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It took me two and a half evenings to complete your un-put-downable is a unique contribution to the appreciation of a life in Singapore. Thank you for having written it. C. V. Devan Nair, former President of Singapore.

Bought the book from Select this weekend and can't put it down! It's a great read! And so nostalgic for me—the good old days! Glen Goei, writer and director of the Miramax film That's the Way I Like It and who played the title role opposite Anthony Hopkins in the London production of M. Butterfly. Mr. Goei's latest film is The Blue Mansion - Click for the trailer!

It is a remarkable story and so full of intrigue that it reads at times like fiction.Jonathan Burnham, Editor in Chief & President, Talk Miramax Books.

“It's quite a story The legendary Alice Mayhew, Vice-President & Editorial Director, Simon & Schuster.

This book out-Dallas, Dallas. No one has written so well of the other side of paradise,Francis T. Seow, former Solicitor General of Singapore

Escape from Paradise – the Promotional Trailer

Reward for information regarding Seth Rich

One America News Network (OAN) is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in former DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder case.

The Herring Networks, Inc. media company OAN joins a number of individuals and groups that are willing to pay for information that solves the July 10, 2016, killing of Mr. Rich. The election-season murder continues to spark conspiracy theories based on the suggestion that Mr. Rich provided DNC data to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks.

“One America News believes solving this case — and bringing Rich’s murderer to justice — is essential to exposing the truth for the American people,” OAN’s Greta Wall reported Monday. “We are offering a $100,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of a suspect in the case. If you have any information, please email us at”

Others offering rewards include the Washington, D.C. Police Department ($25,000); WikiLeaks ($20,000); and Republican strategist Jack Burkman ($130,000).

Queen for a day, President for a year


Charlie (the puppet) Obama and Joe the Plumber

Charlie (the puppet) Obama and Joe the Plumber

The Massachusetts election of Scott Brown to the US Senate marks the end of the Obama presidency. Obama was in charge for just one short year.

Obama’s first mistake was to bring in Goldman Sachs in the form of Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, and his Goldman Sachs cronies to spread TARP money to Goldman Sachs, and more TARP money (secretly) to Goldman Sachs through AIG.

That done, Obama decided to put all his bets on the healthcare bill, or, rather, his “people” decided.

In no time, the healthcare bill was reduced to nothing more than a bonanza for the health insurance companies. Obama still pushed for its passage – so he could claim it to be a victory, instead of a defeat – which is what it really was.

With the election of Scott Brown, which amazed only Obama, and the defection of Democrats from Obama’s burning ship, no on is talking about the healthcare bill – it is dead and gone.

Now, Obama’s reaction is to run from the influence of Timothy Geithner to become a follower of Joe the Plumber. The banks which were good and “too big to fail,” are now bad.

It is Obama the follower, and not Obama the leader. In one short year, Obama’s first and last term as President is over.

Sure, Obama can strut around, and give speeches, characteristically raising his chin and looking down his nose at the rest of us. He can still shirk by flying around in Air Force One, which he loves to do.

But all of that won’t put humpty dumpty Obama together again.

As a result, Timothy Geithner will get the gate and a chance for a big job at Goldman Sachs. Support is withering for Fed chief Ben Bernanke, who will also have a chance for a big job at Goldman Sachs.

Hillary will stick around for a while to bolster her credentials, before leaving to prepare to defeat Obama and become the 2012 Democratic nominee for President.

Michelle Obama - Queen for a day

Michelle Obama - Queen for a day

Let’s not forget Michelle Obama. She was Queen for a Day at Obama’s inauguration. Now, the rumor is that Michelle wants Hillary out, along with Oprah.

And who is in? Joe the Plumber is in.

So, what’s next, folks?

Fed chief Ben Bernanke says the recession is over.

Whoa! With the tanking stock market, and rising unemployment, what can be next – other than a recession, or the next Great Depression.

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