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Is Charles “Chip” Goodyear IV an impostor? « Getting at the truth

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Is Charles “Chip” Goodyear IV an impostor?

Identity theft?

Charles "Chip" Goodyear IV

Charles Goodyear IV

Are there two Charles “Chip”  Goodyears? One was born in 1958, and the other in 1933! They even have the same parents! Can this be true, or is one of them an impostor? A CIA plant? You tell us, we can’t figure this one out!

We really can’t believe that Charles “Chip” Goodyear IV , the new head of Singapore’s giant investment company, Temasek, is an impostor BUT…

Goodyear has had an amazingly wonderful career, BUT…

He is an old east coast WASP, a descendant of the Goodyear lumber and railway family of New York and Pennsylvania (and an indirect descendant of the tire clan), BUT…

He has even been appointed to take over the reins of Tamasek, Singapore’s massive investment fund, BUT…

He is a graduate of Yale University, breeding ground for the skull and bones guys, and prime recruiting site for the CIA,  BUT…

Goodyear is listed in the Wikipedia, which states: born 18 January 1958, Parents: Charles W. Goodyear III (father), Mary E. Thompson (mother).

The BUT stops here

The Goodyear family has a genealogical web page (note, after this article was written, the web page was taken down). In it, is a wonderfully drawn genealogical tree – it was even copyrighted (see below).

As expected, Charles Goodyear IV, appears in the family tree as the son of Charles Goodyear III, and Mary E. Thompson. BUT, wait a second. In the family tree, Charles Goodyear’s birth date is given as September 22, 1933!!! Huh?

Does Charles Goodyear IV look like he’s 75 years old?

Can there possibly be two people named Charles Goodyear IV, with identically named parents???

Is Charles Goodyear IV, now head of Singapore’s gigantic investment fund, an impostor? Has he been given a new identity by the CIA? If so, move over Bernie Madoff, you’re yesterday’s news.

The Goodyear Family Tree – check the red arrow!
Click on image for larger version…

The Goodyear Family Tree

The final nail in the coffin

The final nail in the coffin comes via the official United States Social Security Death Index (SSDI). The SSDI contains all death records of American citizens going back to th 1800s. In the SSDI, we find that the dates in the Goodyear Family Genealogy are exactly the same as in the SSDI. This proves our contention that the real Charles Goodyear IV is 75 years old.


Social Security Death Index

18 comments to Is Charles “Chip” Goodyear IV an impostor?

  • Charles

    If this is true, then singapore is sure approaching its doomsday soon, something very serious is happening or is planning to happen soon within the present ruling team, no wonder they still kept very secret of what they are doing to the states fund.

  • Car Chip

    “les “Chip” Goodyear IV an impostor? | Getting at the truth, This is an article to return to, bookmarked. Added a subscription to your feed.

  • admin

    Thanks, Car Chip. I hope we, or somebody, can come up with an answer.

  • YF Chew

    i think you got the wrong information. according to your so-called Goodyear family tree, Charles Waterhouse Goodyear was born 1846 in Cortland , NY and his wife is Ellen Portia Conger.

    Well, according to all the information i can find on Charles Goodyear, the actual Charles Goodyear is born 1800 in New Haven, Connecticut, and his wife is Omar Ghori.

    plus he have a son, William Henry Goodyear (1846 – 1923), which was strangely absent from your Goodyear family tree.

    Is it possible that you got the wrong information? if you’re wrong, please retract your claims.

    • admin

      You should check a bit more thoroughly. You are referring to Charles Goodyear of the rubber family. The Wikipedia states that Charles Waterhouse “Chip” Goodyear IV has exactly the same family tree that I published. There is a lot more research that I did on this – more than I have space or time for here. If Charles Waterhouse “Chip” Goodyear IV were descended from the rubber Goodyear, calculating that this Goodyear was born in 1800, the 4th generation would be born around 1900, making your pal “Chip” about 109 years old. My guess is that “Chip” might be a long time plant – like Clinton, perhaps. My guess is also that you might be a plant as well.

  • disappointed

    Hi Admin, try to post your article about Goodyear here

    Indeed, Temasek really has alot to explain about Goodyear. The company which uses the public funds for investments has yet to be transparent and left many poor singaporeans with unanswered questions.

    • admin

      Will do. Yes, Temasek has a lot to explain about Goodyear. But my guess is that they won’t explain anything. The last thing I expect Temasek to do is to send me a thank you letter for exposing the bum.

  • Low

    Doesn’t anyone here smell something fishy ? There is obviously something very wrong here regarding this hiring of Goodyear guy and then subsequently firing him. The reason given that his corporate strategic outline was not in tandem with the Singapore political leadership’s blueprint for the future WAS NOT A GOOD REASON.

    In fact it was obnoxious to have even given that as a reason at all. Didn’t the leadership during the screening stage of Goodyear’s recruitment interviews prioritise his views and strategic alignment as a pre-condition before anything elase? It doesn’t make any sense to scout the whole for a “best” candidate and to offer him a top post and then, and only then after that to assess his strategic slant, whether it is in line with the leadership’s charted direction.

    You just simply don’t employ the best hit man and after having him on the payroll to determine whether he will kill anybody, including his employer if need be. That should have been the top priority before anything else.

  • The real Goodyear family started a law firm with the man who later founded the CIA. You might be closer than you think on this thing sir…

  • I wouldn’t think as well as the CIA pays.

  • Bloodrose

    Hey, you know when they announced that dude to take over Temasek Holdings I made a prediction that it would be “Bad Year” and well indeed he got fired a few mths later so who knows =DD And my friends called me up to congratz me… lolx

    Woah, gdyear has connections with CIA founder? Thats interesting!!! As you know, fact is indeed stranger than fiction huh? 😛

  • masterservant

    well, since all our reserves are finished and temasek has to issue bonds, we might as well hand all our funds to uncle sam and bush and get done with it, be the newest state of uncle sam, broke anyway, no water, no oil, no nothing, except bricks.

    but i’ll kick the ass of these gov should i meet them on the streets, each and everyone of them and spit at them in the face.

  • Zachary T. Goodyear

    I stumbled across while researching some family history and had a good laugh. There are some pretty wild claims here! None that are true, but humorous nonetheless. The tree you have is correct, good research, I have a framed copy of it in my house. The Charles you are referring to (the true CWGIV, the one that is 75 years old), is Chip’s father, my uncle, and great grandson of the CW Goodyear at the center of the tree. Also, the Zachary above his name on the tree is just who I was named after, that’s not me, so please don’t start some rumor that I’m also in the CIA or Iranian intelligence.

    Also, YF Chew, for the record, there are several Charles Goodyears out there. The Charles Goodyear who invented the volcanism of rubber is not any part of this family tree here. The Charles W. Goodyear at the center of this tree was in the lumber and railroad business, not an inventor of rubber technologies.

    So, while an amusing story, I can assure you and attest that Chip is not a hit man of any sort. 🙂

  • Jim

    Zachary T. Goodyear, do not fool around with JH. His intelligence reach is inmeasurable. Isn’t it already obvious to you (if you had been following his thread) that he has had lunches with a well known previous CIA operative (for S.E. Asia region) in Singapore?

    I sure would like to see the look on his face to discover that JH has zoomed in on his identity so quickly, fast and furious it would seem !

    Er…John, hope you are not zooming in on me too….

    • admin

      Thanks, and good work, yourself, for beating up on Zachary T. Goodyear, the desperate realtor. No – I am not zooming in on you, as you are getting at the truth.

  • Zachary T. Goodyear

    Your investigation skills are a bit lacking. Plugging my email domain name into a web browser to find my photo on my own website is hardly investigation – a 4 year old can do that. Sadly, I think this would be the last place I would try to publish anything for publicity in the hopes of selling houses. 🙂 Something tells me you all probably aren’t in the market to buy anything. There are multiple Zachary Goodyear’s in my family. I’m confused as to why it’s not possible for me to have been named after someone who was born in 1945? Do you know when I was born? Regarding the suffixes (or as you call it a “generational tag”), did you ever think that some families might want to continue a name tradition, but not go on past a 4th which may start sounding a bit pretentious? Please do keep the discussion and conspiracy theories alive though, this is amusing. Good entertainment.

    • admin

      Mr. Zachary T. Goodyear: You continue to fish for a point. I did not say anything about families continuing name traditions. My ancestors arrived in America in 1636, and John Harding was one of them. We have a whole bunch of John Hardings in my family – my father and I are two of them. So stop playing generational tag with me – it misses the point. By the way, it did not take Google to find you – your website is contained in your email address, zachgoodyear.com. But wait? I just Googled you, and you are also a photographer – smart move Zach as real estate is in the tank – at least for some people. Better luck next time.