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It took me two and a half evenings to complete your un-put-downable is a unique contribution to the appreciation of a life in Singapore. Thank you for having written it. C. V. Devan Nair, former President of Singapore.

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This book out-Dallas, Dallas. No one has written so well of the other side of paradise,Francis T. Seow, former Solicitor General of Singapore

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The U.S. Senate votes to suspend habeas corpus and jail people with no trial

Happy winners Bush & Cheney

Happy winners Bush & Cheney

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a military appropriations bill empowers the government to designate any U.S. citizen within the country as a terrorist and to have the military hold him indefinitely without trial and without the right to habeas corpus, which is the right to be brought before a court for a judgment on the legality of one’s imprisonment.

When President Obama signs S-1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, it will then it be legal for American citizens to be arrested on United States soil, and to be held indefinitely without trial. No proof of wrongdoing is required and those accused are subsequently relegated to the ‘military commissions justice system.’  The accused are then reduced to the status of ‘ an unlawful enemy combatant,’ and are subject to extroardinary rendition, and indefinite detention—even to a life sentence.

The House and Senate (93-7) have now both passed the bill and it is on Obama’s desk, where it is anticipated that he will quickly sign it.

In effect the legislation is a declaration of martial law and revocation of habeas corpus throughout the country.  This puts the United States on the same footing as Nazi Germany, Singapore and certain countries in Southeast Asia, which can imprison their citizens as long as they pleas-with no charges.

The U, S.  Constitution prohibits suspension of the right of habeas corpus “unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.”

While habeas corpus was suspended in certain circumstances during the Civil War, there is no rebellion or invasion in America-yet.
However, the mere improbable danger of an American uprising and foreign terrorists do not constitute rebellion or invasion.

If the bill becomes law the president and his successors will gain dictatorial power, the power exercised by the worst tyrants in history—Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

No wonder Newt Gingrich is talking about arresting judges who to no “cooperate.” Newt could not hope to do that under today’s laws, but just wait until Obama signs the bill is signed into law.

The president (and that could be Newt) would then have the power to kidnap anyone off the street or out of his own home and lock him away incommunicado forever-including members of Congress—anybody!

Strangely the U.S.  media, which delights on terrifying the American public, has said nothing against this law. 

Maybe our media’s talking heads are afraid of disappearing themselves.

December 31, 2011 update:

On this day, President Obama signed S-1867, the National Defense Authorization Act into law.

3 comments to The U.S. Senate votes to suspend habeas corpus and jail people with no trial

  • Jim


    This NDAA sounds a little too familiar with Singapore’s ISA isn’t it? It gives the power that be a carte blanche and can be a very useful and effective political tool when misused. Did Obama do a secretive consultation with LKY?

  • Not from LKY – at least I don’t think so. More like Obama got it from Bush.

  • Facts of life

    Any surprise if Americans
    have to do Spring cleaning
    like the Arabs?
    Maybe cleaning alone is not
    good enough, some deep
    cleansing will be more