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McCain takes the low road to oblivion « Getting at the truth

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McCain takes the low road to oblivion

McCain boarding the yacht of convicted swindler Raffaello Follieri

McCain boarding the yacht of convicted swindler Raffaello Follieri (Anne Hathaway in background)

In a last ditch effort to save his candidacy, John McCain has unwisely chosen the low road to oblivion. The remaining thrust of his campaign will be to “sow doubt” about Barack Obama. This tactic has been unsuccessful so far, but what is the desperate and seemingly disoriented McCain to do?

The “sow doubt” strategy will have an effect, however, but certainly not what John McCain has intended. Joining McCain on his low road to oblivion will be Sarah Palin, Joe the “Plumber,” a major chunk of the Republican Party, and, hopefully, Joe Lieberman, McCain’s intended Secretary of State.

Who ever thought McCain could come up with someone worse than Condi? Straight talker Donald Trump summed it up on Condi, beautifully, by saying that she did a lot of traveling and talking but “never made a deal.” The Donald, always fearless with his judgments, knows that without a deal, what have you accomplished?

So, in the run up to McCain’s humiliating defeat on November 4th, we can expect to hear him sowing doubts. McCain will pass on to us the wisdom of Joe the “Plumber,” a bogus individual with no plumber’s license, and a tax lien. We will hear how worried Joe is by Obama’s now famous “spread the wealth” comment.

McCain will continue to portray Obama as too inexperienced to be a day-one 3:00am commander in chief. Then there is Biden’s foot-in-the-mouth comment that Obama will be tested by an international crisis. Actually, McCain could have a good argument here as to why did Obama choose Biden as his running mate. Unfortunately, that brings up the same question about McCain’s choice of Palin, who is an even bigger negative than Biden – which is why McCain is not attacking Biden.

The McCain campaign has distributed mailings in several battleground states suggesting Obama would negotiate with terrorists, meeting the leaders of rogue states without precondition. Sure, McCain, why not just bomb those rogue states?

McCain’s campaign continues to place automated calls tying Obama to William Ayers, the 1960s-era radical and founder of the violent Weather Underground group. That tactic, which hasn’t worked, will be done to death by the McCain campaign.

McCain’s henchperson, Palin, will continue to accuse Obama of “palling around with terrorists,” and will harp on the Ayers-Obama relationship, as well, saying it is a legitimate campaign issue because it speaks to Obama’s truthfulness and judgment – boring!

Meanwhile the Obama campaign sticks to discussing the issues, rather than the personalities – a winning strategy.

The dirt on McCain and Palin will be heaped upon them by their own kind, the Republican Party, after the election leaves the party in ruins. We will hear about Palin’s award of the $26 billion pipeline contract to TransCanada as a virtual sole bidder, and her ignoring of legal guidance not to talk directly with potential bidders. Instead, Palin had meetings or phone calls with nearly every major candidate, including TransCanada. The leader of Palin’s pipeline team had been a partner at a lobbying firm where she worked on behalf of a TransCanada subsidiary.

Then there are Palin’s health records – now said to be released AFTER the election. Barack Obama, Joe Biden and McCain have all released their medical records to the press – well, McCain sort of – he let the reporters look at his health records, but take no notes, and ask no questions.  There is also the question of why Palin’s obstetrician, Catherine Baldwin-Jones, could not be allowed to talk to reporters about the evidentiary facts of Palin’s controversial story of her last pregnancy.

And McCain? We will hear about his irascible hot-tempered personality and how his own campaign staff didn’t like him. It is doubtful that much else will be brought up about McCain, like the Keating Five, or McCain’s relationship with his attractive lobbyist, or how he dumped his first wife, or how his birthday visit went to convicted swindler Raffielo Follieri and Anne Hathaway on their yacht?

As a final blow, Sarah Palin has now decided not to follow McCain’s instructions, but to branch out on her own. McCain has created a monster – the knife is now in his back as Palin is preparing the way to be the Republican candidate for President in 2008!

Why beat a dead horse?

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