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America First « Getting at the truth

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America First

Rising trade deficits = American unemployment

Rising trade deficits = American unemployment

America’s only road to economic salvation

Often there is profound wisdom in poetry and song – we all should listen to Merle Haggard sing America First.

One line goes, “There’s things to be done all over the world, but let’s rebuild America first.”

Think of it: If America were the only country in the world, we would not have our current economic problems. Our economic problems come from displacing American labor with cheap foreign labor.

In 2007, we imported $5,288,049,863 in household appliances from China. How many Americans did that put out of work?

The solution to America’s economic problems is so easy – there should be no imports of manufactured products into the U.S. The resulting demand for manufactured products would force the U.S. to put Americans back to work. (Which is something the bailouts cannot do.)

We have the resources to do everything for ourselves. The only reason for the importation of manufactured goods is to enable greedy multinational corporations to earn more money by employing cheap overseas labor.

In an emergency, airlines advise passengers to put on their oxygen masks, before putting the masks on their children. The parent must be in a position to save the child.

This is exactly what the United States must do. Instead of giving profits to multi-nationals who use cheap foreign labor – we must shut off all labor-based imports, with the possible exceptions of Canada, and Mexico.

It makes all the sense in the world.  American employment will increase, and American companies will thrive. Foreign commodities, which will still be imported, will become dirt cheap – and that includes the price of oil.

When we ship jobs overseas, we eliminate jobs in our homeland. This decreases America’s buying power and hurts our domestic sales. Why should foreigners be allowed to work, when they cause American unemployment?

Foreign countries must be let to fend for themselves while America cures itself. Once America is on its feet, if we want, we can lend a helping hand to other countries, as we have in the past – but never again should we export labor.

There are many Americans who ascribe to this strategy of stopping foreign labor-based imports. I am one of them. It is strong medicine but it will save America first!

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  • admin

    Thanks, Benjamine. Hopefully, some of my articles can help you, and America while I’m at it.

  • admin

    Jordan: Obama has misspent his political capital. He could have cut off, or at least curtailed, manufactured imports. Now, I don’t think he has the political power (or understanding) to do so. Had he done so, the trend of unemployment would have reversed. As long as unemployment increases, there are fewer buyers, so what good does a bail out do?