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Singapore Government bigot Thio Le-ann takes the cowards’ way out « Getting at the truth

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Singapore Government bigot Thio Le-ann takes the cowards’ way out


Thio (blue arrow) smiling as PM Lee praises her

Thio (blue arrow) smiling as PM Lee praises her

When the New York University (NYU) law school faculty voted to appoint Professor Thio Li-Ann as a visiting professor, they claimed not to be aware of her strong speech against homosexuality in the Singapore Parliament in Oct 2007.

Once the law school faculty was aware of Thio’s biased rant, they did not withdraw the offer because the offer was “based on the strength of her previous works as a scholar.”

That is like saying even though you found out someone you were going to hire is a killer, you continue to extend the offer because of the killer’s “previous good work as a scholar.”

This charade was the work of NYU Dean, Professor Richard Revesz, who is from Argentina.

Thio has stated that homosexuality is a “gender identity disorder,” that “a moral wrong cannot be a human right” and compared homosexual sodomy to “shoving a straw up your nose to drink.”

In 2008, Thio supported the imposition of a $15,000 fine on a free-access Singaporean television channel for presenting a gay couple and their child as a family unit.

Thio has coined the catchy phrase, “diversity is not a license for perversity.”  She made this statement in her now famous speech.

In stating her position to criminalize homosexuality, Thio had the full backing of the Singapore government. Singapore Prime Minister Lee spoke in support of Thio’s position against homosexuality. Lee pointed out that homosexuals are not considered to be a minority in Singapore, and, therefore, have no minority rights. Thio sat smiling on the back benches, as smiling Prime Minister Lee heaped praise upon her.

Thio has now sent out a strongly worded 18-page rebuttal to the entire NYU law faculty, stating:

  • I am a little tired of the torrent of abuse and defamation that I have been receiving and blatant emotive misrepresentations of my position. [Misrepresentations?]
  • What I object to is the coloring of any principled moral opposition to homosexuality as “bigoted” and ignorance or “hatred”. [Thio misused the quote signs – some professor!]
  • Let’s be tolerant but not tolerate whom we consider intolerant. That is totalitarianism by any other name. [Getting a little wonky, here.]
  • ‘I am tired of this obsessive and narcissistic obsession with ONE of the speeches I made during my 2.5 years tenure in Parliament. [Just like, “I murdered only once”]
  • But just reflect on how this makes me feel. I do not feel welcomed as a person; I feel unfairly treated and greatly disrespected. [We would have loved to really disrespect you in New York.]

Somehow, I feel no sympathy for this nutty bitch.

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