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More on the Talented Mr. Goodyear (of Singapore’s Temasek)… « Getting at the truth

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Mary Bancroft – Master Spy

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More on the Talented Mr. Goodyear (of Singapore’s Temasek)…

Goodyear Capital Corp. Headquarters

The headquarters of Mr. Goodyear's Goodyear Capital Corporation in Louisiana

Thousands of people have read my last post on the possibility that Charles W. Goodyear IV, new head of Temasek, is an impostor.

In addition, I have sent out hundreds of emails to all the right people, the Singapore Government, Temasek, the U.S. Embassy in Singapore, various news outlets, even to the Drudge report.

You would think that such a supposedly important individual as Charles Waterhouse Goodyear IV would leave tracks all over the Internet – especially with such an unusual name.

The fact that the information on Mr. Goodyear is scanty raises doubts. What little there is on the Internet raises even more doubts.

Goodyear Capital Corporation Headquarters

Goodyear Capital Corporation Headquarters in Louisiana

During the period 1997 – 1999, Mr. Goodyear worked for Goodyear Capital Corporation, of which he was President and sole owner. It was his company.

Often people claim they were working for their own company, or were a “consultant,” they were actually unemployed. It fills a gap in their resume.

Goodyear Capital Corporation was incorporated by the talented Mr. Goodyear in the state of Louisiana on Oct. 28, 1996.

The state of Louisiana revoked the charter of Goodyear Capital Corporation on Feb. 21, 2006.

In Louisiana, corporations have their charters revoked as punishment for failing to file required corporate reports with the state of Louisiana for a period of 3 years. There is no other reason.

Since Goodyear Capital Corporation was in existence for only 3 years, Mr. Goodyear of Singapore’s Temasek never filed his corporate reports. The talented Mr. Goodyear just walked away from his business. Out the door and gone!

Goodyear Capital Corporation Corporate Charter

Goodyear Capital Corporation Corporate Charter (click for larger image)

Goodyear Capital Corporation’s office, according to its corporate charter, was at 985 Walker Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the address of a tiny run-down house in a very inexpensive neighborhood, in an out-of-the-way part of town – the ideal spot for a CIA safe house.

How did the Singapore Government check out Mr. Goodyear’s background?

This is a critical issue of national security for Singapore.

Given the questions about the talented Mr. Goodyear’s origins and background, let us hope that the Singapore Government decides to appoint one of their own citizens as head of Temasek to guard their national treasure.

Who is Charles Waterhouse Goodyear IV?

34 comments to More on the Talented Mr. Goodyear (of Singapore’s Temasek)…

  • Sei ES

    You have done quite of lot of research on this topic. But, most of the Internet resources are not 100% reliable. Also, there are too many people with same name. More concrete evidence is needed to be more convincing. Chief Executive Officer, BHP Billiton plc is an important position. Surely there will be lots of business dealings and should be known to the business circle. It would not be easy to fake. Anyway, you postings are interesting for reading.

  • admin

    Too many people with the same name? With a name like Charles Waterhouse Goodyear IV – you must be kidding! The evidence on Goodyear Capital Corporation’s headquarters is concrete, and based on state of Louisiana records. Goodyear’s “headquarters” is the American equivalent of a zinc house in a kampong. With Goodyear in place, Singapore will be sending a lot of investment funds to the U.S. – a big help in Washington’s bailout.

  • redbean

    interesting info you got here john. from all the official info releases, chip goodyear is an extremely wealthy man. i will expect him to live in a huge estate.

    if that was his office, your theory becomes meaningful.

  • shadesOfGrey

    great investigative pieces John! makes me worry thinking WTF is going on. Grand thieves of PAP who pilfered and plundered blood and sweat monies of Singaporeans are now being robbed instead. Pity Singaporeans who voted a bunch of robbers as legislators…wait…i,d rather pity a dog with a broken leg than Singaporeans. they had a chance for change and transparency during GE of 2006 but they chose wrong.

  • When the Singapore government knows how you vote, when the upgrade of your housing estate depends on voting for the PAP, it is easy to make the wrong choice.

  • Hi John,

    Your article on the the CEO of Temasek has been circulating much here.I just did a search on Chip, and found this article easily. but u failed to mention this part of his resume. Does it mean BHP is also hoodwinked or this is something more insidious in his appointment there as well?


  • admin

    Chris – I have no idea (yet) of what happened at BHP. Am trying to find out. The strange thing is that no one, at least no one in authority, has come out with any information to clarify the identity of Charles “Chip” W. Goodyear IV. This causes my insidious meter to rise…

  • Chris

    Hi john, thanks for the reply. Just wodering if there is an email that i can email anyhting to you, cos it may be some comments or the likes which i do not wish for it to be published.

  • googler

    Hey. Forbes says that the Billionton CWG4 is from the goodyear family, an indirect descendant of the tyre clan.


  • admin

    Googler, We agree, but WHO is the other CWG4? Does this one really look like he’s in his 70s? Check Wikipedia, and compare that with the family tree on this site. Thanks.

  • Oh good, hardly any Singaporean is interested in an investigation of this nature “for the general good”, except perhaps those Govt-employed “Defence Executive Officers” of the Net. Obedience, my friend, is the key to a nation’s ‘world-class success’, right down to cowering subservience or even apathy if need be – cos success (on the exterior) is EVERYTHING! AS a Singaporean, I am merely divulging what’s general (albeit unspoken) Singaporean knowledge; though within home grounds, kinder synonyms are required for personal (professional) prospects. Make that imperative, unless one has no fear of that ‘midnight knock on the door’ – whose anagram is oddly – ISA! Ha, what do we Singaporeans know, except for what the instructional Straits Times tells us. I’m even tempted to call our daily newspaper the ‘bible for living AND THNKING’ in Singapore’, whose unwritten Commandments are far deadlier than the Christians’ big Ten. Bless. Come live in Uniquely Singapore to know.

  • admin

    I’ve lived in Singapore, and I know. You are spot on correct.

  • John, you the man.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought you’d be CIA or MI5 yourself. 🙂

    • admin

      Hsien Tau:
      Yes, working for the CIA or MI5 would have been nice – I could have used the money, and the career push – like Bill Clinton.

  • Now that the Singapore Govt. has devised a new tactic to fend off Internet criticism – “unreliable lies out there”, here’s one bankable truth that offers new insights every month. And it’s all based on LOGIC – something many Singaporeans have, not surprisingly, forgotten. This month’s topic – 666Singapore: Corruption Dismissed For Nation Building.
    (Again, all thanks to The Straits Times for providing ‘transparent clues’!)

  • We enjoy your writings on the “sheep” in Singapore. Thanks…

  • Charles Waterhouse Goodyear IV is the name of a man born in Bogalusa Louisiana and the decendant to the Goodyear Lumber family. They had a family home on the same street as the founder of the OSS and the man who’s brainchild was the CIA. Check out my blog for Goodyear family history. They still have a place in Abita Springs called Money Hill. Name fits. They are rich facist.

  • PS I don’t think the Goodyear in the law firm which Mr. CIA got his start out in life was a member of the same Goodyear family but it is worth looking into. Check out the OSS head’s first lawfirm and see the goodyear name in the same Buffalo new york where Frank Goodyear did roam the streets.

  • PS Do you live in United States or are you liviing where you get your money? IRAN?

  • admin

    Well, we know that there is a man named Charles W. Goodyear IV, but not of the same era as the Charles. W. Goodyear IV late of Temasek holdings.

    To answer your question, I don’t get my money from Iran, although the Temasek Goodyear scammed quite a bit of the American taxpayer’s money out of Iran.

    No, I am an American, and America is where my money comes from. My family has been in the United States since 1636. Yes, I am a real traceable person – not like the Temasek Goodyear, or yourself.


  • Seems the blog is quite recent.


    What’s the Goodyear family connection with CIA?

  • First question is what is the connection, if any, of Charles “Chip” Waterhouse Goodyear IV to the Goodyear family – given his age, I don’t see a connection. The CIA was always closely linked to wealthy WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) families from the northeast part of the United States. Although the Goodyear family fits that category, we didn’t pursue that aspect of the Goodyear family – our interest was only in Charles “Chip” Waterhouse Goodyear IV – maybe his name is not even Goodyear.

  • Bogalusa is in Louisiana?

    What would wealthy WASP want with covert operations?

    They run CIA like the mafia?

  • Bougalusa is in Louisiana.

    The CIA prefers to hire loyal employees. For this reason, it prefers White Anglo-Saxon Protestants from families of the eastern U.S. establishment. This practice brought those families close to the CIA with bonds of friendship and belief.

    So far as I know, I have met only one CIA operative – she was an elderly lady at the time, and was attending one of my computer classes. At a certain point, this well-dressed elderly lady said, “I can’t understand what the f**k you are talking about.”

    Her name was Mary Bancroft, she was a member of the family that owned the Wall Street Journal, and was in on the plot to kill Hitler. She invited me to dinner at her New York apartment to explain computers to another good friend of her’s – Woody Allen.

  • Woody Allen?

    That’s one character who’s possibly been involved in ‘covert operations’.

    The name ‘Mary Bancroft’ sounds familiar. Must be a common enough name? Don’t know if it’s familiar because I’ve come across it in spy fiction or real life? Possibly because of the WSJ connection? Or maybe because she an author?

    • admin

      I don’t think Woody was involved. Mary Bancroft knew everybody of importance in New York at the time. I put her book, Autobiography of a Spy, up on the left column of this site, if you are interested.

  • John,

    About Woody, I meant it half in jest. He does have the kind of behaviour (in films) that appear to have been affected by covert going-ons.

    About the book, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

    And it’s about the time of year? Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  • Woody – he’s not the spy type. Actually, when I had dinner with him, he had a very closed personality – not outgoing at all. Thank you Hsien Tau, and a Merry Christmas to you.

  • Yeah.

    Woody, closed personality notwithstanding, sure can attract (like you, perhaps) quite nice specimens of the opposite sex (Mia Farrow?).

  • John,

    The mention of Woody reminds me…..

    I read something about a film being made of ‘Escape from Paradise’?

  • Escape from Paradise is under option to Thunderball Films

  • Clown

    John, John, looks like you’ve been watching too much of the Mel Gibson movie, Conspiracy Theory. If you are apt at goggling, you would have found out what “Chip” was doing before he was approached by Temasek to head it last year.

    BHP, is a publicly listed company and do you think they will falsify records by stating that he did work for them as CDO & CEO?

    If you do think there was a conspiracy (that Chip was/is working for the CIA blah blah blah), why did he step down and not help SG channel all the funds as you think they wanted?

    Facts please and not just conjectures.

    • admin

      What I wrote about Goodyear IV were not conjectures, but questions based on facts. Yes, I think Mel Gibson would be ideal for the part of Goodyear IV.

  • admin

    We are pretty good at tracking people – but Waterhouse IV seems to have gone underground. The last rumor was that he would become CEO of BP – turned out to be another rumor about the shady Mr. Waterhouse IV.