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How Princess Kate’s topless photos were taken

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have filed a lawsuit against the French magazine, Closer, for printing photos of Kate, sunbathing topless.

Princess Kate topless

Princess Kate topless

A statement from the palace said the pair were “hugely saddened” by the publication, adding that William and Kate “had every expectation of privacy in the remote house” where they were sunbathing at the time the pictures were taken. Remote?

With the public road in plain sight, below? And miles and miles of open space in front of her. Check out the view from the pool!

Chateau d'Autet pool - Kate was standing just inside the fence for all the world to see!

Chateau d’Autet pool – Kate was standing just inside the fence for all the world to see!

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have filed a lawsuit against the French magazine, Closer, for printing photos of Kate, sunbathing topless.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate bending at the fence

How can the British Royals be so careless? You never hear such goings on with the Royals from Spain, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, or Sweden. All those monarchs appreciate their good luck and know how to behave themselves.

The British Royals, who cost more to their country than all the other European monarchies combined, have absolutely no appreciation of their fortunate circumstances and duties. Are they stupid, or arrogant? Aside from Princess Kate’s possibly exhibitionist ways (much like those of her sister, Pippa), we have Prince Harry in the buff in Las Vegas.

The photos of Princess Kate were taken while she and William were vacationing at the Chateau d’Autet last summer. The chateau is owned by David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley, the wealthy nephew of Queen Elizabeth II.

The website for Chateau d’Autet has been closed down just to prevent anyone from seeing where and how the photos of Kate were taken. However, Getting at the Truth, always digs deeper into the facts, and we were able to piece the puzzle together from other sources.

The photo below shows clearly where Kate was standing (with the metal railing in front of her) and from what point on the public road below a photograph could have been taken. However, it appears that the photograph was taken from about 450 feet due south at the edge of a forested area. (To get a good idea of the area, plug the coordinates 43.931111, 5.550556 into Google Earth.)

Chateau d'Autet, showing the pool.

Chateau d’Autet, showing the pool.

Checking the photograph of where Kate was standing it shows clearly that anyone could have taken the photos either from the fields or from the public  highway nearby.

Below is a photo from the public highway showing a clear view of where Kate and William were standing close to the fence, rather than on the other side of the pool where they could have easily had more privacy.

The viewpoint from the highway, labeled D22, is at Latitude:43°55’36.79″N  Longitude 5°33’10.16″E. It is also 1587.07 feet from the Chateau d’Autet, which is at a heading of 339.95 degrees. The photos could have been taken from this point, or an easy walk through the open field could have brought the photographer to the edge of a protected forest 450 feet from the Chateau d’Autet. All of this can be found and verified on Google Earth.

The Chateau d'Autet from the highway

The Chateau d’Autet from the highway

Couldn’t Kate see what was going on?

Is Princess Kate looking at the photographer and smiling?

Is Princess Kate looking at the photographer and smiling?

One might even wonder—was Kate posing?

Prince William is quite OK with topless ladies. Below is a photo of the prince swimming by a topless Pippa Middleton. Princess Kate was along on the same boat.

Going topless in front of others is appears to be no problem for Kate and Pippa.

Topless Pippa and the attentive Prince William

Topless Pippa and the attentive Prince William


Chi Magazine coming out Monday, September 17th!!! Will have 15 never before seen photos!!!

Keep watching and we will keep you fully informed. Our Italian translators are standing by! Ciao, ci vediamo presto!


Chi Magazine

Chi Magazine

May 26,2014 update:

Controversy as the German tabloid, Bild, publishes picture of Duchess of Cambridge’s exposed behind. Kate has done it again! She wears no panties – is she a serial flasher? Describing what happened Bild said: ‘Photos show our favourite Duchess Kate, 32, in the Australian Blue Mountains. The rotor blades of the royal helicopter swirl the air so that Kate’s summer dress blew up – giving a clear view of her beautiful bum!’


Princess Kate flashes

Princess Kate flashes again!



68 comments to How Princess Kate’s topless photos were taken

  • Tania

    Kate should have been careful as she is always photographed everywhere.
    What was she thinking?

    • Savannah

      Okay think about it. She was enjoying some time with her husband, which is probably rare considering their royalty. If she wants to sunbathe topless who cares! Shes an adult. They were on private property and its just unbelievably wrong to take a photograph of someone naked like that. She didn’t intentionally go out in the middle of the road and be like “Hey everyone, look at my tits”!

      • mark

        hahaha NO! The pictures were not taken from within the property. The place is clearly visible from the motorway… so as you mentioned considering her “royalty” she should be aware that she has NO PRIVACY anymore (sorry but thats the price shes paying for being royalty…) unless she makes sure that noone at all can spot her!! but who cares if she flashed her tits or not? nice boobs tho anyway:)

  • Jamie T

    Public roads, with an exposed villa! Like the other reader, I have to say what in hell was Kate thinking!@!1!!!

  • Practical Pattu

    I’m gonna see Kate naked everytime she makes an appearance.
    How can we not!!!

  • Jenny

    Disgraceful behavior. The villa’s exposed, and she’s prancing around naked. OMG…dumb!##

  • Tommy

    Wow, what a hot bod!!! Lucky William.

  • Evlis

    She takes her top off, what does she expect, I mean, isn’t she the most photographed woman in the world!

  • OO7Bond

    To the future Queen of England! God Bless.

  • Jen G

    Kate, naked, standing there for all the world to see, and they want to sue?

  • Jen G

    the whole pool is exposed, it’s not covered up, the public streets surrounding the house, LOL….she’s not too bright.

  • Jen G

    I read that Kate was smiling while having tea in Kuala Lumpur, she seems pretty cool about the whole thing.
    I bet you she knows what she’s doing. Come on, the woman TOOK HER BRA off.

  • KJBetty34

    They have to sue, to show that their not at fault.

  • reecon man

    I thought William was in charge of the thinking? Guess I’m wrong.

  • BettyLou

    She had to know that photogs had to be around, right?
    she’s standing by the railing taking her top off. At least we get to see her ‘girls’.

  • Leonard S

    Disgraceful behavior.

  • Benjamin R

    You can’t lay topless in an exposed pool without facing consequences, espercially if you are a HRH. Stupid woman.

  • JDL51

    What’s the big deal. We saw all of Henry the VIII’s wives totally naked on HBO.

  • David F

    That road is not public it is part of the castles estate roads and not available to the public. Proof of that is in the grainy shots taken from at least 1000 meters away.

    • admin

      The road leads to other properties – not private. True the photo may have been taken some distance from the road. She (and he) should have known better.

      • David F

        Then were back to the question of what does there protection detail actually do. As an ex MP in the Canadian Armed Forces and a Private Bodyguard for over 15 years they should never be in these situations and it is the responsibility of the protection detail to ensure that.



  • BRZ

    I really have to say all the people blaming is just rediculous. Yes, it is a wide open exposed pool, but for that same reason if anyone was actually going to be coming up the road pointed out above (from which the picture was NOT taken) they would have been spotted LONG before they got to the indicated spot allowing the couple time to make themselves presentable or (more likely) for the protection detail to discover what the person was up to, and if it was taken pictures to have them leave.

    In actuality the pictures were taken from an incredible distance apparent by the graininess of the photos. Also, as I mentioned above the photos in question could in no way have been taken from the road the pic in this article indicates.

    Why you ask? The angle of the photos; as close to the Chateau that the indicated road is would cause the angle to take the pictures of where Kate was standing would make the angle so steep that it would not be possible to get the fairly straight on photos of her topless and bending over. However, if you look at the pic of the pool area in this article you can see a roadway on a mountaintop/hill in the distance. That is most likely where the picture was taken, considering the graininess of the photos and the near straight on angle.

    So sorry, William and Kate didn’t do anything unreasonable as this article is trying to make out, and unless the guy taking the picture had a camera with a lens like you would find in a cartoon, which will turn and move up about 15-20ft or so, there is simply no way those photos were taken from the labeled road.

    • admin

      We agree. Looks like the photos were taken from a place about 500 feet away. On Google Earth you can see the area using the coordinates 43.931111, 5.550556.

  • ZombieZ67

    John Harding,
    I think the photos were taken from a distance of about 520 feet from Kate, not too far off. I have to agree with the other readers, that she should have known better, as from her experience, zillions of photographers are chasing her all over the world.
    You really have to wonder if she is fit to be Queen?

  • TNTlol

    You don’t see Andrew’s 2 daughters exposing themselves? So surreal, we never would have thought that we would ever see the Duchess of Cambridge naked.
    Shame Shame Shame Kate, what were you thinking?

  • Beaver411

    Red rag to a bull as far as the paparazzi are concerned. Suing them and trying to close down the market for this sort of photo will drive up demand for them and cause more invasions of privacy in more ingenious ways. This is only going to get worse as they progress through the years.They will never have any privacy, and that is the price for limitless wealth and the royal life.

  • Sanity Claus

    She’s really thin. Not eating enough carbs, she can’t think.

  • Mojomore

    Where are their bodyguards? peeping from the windows??? Yheeeww!
    Wills has his pants on, Kate luvs her figure, that she’s really flaunting it.

  • New Queen85

    A plane could have flown over them and taken photos!
    Did Kate think she was safe in the buff?
    What a scoop

  • bluebird

    I can understand if it was an indoor pool. she could get a suntan on a sunbed or a faketan. right?

  • MrLove

    we get to see what good ol’william sees every nigt?
    she’s got a nicer butt than her sis@

  • Miss Moore

    why do u think they call them the Wisteria sister/
    Kate n Pippa- both can’t behave, its in their DNA showoffs$%#

  • Saltygod

    They have been published in france have they not? In Closer I saw on Wheelers page the cover he pixilated it out…

    I feel horrible for her I really do! I mean first Harry now Catherine.

    If I was the queen I would be royally pissed off !

  • whatever 75

    Immaterial of who it is the clear facts are that these pictures were taken on private property. The Palace needs to sue the arse of the magazine and/or photographer.

    They may be ‘public property’ but when they are in a private place that should be exactly what is!!

  • LilKat

    I wonder what the Sun’s waiting for? Rupert Murdoch i guess must be waiting.

  • Billy

    Yeah it’s not like she’s got much if you air brushed the nipples it would just look like she had a flesh coloured T-shirt on. Likely the photographer thought that she was.

    I’ve heard on the news five times this morning that the couple are furious and incredulous also they are incredulous and furious. Not that the BBC is a direct mouth piece for the Royal Family they will apply journalistic scrutiny to the incident.

    I don’t get these clebs who are quite happy to prance around in front of the cameras to make money but as soon as one gets taken they don’t like they think it’s an outrage.

    Some advice for both of them. If she didn’t want people to take pictures of her tits then don’t dangle them off a balcony. And there is no point Wills getting annoyed about it. You’ve marries her now mate couldn’t you tell that she walked about half naked before then.

    This sort of thing was obviously inevitable. He should have married somebody with more class. Clearly she wasn’t fit to be a Duchess in the first place. Swinging them around on Holiday talk about Brits abroad, what a disgrace.

  • Laurilou

    Seriously? Good grief. You do sound like you have issues. She’s not a “celebrity”, she was sunbathing at a private property with her husband. Should be able to do that without some dirty peeping Tom taking pics from a distance and then selling them. That’s far more of a disgrace IMO.

  • American Beauty

    Kate has done nothing but try to be a good ambassador for England. The publishers knew it would be hurtful to invade her privacy and then expose the ill gotten photos to a wider audience.

    Karma ought to take care of things to a degree. I hope the legal system works as well.

  • Sara Jane Philips

    Kate should be furious with no one other than herself. William and Kate are acting as though they were wronged. How very arrogant. Kate would have been arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior if they had been vacationing in the United States. Stupid is as stupid does!

  • JDL51

    Much ado about nothing. Seriously. Something you see on every beach in Europe. Get over it.

  • Html

    She needs breast augmentation!!!

  • sam

    stupid english ppl still worshiping and paying money for royal.. ashole, you are living in 21th century. grow up for fuck sake

  • Martha Nelson

    Good grief. Brits gain much more from having their monarchy than it costs them. End your monarchy, you end the golden tourist goose that lays the golden eggs. You think we Americans would come visit just for the fish and chips?

  • Sophie78

    Kate will NEVER live these photos down.

    How can she possibly be the future Queen when she has been so reckless in her behavior?

    The young royals are constantly reminded by the palace that when they are outside, the press and media will be always glued to them.

    Kate is the future Queen, she should have more common sense in her head.

    Kate has put herself in a position where she lost her dignity and the respect of many.

    The future Queen is posing in her fully glory, embarrassingly naked for the entire world to see. No need for Playboy, this is free nudity of Kate.

    This is totally unacceptable behavior.

    • admin

      Sophie: Or maybe Kate was the future Queen…

    • JDL51

      God, lighten up. It’s only a couple of tits. You’d think she was walking across Tower Bridge completely nude. She was not naked. She was with her husband, you know, the future king who didn’t seem to mind that she was topless. So why shouldn’t HE be the one to blame if you want to blame someone, or even more so their security detail who should have noticed the possiblity of being seen. I’m surprised they were out in the open like that, a very obvious security risk not even considering the topless factor. I’m sure those guys are in the unemployment line right now. Obviously this is how they relax, like just about every young couple in Europe, who thinks they’re in a private setting in the summer with a pool. From your reaction you’d think she just got caught having an affair with someone. This is the 21st century, not the 19th.

  • kate beswick

    I thought that was the point : the Emperor has o clothes on – Kate is following tradition

  • barry

    william & kate enjoy your life – you will always be exposed to lifes behavior – we love you – don’t be discouraged by what people are making you out to be !! no matter what photos are taken.

  • Hot

    she is not cute?????????????????????
    really ugly….euwwwwwwwwwww

  • Gecko45

    A satellite could have taken photos of them. Any intelligent person does a tactical sweep of everything within five kilometers before disrobing, as I’m sure everyone here does.

  • Ebunn

    To those of you that accuse Kate of “posing” for that photo … don’t be so ignorant. It’s obvious that the photos were taken from an extreme distance with a very long lens. I defy any of you to stand on that deck and pick out a person standing there in all of that landscape. Plus, it’s not like the paparazzi ever hides in the bushes or anything. She wasn’t exactly prancing around totally naked. It looks like she simply took her top off before laying down to sunbathe with her husband. If your neighbor took photos like that of you you’d have him arrested and labelled lewd or a sex offender. Shame on you paparazzi! She’s your princess, for goodness sake. Show a little respect!

  • Anon

    Love how they skipped out on the closing ceremony of the paraolympics because they allegedly needed the time to prepare for the tour of Asia. I guess this is how they prepare? Yet another vacation?

    British taxpayers should be livid.

  • Mary Dailey

    They need to thank their lucky stars that they didn’t get photos of them doing the deed. If you knew you were going to have to answer to the Queen of England if you took your top off and got caught, would you do it on purpose? I don’t think so.

  • Keith Bogue

    there are 50 more intimate photos of kate (and william) coming out!
    why are they even bothering to sue the mag,closer, when the photos have all gone viral worldwide, even to mars?
    these 2 have exposed themselves by the front railing( pool behind),
    overlooking the roads…
    what the hell do they expect/? bloody fools the 2 of them!
    they’ve got to know that that’s not a free pass!

  • jdthomps

    OK – learn the bloody language.

    “they are” does not equal “their” does not equal “there”. Are cell phones and internet message boards to blame for giving us such awful language skills? Excuse me, skillz?

  • americana

    That villa is on 600+ PRIVATE acres! On that much private land she should have an assumption of privacy. Let her be! Anyone saying she acted stupid or was posing is completely insensitive and irrational.

    • admin

      In today’s world with long range lenses and drones Princess Kate should have been smart enough not to assume anything. You know – the old saying, “Assume makes an ass of you and me.”