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Singapore taken over by the U.S. for bailout money? « Getting at the truth

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Singapore taken over by the U.S. for bailout money?

Ho Ching's unnecessary humiliation at the announcement of her replacement by Charles Goodyear IV

Ho Ching (left), Charles Goodyear IV (right)

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s Minister Mentor was successful in dealing with the Japanese during their occupation of Singapore, successful in disengaging with Malaysia, and successful in booting the British out of Singapore.

It is ironic, that in the winter of Lee Kuan Yew’s political life and career, that his very own Temasek Holdings has lost billions of dollars, under the supervision of his daughter-in-law, Ho Ching.

Ho Ching has been charged with incompetence over certain of Temasek’s investments, particularly the investment in Merrill Lynch. However, IN LIFE, we cannot assume that Ho Ching is entirely stupid.

Charles "Chip" Goodyear IV

Charles Goodyear IV

In Lee Kuan Yew’s own media-controlled newspaper, The Straits Times, there is the photo of Ho Ching, who is made to sit next to the ‘New CEO’ of Temasek Holdings – Chip Goodyear IV. (Mr. Goodyear is an alumni of Yale University, a member of the Skulls and Bones society, the birthplace of the CIA).

The tar and feathering of Ho Ching, in public with a photo-op was most embarrassing, especially by Asian standards.

The unnecessary shaming of Ho Ching was permitted by Lee Kuan Yew who, one would assume, has absolute control over the city state. One would also assume, that Lee Kuan Yew would have replaced Ho Ching with one of his trusted cronies, as it would be so much easier to control his own person, than an American.

Does anyone really believe that Charles (Chip) Goodyear IV fell off a turnip truck, and just happened to land the job as head of Temasek?

An American, at the control panel of Lee Kuan Yew’s Temasek?

An American who would be privy to the knowledge of the management and assets of Temasek?

Singaporeans are baffled by Lee Kuan Yew’s choice of a replacement for Ho Ching.

Since when did Lee Kuan Yew allow someone else, outside of his own family, a foreigner and an American, to be in charge of his business?

Had the decision already been made for Lee Kuan Yew by the U.S., with the result that the  CIA’s boy, Charles Goodyear IV will be in control of Temasek?

Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew may well be “owned” by America, making the city-state something of a 51st state, but without the benefits.

Does anyone wonder why Ho Ching bought the Merrill Lynch shares, just BEFORE Merrill tanked? The entire financial world knew that Merrill was going under. Certainly Ho Ching knew.

Does everyone believe that Ho Ching is totally daft? Or that she is working and thinking on her own with Tamasek’s investments of billions of dollars?

Ho Ching’s bad investments through Temasek, may well have been forced by the U.S., as Singapore’s contribution to the bailout of America – and more bailout money is still needed, Singapore.

Is it “Welcome to Singapore, CIA?”

67 comments to Singapore taken over by the U.S. for bailout money?

  • George

    Kah Nin Nah why are you swearing at me calling me a thug? Sorry, I am not swearing at you but just addressing you by your filthy name.

    Please dont’ insult the intelligence of other readers here. Look at the pathethic name you use here. And you dare to label me (and the others) as thugs? Only a thug would a name such as Kah Nin Nah.

    And your other name of He Zhaoshen is, is very China Nationalistic by the way. Were you born in China? Even Mr Lee Kuan Yew in promoting the use of Hanyu Pinyin Mandarin among Chinese in Singapore did not change his name to a one reflecting more Chinese Nationalism than Singaporean. Most Chinese Singaporeans still retain their Singaporeaness in them by retaining their romanticise Chines names, a trait which is very pecular and characteristic of overseas Chinese. And before you jump the gun to attack my name let me preclude you by saying that I didnt take on this name myself. If was given and registered in NRO by my father. And don’t you dare draw my dad into the picture as he’s got nothing to do with your pathetic plight in this forum.

    You should blame yourself for sinking to such a low level and uttering incoherent nonsense at this forum, whether through your China name of He Zhaoshen or the gangster swearing name of Kah Nin Nah.

    You are a pathetic sight.

  • Jim

    Hey, Mr J. Harding, I missed reading your little thank you note above. You’re most welcome. Its my duty to reveal the truth, and it has been my pleasure in disclosing to you that Hokkien swear language which He Zhaoshen used.

    I think if the opportunity exists for your wife to have a cursory glance at that name she would probably shake her head in disgust.


  • Jim

    And by the way Mr J. Harding, you may want to avail of one very interesting article appearing at the website : Leewatch.info. entitled ” Ex-Director Wants Lee Kuan Yew to Undo the “damage” Done To His Reputation”.

    You may want to click on Mr Yoong Siew Wah’s original blog entry to get a fuller picture of his short essay. There is no point in clicking on the link to Temasek Review on that page – it has been removed by the site operator.

    Interesting facts. Happy reading.

  • He Zhaoshen

    I confess that I lost my cool in my exchange with John Harding and gang. I started losing my cool when they began to attack me on the personal level. I was thoughtless enough, I admit, in emailing http://www.onlinecitizen.com.sg via cc instead of bcc. And the people who jumpwedin on John Harding’s side at his website were prbably regular subscriberas of the onlinecitizen.com.sg , an anti PAP site based in Singapore. Where I went amiss was to lose control of myself when they implicitly made fun of my stature. Ihave never met JH in perason nor he me. So there’s no way that he told them about my background. I know at least half of the people who are now on the Editirial Board of the onlinecitizen.com as well as a long time friend since Primary School days. I would feelvery, very let down if indeed this lon time friend had told them about my short stature. If you had read the postings of the people in the last few days, the Johns’, the Lim anf George, they evidently were told that I have a ‘dwarfish’ stature. But I’m not a dwarf as the specialist doctors my father took me to see assured him and me. My condition has been diagnosed as a-typical achondroplaesia, i.e. a malfunctioning of the pituitary glands when I was a young boy. No-one on both my parnts’s side had this condition. And you’ve met my children and know they are normal. All my 6 lovely grandchildren are also normal. I’m just the odd one to be the ‘runt’ in the family. It’s cruel of a man like JH from the United States of America, a First World Country that so often interferes in the affairs of other countries on the ground of violation of human rights, to allow the malicious postings of his friends at his site.It only shows what kind of a person JH is. He has a personal grudge against the PAP and in particular LKY. And I know the people who attacked LKY online by making irrelevant and very unkind remarks about LKY’s ‘albino’ grandson are, perhaps, the same people who implcitly make fun of my stature. They have said in their postings at JH’s website that the fact that I deliberately refused to tell them if I had done my ‘national service’ stint justoified their conclusion that sth. must be wrong about me. But the fact is that ‘National Service’ was not yet introduced when I finished my O-Level or the Overseas Senior Cambridge Examination and my Teacher’s Training College in 1965. So I and people my generation ‘escaped’having to do National Service.But my brother who is 2 years younger, had to do two-and-a-half years of National Service when he graduated from the University of Singapore located at Bukit Timah.

    So Kong-Wei, no I’m not vengeful or possessed of hate just because the JH camp had tried to downsize me by poking fun at my short stature. I know God although I know I’m a sinner. And, that I will only have salvation by the Grace of God. So thank you and continue to pray for me. I know with my God at my side I will prevail.

  • He Zhaoshen

    “Justice is as strictly due between neighbor nations as between neighbor citizens. A highwayman is as much a robber when he plunders in a gang as when single; and a nation that makes an unjust war is only a great gang”: Benjamin Franklin to Benjamin Vaughan, 14 March 1785 (B 11:16-7)

    John Harding and his pack of ‘hyenas’, ‘hynenas because they find courage only in numbers and seek refuge in safety afforded by distance, kindly note, you who are devotees of all that is white and western, that the reputation of the U.S is now at the lowest in the scheme of things. Americans are hated everywhere in Asia and some parts of the Western World. So the miscegenated Johns’, George, and other ‘white’ asiatics would do well to take note lest they be mistakenly ‘clobbered for being ‘whiter’ than white. You miscegenated devotees of Western Culture make better locomotion crawling before your white god than walking upright on your two hind limbs. So sad, very, very sad, really.

  • admin

    Sorry – I have no “pack of hyenas.” The comments are indicative of Singapore’s sorry state – millions of imported workers, and declining exports.

  • Low

    Mr He Zhaoshen, don’t be mistaken. I have never made fun of your personal looks or stature. In fact I don’t even know who you are as a person and how you look like. I only engaged you in what I would like to treat as gentlemen’s debate on the web that’s all. I have never surf that website you mentioned (citizenonline.com.sg) and I certainly don’t know what the sentiments there are like. But thanks for letting readers here know that it is one of the anti-PAP site. Nah, I don’t think I will want to set foot there. However, I do occassionally surf another site http://www.Leewatch.info which has very interesting articles on our MM Mr Lee Kuan Yew, everything you want to know about him and his family, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And its not a malicious site don’t worry. Go try and take a cursory look and you will not regret it Mr He.

    Anyway, I am sorry if I caused you any harm. If I did it certainly was accidental. There was no malice on my part, for in the first place I had no knowledge whatsoever on your medical or physiological condition. Believe me, when I questioned you on the national service stuff it was purely on the patriotic platform, i.e. for all the patriotism you displayed I wanted to know whether you had served your stint. If your answer had been a yes then we would have been on equal grounds. But if it was a no then my intention was to chide you for questioning my loyalty and patriotism that’s all. It is unfortunate and purely coincidental that I had accidentally touched on a “vulnerable” area. Please accept my humble apologies.

    As you can see from my various rebuttals to you in my earlier postings, I have always maintained a gentleman’s approach, although at times I may have used stronger language on you which now, knowing the things you courageously disclosed about yourself, I regret. You should also remember that I had maintained a controlled and courteous stand towards you and accorded you with considerable respect even though you were my adversary in the ensuing debate. I had, as a mark of civility, never used any base, foul or profane language, or any derogatory remarks on you.

    Also, I do not know Mr Harding personally or otherwise, and I certainly am not acquainted with your friend Kong-Wei (whom you just mentioned) because I have never surfed the said website mentioned by you. And I think that you should not rashly jump to the conclusion that your friend or friends have done you in. Perhaps it may be wiser to have a chat with them first before you draw your conclusion on your frineds. It may be a case of mistaken belief, which I honestly think it is. Also, I do not know about the other writers who have spoken up against you on this forum.

    It;s a good thing you write in with the disclosure because I am sure those other writers who were poking fun of you, more in jest than with any attached malice, after having known your background would have been surprised and perhaps feel sorry for the hurt they have unknowingly caused you.

    Do not be disheartened. Life is full of mystery and purpose. I believe there is a purpose for each and every individual to be born in this world. And until we find our purpose and destiny, life can never be peaceful because we are always engaged in some form of activity, either this or that. It has become a very acceptable adage now to say that everything that happens, happens for a reason. So maybe you, me, Mr Harding, and the others, were drawn into this website by divine force so that we can learn and gain some useful experience from this episode. I certainly have learned something here, for which I thank you for helping me get some ‘enlightenment’ on the viscosity of life.

    I wish you well Mr He Zhaoshen.

  • He Zhaoshen

    Mr.Low, given what you’ve said, it remains a mystery to me that you should enter the fray between me and JH. Please tell me why. You need not apologise. Knowing that you are a Singaporean and a gentleman compensate for the pain I had endured.

    I got into a quarrel with JH because he sent me 2 unsolicited e-mail on the Goodyear episode. I took exception with the ‘things’he said in thar article because there was not an iota of truth about Singapore being coerced into helping to bail out Lehman Bank and UBS. UBS is not an American set-up. So there’s no logic that the U.S.should coerce Singapore into helping a Swiss Bank. Also you and I know it’s not true that Singapore is now the 52nd State of the U.S. I responded to Harding’s article the way I did because of what I had read in the press about common people who’ve had lost their life-savings through investing in ‘products’ initiated by American financial institutions such as the Lehman Banks. You will also remember that it was reported that the CEO’s of these failed financial institutions were paid bonuses from ‘bailout money’. Knowing you now to be a sensible person, tell me how you felt upon reading such reports in the press. And by press here I do not mean the Straits Times. I subscribe to many online newspapers in Australia, America and Great Britain. So this is how I stay abreast of developments in differnt parts of the world. But please tell me why, in the first place you entered the ‘fray’ between me

  • He Zhaoshen

    And once again, Mr. Low, while composing my response online at this site my writing is suddenly ‘wiped out’ by some ghost. And I have to re-write all over again. Do you think the Administrrator of this site is a ‘gentleman’? Like the snake-oil salesmen of corporate America who had had caused the U.S almost to become a failed state and untold sufferings to innocent people who were unfortunate enough to have invested in products linked to the Lehman Bank and several other American banks or financial institutions, JH had tried to distract the attention of Singaporeans by attributing the losses incurred by unfortunate Singaporeans to incompetence on the part of our financial institutions like the Temasek Holdings and the GIC. You and I may not always agree with the Government on some of the policies introduced. And we, as citizens, have every right to do so. But when it is clear to us that some people with personal agenda against our Government are doing things to destabilise our society we must do what we must as Citizens of Singapore. If we do not stand up for our Nation when these unscrupulous foreigners are doing harm to us, then they will take us for granted just as they had done in the past. As for the other Lim,Tan and George who came in a pack to try to savage me, I’ve yet to know their agenda. It is ironical that Asians

  • He Zhaoshen

    and again my writing has been interrupted. And I have re-start again. You see, Mr. Low, when you have the truth on your side that is when your dishonest opponent fears you, like JH in this instance. And JH will try, using his expertise as an IT expert, to subvert your attempt at exposing his real intention, which is, to cause problem for the Singapore Establishment even though in the process he is going to cause hurt and pain to many innocent and simple Singaporeans. But we must not allow this to happen. On occasions like this we should put our differences aside for the time being and stand shoulder to shoulder against the foreign enemy. JH may have his personal reason for his pathological hatred against the Singapore Establishment and LKY in particular. But why do it at great cost to the innocent, common Singaporeans at large? This where JH irks my ire. I hope this e-mail clears the air for us both. I appreciate the effort you’ve put in to explain ‘things’ your end. Likewise I wish you all the best in whatever it is that you are trying to do as a decent human being. Thank you for clarifying and do take care. Zhaoshen

  • He Zhaoshen

    As for Mr. Lim, he reminds me of one occasion I had the privilege to witness at first hand. A servile and eager-to-curry-favour Singaporean was desperately trying to impress his English Boss with his opinion and suggestions when he was abruptly told, in the presence of his fellow Asian colleagues, by the English Boss that when the servile Asian subordinate’s opinion was needed, he would be asked for it. Although I had nothing to do with the people involved on the occasion, I squirmed at what I heard. I have always felt pissed off by Asians who prostrate themselves before the white men who’ve had exploited us Asians for a long time. For this reason I’m so pleased that an Afro-American is now holding the highest office in the ‘Land of the fleeced and the Home of the knaves.’ Of course I do understand why JH is now against America. The truth is he would not have been against America had Hillary Clinton or McCain won the Presidential Election which then shows up JH to be indubitably a white racist. Of course he will protest against this charge of mine by countering that if what I had said were valid, how is it that he has an Oriental for a wife? Well my answer to that pre-supposed question would be that when it comes to matters under the purview of Cupid, then only Cupid would have the explanation. For the time being I guess we have to be satified with the explanation that when it comes to matters of the heart, oftentime the head gives way.

  • Jim

    First thing first.

    He Zhaoshen, by your comment on “Lim” I take it to mean “Jim” which is me, and I would like to provide you the appropriate reply. I am am sorry to learn from your post above that you had a medical condition. It is not true that I chose to attack that weak spot of yours and taunt you over it deliberately. I had no knowledge whatsoever regarding your physical body. And nobody ever contacted me to inform me about your condition.

    The reason why I chose to focus on the national service issue was that I had noticed from your writings you tried to avoid the subject, which of course gave me the impression that you were either older than the 18 years of age mandatory requirement when NS was first enforced in 1967, or you ’emigrated’ elsewhere to avoid doing and then come back decades later to just pay a compounded fine, which some unworthy young men did. The latter, in my opinion, would have been the most unpatriotic thing to do.

    I had, on most occassions, made my literary ‘attack’ on you through sarcasm with a little tinge of humour in it with the view of making the postings here lighter in weight and more fun in reading. That anecdotal part regarding the escaped Woodbridge patient was meant for fun reading. Surely you didnt believe that I was dead serious on that one?

    Also, like I said in my first response, I had not earlier engaged myself in making any contribution to the forum here although I have been following developments for some time. It was your avoidance of the national service issue which sort of sparked off my response because I felt that a lot of us male citizens have gone through it. I had no fore-knowledge that you had not done or was excused from doing national service. The issue was meant to impugn your claim of patriotism, not to taunt a medical condition suffered by you of which I had no prior knowledge of.

    I hope that satisfy you. And now we must all move on.

    Mr Low – As you have pointed out earlier that you occassionally surf the website Leewatch.info, I wonder whether you have read a fairly recent article there entitled ” Ex-ISD Director wants Lee Kuan Yew to undo the “damage” done to his reputation” ? Its a post taken from an article in ex-ISD Director, Mr Yoong Siew Wah’s blog (a hyper link is provided to this blog for details of his essay). Its provides rather interesting material, and Mr Yoong,undoubtedly, is a rather eloquent speaker and writer in the mould of Mr Francis Seow and Mr Lee Kuan Yew.


  • Low


    No, I haven’t visited the said website for some time now. But thanks for highlighting the mentioned article, I agree without any reservation your comment that Mr Yoong Siew Wah is an accomplished and eloquent speaker and writer, among other things that he is capable of. I will drop a line there when it is convenient for me to do so at a later time. Thanks again.

    Mr He Zhaoshen,

    This is in reply to your query as to why I joined in the debate between you and Mr Harding. I had been following the exchange of correspondence between the two of you on the subject of interest and could see the divergent views there. However, your various comments on the achievements of our government (under the helm of MM Mr Lee Kuan Yew) appeared to me to have gone overboard, while at the same instance, your misguided view that many foreigners are out to create political chaos in our system seemed to have grown stronger without incontrovertible proof, except for some minor circumstantial events happening here and there.

    As you appeared to me to be presenting a very unbalanced approach to the merits of the argument, I thought that it was an opportune time for me to make some address of my own to counter what, in my view, was an incorrect perception you have of our government. There is a substantial difference between impression and perception. You see impression is only a cursory view of opinon while perception is an impression that has been transformed into a belief system. A person with a certain perception of things when coming into contact with a different or opposing set of views will tend to react adversely and become defensive because he equates them as an attack on his belief system. And that is why we should always receive the views of others with an open mind, and it is only with this sort of disposition that we are able to avail ourselves to other sources of views. When we have many divergent views (or options) we have the benefit of a wider perspective to look at the alternatives. It’s like choosing a colour. If you had only two colours to choose from, say red and blue. your option would only either be red OR blue, both of which may not have been your prefered choice. But if more shades of colours were presented to you besides the red and blue, you could have chosen, say, for instance, the colour purple. Can you see the difference on the two choices you have just made – one which was not the optimum and the other more relective of your personality. And so I say perception is exactly like choosing a colour.

    I was trying to get you to widen your horizon and not cast your periscope only in one direction. However, I may have started on a wrong footing and the rest is now history. I hope the explanation can help you put the matter to rest.

    Following what I have narrated above, I would add that we should not take events and occurences merely at their face value, if our intention is to understand how and why they happen. A lot of political events that takes place carries a double-face, with under currents that sometimes escape even the most discerning eye. The appearance at the surface may have a totally different complexion below. And politicians are the best practitioners of this art.

    Having said that, we can all look back to some of the news of a political nature that happened in Singapore, and re-look them with a more inquisitive mind, taking into account the elements of “means, motive, and opportunity” (meaning to indentify who benefited from those events (if they are any). Here are some examples for instance :

    a) Mr Phey Yew Kok’s sudden disappearance from the radar screen after he had made an admission of guilt in committing fraud on Live TV in a late night telecast (he was at the time the Secretary General of the National Trade Union Congress – the NTUC). Who benefited from this (if any)?

    b) Mr Francis Seow’s sudden downward spiralling of political fortune after intially being slated f(unofficially) for very high political office by the PAP leadership. He was at that time the government’s Solicitor General. With his
    strong command of language and eloquence in speech (and writing) he was cetainly capable of holding his own and was rated within the same mould as Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It was envisaged that he would eventually enter politics and subsequently hold a high cabinet position, a very probable successor to the prime minister. Unfortunately he too, fell off the radar screen. Why would the PAP leadership allow such a good thinker and talker to slip through its net while it was out scouting for future leaders of such calibre? Again, who benefited from Mr Seow’ downfall (if any) ?

    c) Mr Devan Nair’s ignominious sudden fall from grace, from the highest office in the land, as the President of Singapore, to the lowest doldrum of civilised society – an alcoholic without a lucid mind, as we were told. His was the sad story of the greatest irony that was never told. From a position as Secretary -General of the NTUC, being its supreme leader and wielding enormous political power given the strong worker support that went with the position, he was given a cloaked appointment, being elevated to the position of President of the nation, one which did not hold any political power at the time. It was, in the eyes of the more educated electorate, a public relations post more ceremonial than anything else. Gone was his power base of being able to amass a commanding figure of electoral votes of 600,000 (rough approximate) belonging to union members. If indeed, it was true that he was not having a lucid mind as the government contended, then it would make sense why he would want to switch from a position of power to one wearing a ceremonial outfit. However, it could also mean that, perhaps, he had been coaxed into accepting the switch during his bouts of stupor. But what if all these about his penchant for intoxication was not true? Then he would have been a victim of conspirer(s) from the day he held office till the day of his eventual political downfall. Again we ask, who benefited from this (if any)? For this particular case, we have to backtrack a little to see what Mr Nair’s alignment was at that time, i.e. whether he had any divergent views and disagreement with the policies of the PAP government. I will leave you or any reader at this forum, whose imagination may have been fired up, to perform this task. No, this is not a wake up call. It’s a proposition of an alternative that’s all.

    The above, then, are some instances, which, when re-examined under a microscope (and juxtaposing them with the objective of seeking for signs showing a common trend if, indeed, any exists) our original opinion of what had happened would change and, perhaps, in the process enable us to develop a clearer and more enlightened perception of things.

    There are many other examples, but their inclusion would constitute a very lengthy essay here. So maybe, perhaps, some other time.

  • John Tan

    I haven’t had the time to get on line at this site for a couple of says. It seems a lot has happened since my last posting.

    Ok, Mr He Zhaoshen, I will not post any rebuttal to you since you have made known your physical medical problems to me via your posting above. I will let it pass all those uncalled for base remarks which you made about me, by attaching me with such lowly names, etc. They are waters under the bridge now. Forgive and forget. It’s the right time for me to practise this.

    Yes, I’ve had medical training but pyschiatry is neither my area of interest nor expertise, and I am not making a living practising this trade but actually running a family business.

    On an aside, Mr He Zhaoshen, I would like to advise you to seriously consider going for a medical check up because you have displayed signs of some imbalance on your mental make-up (a lot of pent up anger which is looking for opportunity to be released) which explained why you reacted the way you did, which I am sure you could not understand yourself on retrospect. I am telling you this from an ethical viewpoint, taking a leaf from the medical code of ethics which all medical professionals have to abide although I am not a practitioner as such. I will not allude any further on this as firstly, I have no certification to practise this trade (so its only a qualified opinion on my part), and secondly, this is a third party channel and therefore, very inappropriate to discuss such a matter.

    I wish you all the best.

  • masterservant

    suggest all of you look into the link below and tell me otherwise.
    lky has always avocate for us interest in asia, i don’t know why.
    since he is such a great fan of uncle sam, why did he bother to enter china and invest so much money in soozhou industrial park, surely he is not blind and the chinese must be saying, great, here comes a frog and lackey of uncle sam our great enemy.
    surely when he protested over the another same park next door to the chinese, they would have replied, “you walk in with your eyes wide open” what to complain.