and two terms as Governor of Delaware.  “Pete” is from the famous and powerful du Pont family.  Their company, E.  I.  du Pont de Nemours and Company, was initially established as a gunpowder manufacturer and continues in this business today.

So is NCPA really a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization?

No!  It is a well-financed tool of Corporate America, currently inciting violence at Town Hall Meetings.

Corporate America does not care that the per capita cost of health care in the US is double that of the UK and 2 1/2 times that of France, or that people in France and England live longer, or that infant mortality is higher in the US than in France or England. Do those Town Hall Meeting advocates against government health care understand that?

Apparently not.

Are they for more dead babies, a shorter lifespan, more costly health care hurting themselves and small businesses, or are they for the pharmaceutical giants, the insurers, and the people who brought you the Iraq war?

Why are so many Americans being stampeded by the likes of the NCPA, and shooting themselves in the foot?

The answer is the greed of Corporate America.

2 comments to Corporate America incites Town Hall Meeting violence

  • Nancy Seaberg

    Jeannette Nordstrom is the wife of NCPA President, John Goodman. They do not care about people. Corporate greed is what they worship. Oh, yes, and power.

    • admin

      Nancy – Thanks for the comment. We did not know that Jeannette Nordstrom is the wife of NCPA President, John Goodman. You are absolutely correct. These people are immoral. The current version of the health care bill has no public option, and will force close to 50 million Americans to sign up with the heath insurance companies. Disgraceful!