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It took me two and a half evenings to complete your un-put-downable book…it is a unique contribution to the appreciation of a life in Singapore. Thank you for having written it. C. V. Devan Nair, former President of Singapore.

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“It’s quite a story The legendary Alice Mayhew, Vice-President & Editorial Director, Simon & Schuster.

This book out-Dallas, Dallas. No one has written so well of the other side of paradise,Francis T. Seow, former Solicitor General of Singapore

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Singapore – hotbed of terrorists & criminals?

Singapore Reform Party co-founder to be extradited to US on suspected terrorism charges

Alleged Terrorist Naidu

Alleged Terrorist Naidu

A Singaporean wanted in the United States on six terrorism-related charges submitted himself on Monday to prison authorities in Singapore to await extradition. The Singapore Law Minister has ordered Mr. Balldev Naidu to be surrendered to the US authorities.

This is an unusual surrender of sovreignity for Singapore to extradite one of its own citizens to a foreign country.

Singapore District Judge Roy Neighbour ordered Naidu, 47, to be taken into custody after he ruled there was sufficient evidence for Naidu to answer to the charges he faces in the American courts.

Naidu, who is one of the founding members of Singapore’s Reform Party, an opposition party, recently changed his name from Balraj Naidu to Balldev Naidu last year, possibly to escape detection.

Naidu is wanted by the US government for allegedly conspiring to possess firearms, conspiring to support a foreign terrorist organization, and money laundering, among other charges.

Naidu is alleged to have conspired with another Singaporean, Haniffa Osman, now behind bars in a US prison, for trying to buy weapons in the United States, supposedly for the Sri Lankan rebel group, the Tamil Tigers.

Naidu is said to have acted as a broker and middleman between firearm manufacturers and purchasers and/or end-users. Although allegedly the “end-users” were the Tamil Tigers, the seriousness of extradition might indicate Naidu was dealing with terrorist directly groups which threaten the security of the U.S.

Police authorities learned that Naidu had located his source of the firearms through Indonesia, an Islamic country, and conspired to export them illegally from the United States to Sri Lanka. There is evidence that Naidu had traveled to Hong Kong and Jakarta, and he was in it for the money, as well, as he would receive a commission for his role.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Reform Party Secretary-General Kenneth Jeyaretnam has expressed strong support for Naidu.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam, a Tamil and former “hedge fund manager” working in London, recently took over the party founded by his father, the late J B Jeyaretnam and Naidu.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam stated that the party will “stand behind” Naidu, and “The Balldev I have come to know, since taking over leadership of The Reform Party, is a gentle family man and someone who would never intentionally become involved with terrorists or arms dealers…Balldev was a loyal supporter of my father, JB Jeyaretnam and I will continue to support him in my personal capacity.”

Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s brother, Philip, is a writer of gay books, and works in Singapore as a lawyer.

Singapore’s reputation has suffered since the escape of alleged terrorist Mas Selamat, leader of the country’s  Jemaah Islamiah (JI), from the country’s highest security prison.

According to Singapore authorities, Mas Selamat “escaped” through a bathroom window. He then walked, apparently in prison garb, through the streets of Singapore, as the police put out an all-points alert. Mas Selamat reached the northern shore of Singapore and swam to Malaysia.

Eventually, he was captured by the Malaysian police. Singapore’s demand for the return of Mas Selamat was turned down by Malaysia, out of fears that he would “escape” again. One must ask – does Malaysia suspect that Mas Selamat sent by Singapore to Malaysia for some ulterior motive?

Singapore has long been a haven for terrorists and criminals, especially from neighboring countries. Conveniently, Singapore does not have extradition treaties with its neighbors.

Indonesian Liem...

Indonesian Liem - AKA...

Liem Tek Siong, alias Sjamsul Nursalim, alias Liem Tjoen Ho, fled to Singapore from Indonesia, owing $2.8 billion due to the collapse of his Indonesian, bank. The Chung Shih Ping family fled to Singapore from Brunei as two family members were detained in Brunei for corruption. The list goes on.

The CIA World Factbook states, that 14.9% of Singaporeans are Muslim and that “Singapore is vulnerable, despite strict laws and enforcement, as a venue for money laundering.” And more!

87 comments to Singapore – hotbed of terrorists & criminals?

  • Low

    Thats a good article Mr Harding. Factual and to the point.

    Perhaps you may also be interested to know that in the 80’s a certain Khamis guy came to Singapore claiming to be of Moroccan princely blood. He hoodwinked several banks into lending him huge sums, supposedly pumped into his entertainment project at Marina South. After his fraudulent activites were discovered he was “allowed” to disappear from the republic through the easy access of the causeway into Johore, Malaysia, even though alarm was raised by certain quarters of his escape attempt and implored the authorities to impound his passport.

    This Khamis guy got through the border checkpoint with ease (shouldn’t the corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau be investigating this?). It was difficult to comprehend this part of inaction by the authorities until much later when the facts were exposed in the news. Of the 3 or 4 banks that he had frauded the millions of dollars, only the government’s DBS Bank loan was fully repaid by him before his disappearance. So… its back to your issue of Singapore being a safe haven for scums like this – as long as the government derives the benefit the means justify the ends. Very typical Machiavellian philosophy and very LKY indeed.

    • admin

      Low: Thank you. I remember Khamis well – ate at some of his restaurants – even saw him in a Singapore supermarket once. Yes, Singapore bends the rules whenever it wishes.
      Best regards,

  • SNA

    Hi John,

    If I am not wrong, the first photo is Kenneth Jeyaratnam, not Balldev Naidu. You may want to double-check it with the Reform Party.


    • admin

      Hi SNA – Thanks for the comment. The captions on the photos are correct. Naidu is the guy on top, and the second photo is Kenneth Jeyaretnam. If you had seen Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s crazy father, JB Jeyaretnam passing out pamphlets on the street, you would know the family resemblence. When I was first in Singapore, working for the Singapore IRAS, old JB Jeyaretnam approached me outside of the Fullerton Building, where IRAS was located at the time. I thought the old guy dressed in shorts and dirty clothes was a beggar. He was unkempt and had long grey mutton chops. Disgusting – looks a lot like his son, Kenneth. Still, I took his pamphlet, as I felt sorry for the guy. Once inside the Fullerton Building, my colleagues explained who old JB was and I quickly consigned his pamphlet to the trash bin. When the CIA gets their hands on him, I think a little water-boarding would be appropriate, don’t you. Cheers!

  • Low

    John – I think a little more needs to be told about the late Mr JB Jeyeratnam since you have brought his name up for mention.

    As you probably would be aware he was a magistrate during the colonial days, and LKY was at that time a young but uncut lawyer plying his first trade representing labour unions (remeber the Hock Lee Bus riots ? Well guess who was the union’s legal adviser?). At that time I think the young LKY was slighted in court by a magistrate JB (as the reliable story goes) and when he took the throne of premiership the tables were turned. So the “feud” between JB and LKY has always been personal.

    But my heart goes out to JB though for he had given probably the best part of his life trying to fight for a more representative government in Singapore (despite his personal feud with the old man). He lost his private life and all his assets (zero bank balance) in the process. He was down but never out. This, to me, is the sacrifice JB made in service of the country. Compared to our ministers and key appointment holders, contrary to what LKY espoused, they have never made any real sacrifice – coming on board public service was never a sacrifice to them but a “get-rich-quick” route instead. I mean, can LKY name me one minister who has not become a multi-millionaire after 10 years in office? Could they have reached that status had they not entered public service?

  • admin

    Thanks, for the information, Low. Somehow, I just don’t have any good feeling about JB Jeyaretnam, and his two sons, Kenneth and Philip. Kenneth Jeyaretnam has been foolish to give his support and that of the Reform Party to Naidu. The Reform Party is on its way to be declared a terrorist orgainzation, and for good reason.

  • Low

    John, your sentiments on JB are shared by quite a number of (non-PAP supportive) Singaporeans, myself included. Had he stayed on course and detached himself by not taking the trail of personal vendetta route (from his political agenda), he would probably have seen more success and a wider appeal to a larger pool of better educated Singaporeans.

  • Low: Kenneth Jeyaretnam has demonstrated through his back if the terrorist, Naidu, that he, Jeyaretnam, lacks the judgment to be in politics.

  • Low

    Good point John. For all that is worth he should have distanced himself from Naidu if he had the political mettle in the first place. By placing his blind faith indiscriminately he is signing his “death” warrant in politics. Phillip, on the other hand, is treading a different course. He is gaining strength (slowly but surely) by placing his services at the disposal of the power that be (quite tangent to the course chosen by his late father). It remains to be seen whether he is using “them” or they are using him. Only time will tell.

  • Polemic

    John Harding,

    The top picture is clearly not Balldev Naidu.You seriously need to get prescriptions.

    Who are you trying to hoodwink?What are your telling contributions to Singapore to dismiss the old gentleman Jeyaretnam?And where is your source that Balldev used surface to air missiles?

    Jeyaretnam broke the PAP monopoly and is the father of Democracy in Singapore.One man who made a difference for the silent majority at least.You are probably a PAP member and a closet Leefucian advocate.I respect your political ideologies and your love for Yeo Cheow Tong.

    But don’t even think of sullying the elder Jeyaretnam’s name.Are you Tonya Harding’s relation?The Harding who became notorious for having allegedly conspired to harm competitor Nancy Kerrigan in an attack at a practice session during the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit.

    Who are you conspiring against next?

  • Polemic

    John Harding,

    You have still not escaped from paradise? The two pictures are the same person. Still waiting for your sources about Balldev using surface to air missiles.The guy has not been charged yet.Your facts are baseless.

    I think you need a good cup of coffee and an eye check up.Where did you get these photos from?Your sources?

    Stop hoodwinking.So the PAP has hired you to fix the opposition?

  • Low

    Polemic you are grossly mistaken. The pictures of Naidu and Kenneth are correctly identified. Please do not go round making corrections when you are unsure of the real thing. After all, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. You could have sentenced a wrong man to the gallows.

  • Yep. That’s what I initially thought too about Kenneth.

    And he’s going off tangent to what his late father had meant for the new party.

    But I think there’s more to it than meets the eye.

    If Kenneth had gumption for politics, he would have joined his father when he was still alive. Me thinks he’s in it for something else? 🙂

  • The resemblance between the two is uncanny. Same nose, same receding hairline etc. If the fella puts on some weight in the slammer, who knows he could pass as a double.

  • John, the resemblance struck me as too uncanny. So I checked with the one source that could verify….

  • Polemic

    Admin,John Harding and Low,

    All you guys are wrong.The two in the picture are the same person.You guys need to go for an eye check.As Lee Hsien Tau has put it, they have the same facial characteristics.

    Is there a conspiracy by the PAP and ‘Escape from Paradise’ to brand the Jeyaretnams as Terrorists?It’s a common PAP tactic.Is ‘Escape from Paradise’ the works of a disgruntled PAP Party Branch Member who was overlooked for a PBM? Trying to score more brownie points?

    I am still waiting for your sources about Balldev using surface to air missiles.Please be credible.I am starting to doubt all the previous articles on this website.They are all lies and simply sensationalist.

    There is a market in Singapore for another tabloid.The John Harding Tabloid.

    Please correct the photos and provide your sources.

    • admin

      Polemic, First off, I am not Singaporean, don’t live in Singapore, and don’t aspire to any Singapore government jobs. Secondly, Escape from Paradise, and the forthcoming movie are not political works, but a recounting of Singapore’s past. If you think I am wrong about the photo, check it out with the Straits Times.

  • Low

    Polemic I also saw that picture in the Straits Times, and if it was incorrectly captioned by the ST editorial staff then as lee hsien tau put it, it was an honest mistake, and the party you should direct your innate anger here should be the Straits Times.

    Thanks lee hsien tau for the arbitration there.

    And hey, I saw the articles in your blog site. My, you sure have a load of insider stuff regarding our good old boys or rather MIWs. Maybe you should share them with Polemic as he seems to be a rather misinformed chap among us here (in relation to the true picture of our MIWs)

  • Jim

    Hey guys, Polemic is right to say that both the pictures are of Kenneth. But as lee hsien tau puts it the confusion probably arose because of the Straits Times page which bore a little bit of “distortion” due to their spacing of caption which appeared in a few blogs and newsite (some of which showed the first photo of Kenneth alongside committee member Tony Tan while others only had Kenneth’s profile there alongside the caption which read only Mr Naidu’s name).

    So to cut a long story short, both Polemic and Mr Harding and Low are all correct, depending on where they source their references. I wonder how Balldev naidu really looks like. Why is there no photo of him around even though he is a subject of interest in the recent news. Its quite unfathomable why the Straits Times journalists made no attempt to get a copy of his picture.

  • Jim

    And by the way Polemic, you seem to have a little bit of confusion yourself (excuse my saying so) because you did not seem to be aware that the admin and Mr Harding are the same person.

  • admin

    Not only is it difficult to find photos of Balldev Naidu – some of the US Department of Justice information about him has been removed from the Internet. This contained startling information I was going to publish. Unfortunately (Polemic), I always back up my posts.

  • Jim

    Mr Harding, do you still get e-mail from HZ ? He seems to be completely out of the picture here rather suddenly. Poor chap, I hope he’s doing ok.

  • Low, you talking to me?

    You want to check out my other site. 🙂

  • admin

    Jim – Lee hsien tau is still with us – I like his blog. He’s done a lot of work, great crazy stuff – I love it…

  • Jim

    Actually, I was referring to He Zhaoshen (remember him ?)

  • admin

    Yes – I guess this place was a bit rough for him – haven’t heard from him for a while.

  • Low

    lee hsien tau – Yes, I was referring to your blog site and the unfortunate circumstances you had encountered during the past few years. Hope you have found some decent place to stay at last.

  • If Chiam See Tong wasn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing, things would’ve turned out different. A lot of people would’ve been shown the gallows.

    As it is, there’s no place for me without an income.

  • I mean my experience is worse than CSJ’s.

    Just imagine being chased around the cuntry and be screwed out of every job opportunity possible just because somebody can’t afford to appear in court?

    In this fucking island, to each his own, where to hide? Where to find Mount Liang?

  • And you have an IMH dog certifying such a situation as being schizophrenic?

  • Things being the way they are, only nutcases would pair with Chiam in a GRC. 🙂

  • Low

    lee hsien tau –

    I sympathise the plight you are in. This intimidation method by the MIW (the power that be) is very real but, unfortunately, a lot of Singaporeans are not aware of this.

    I know of a similar case such as yours regarding an ex-Union leader who did not tread the pro-PAP line and he was, like you, persecuted left, right and centre. I don’t know about his abode status, but in as far as employment is concerned each time he found a new job and his particulars submitted to the CPF, his employers had to terminate his service with all sort of excuses given (under pressure from the MIW).

    I think ex-CAD director Glenn Knight also got the butt of such treatment. He was mistaken that he had carte blanche authority to investigate anybody (including members of the Lee family) and with that commission he went about doing his commercial crime busting role. He did the inevitable by launching an investigation on a member of the Lee family regarding the takeover of a bank in Japan ( in which where a kick back was duly exposed by the Japanese authorities). Two special investigators were assigned the task. Before he had even done much preliminary work he was suddenly accosted by a criminal charge of cheating !

    The authorities (MIW) had already found him “guilty” for a crime which was yet to be determined. Firstly he was charged with cheating Ng Ser Miang in a Batam project. When no evidence could be produced it was dropped. It was unfortunate for him to have bought a Subaru Legacy and taken a government loan for it at that time. He was incarcerated on a contentious charge of cheating the government of $5,000 – the sum being the credit note that Subaru reversed to his account upon completion of purchase. The two investigators were dismissed the service and the investigation was pulled under the rug. Case closed. Forgotten.

    At that time Nissan in Japan had just taken over Subaru and in Singapore the Subaru agents adopted a $5000 credit note policy because it didn’t want to compete with its conterpart Nissan models here based on pricing (this policy is the fore-runner of the cash rebate policy in use by motor companies currently). If G. Knight was guilty of fraud, it should naturally follow that all those few hundred people who bought vehicles from Subaru under finance should have been similarly charged which was not the case. G. Knight was disbarred from practising law and just when he was about to reach the 6 year statue bar under the limitations act, he was again incarcerated on another technical issue. At least for him, at the end of his dark tunnel he finally saw some semblance of a normal life when he was re-instated to the bar (with the help of goodwill put in by some influencial friends and also by keeping his mouth shut).

    Many in Singapore are kept in the dark about this dark chapter of G, Knight’s life under the misinformation policy of LKY and it appears he is resigned to his fate (not wanting to incur the displeasure of the MIW again after what he had gone through).

    With this bit of information perhaps you can now get a better perspective on why LKY turned his focus away from Japan and devoted all his energy on China. His credibility in Japan had taken a major hit.

  • Low

    lee hsien tau

    By the way I have to add a couple of notes on that thing you say about branding someone as a schizophrenic .

    Long time political detainee the late Lim Chin Siong was very nearly branded as one. The MIW were about to commit him to a mental institution in England under the guise of sending him to England for medical treatment. He was quite fortunate that family members in London, who got the news through a leakage, managed to intercept the MIW manhandlers in London with the help of British police and prevented them from doing so.

    Also, there is a guy called Robert Ho who suffered the same fate of such a certification. This guy is of sound mind and of high IQ and intelligence. He has a blog called “I came, I saw, I solved it” which contained very interesting and cogent points of interest.

    Thought you might want to know.


  • Low,

    I know this Robert. He believes he’s schizophrenic, but I wonder?

    Anyway, I left my CPF to him for help only he would render in my hour of need.

    Besides, only he would leave his address and NRIC on the web for all and sundry to view.

    Tell him to collect. It may be soon (if I don’t message him myself).

  • By the way Low,

    You know my websites, all the names listed in it.

    I know Koh Chong Huat was HDB branch head, so brush shoulders with Mah Bow Tan, Lim Hng Kiang and whoever before that were MND.

    His brother Koh Chong Joo was GM of Esmarco, office at Orchard Rd to take care of Istana, so brush shoulders with Prataman, Old Fart and Pinky and all the rest of the famiLee.

    Then there’s the bitch lawyer Hoo Sheau Farn, whose sister Hoo Sheau Peng now district judge.

    Who the fuck did my father and me offend?

  • These two sisters, Hoo Sheau Farn and Hoo Sheau Peng.

    They seem related. My two eldest sisters were called Hu Siow Kin and Hu Siow Ling until they were corrected to ‘Koh’ by deed poll because my third sister had problem enrolling in the same primary school.

  • Jim

    lee hsien tau

    I read your blog and your plight.

    But don’t worry Providence will prevail, and in the end you will deserve the justice that is evading you at the moment.

    Look at the “old fart” LKY and the condition of his wife, his elder son and also the younger son, and his daughter. Aren’t they ALL in various kinds of medical conditions (except his younger son whose got marital problems of his own to bring disgrace to the old man). The almighty is keeping the old man alive to watch how his famiLEE is being punished by slowly eroding their life away for the sins he had committed on all those innocent victims who had been sacrificed to satisfy his whim for sadism.

    The sadists who have plagued and tortured you will also have their day. Nothing escape the eye of righteous of the almighty.

    We live in the world only for a short span of at most 100 years. When we pass on, it’s FOREVER over there. You can take comfort to know that they may have their satisfaction now (how many more years can they live?) but they will have lots to answer over yonder. Remember, you reap what you sow, if not in this life then it would be yonder.

    Take care.

  • Low

    John, I think maybe they have bought over this Naidu guy and using him to discredit the RP, and as a platform use the RP as a representation of being untrustworthy to reflect the same for all other opposition parties ? Just an insane thought, but maybe I struck jackpot with this random call …..

  • helsin

    Yes the caption on Oct 5th was fine.
    But the one appearing on October 6th is poorly phrased giving a false impression that Kenneth J was the wanted terrorist. Given that The Strait Times is considered a reputable papers in the region, such error is unacceptable, unless it is calculated to fool the public and harass the innocent.

    Now why would they get it right the day before and then messed it up the day after?

  • There is a lot of spin going on here. All photographs of Balldev Naidu are off the Internet. The US Department of Justice has removed information about Naidu that was accessible previously.

    And get this – a Google search on Balldev Naidu puts all official US information way way back at the end.

    I telephoned the US Department of Justice, at the number they gave for Balldev Naidu’s case. I got a recording to leave my number and the Department of Justice would call back. They never called.

    The fix is in, and the coverup complete.

  • Word for word the Oct 5th article was repeated in the Oct 6th one.

    Only the heading was changed, the picture altered to leave out Tony Tan, coupled with the misleading caption.

    If they had used a monkey, Balldev Naidu would appear to be a monkey no matter how you search Google Images. 🙂

  • Jim


    Here id THE LATEST DEVELOPMENT IN THE POLITICAL UNDERCURRENT in Singapore. As of Saturday late evening (14 Nov 09) all internet users using Singtel broadband has been blocked from access to website (TR). I think someone, possibly me, had posted some comments regarding very sensitive issues regarding LKY’s tendency to tell lies by reproducing the evidences (from past reports published in The Straits Times over the years) for readers to see. Also. the TR had provided on that Saturday morning information to tell its readers the venue in which a book entitled ” The Fajar Generation” written by 3 ex-political detainees was to be available for sale, with one of them present as speaker to entertain any queries the public might want to porth forth. The book is supposed to be a collection of memoirs, much like a reposte to the recent book regarding the Men in White (the PAPies)

    TR is a website offering alternative news on Singapore from across a wide arena of cultural and political perspective, and, as expected, carries a lot of critical views opposing government policies conducted by the PAPies.

    It seems Singtel has an institution belonging to the government, hence, the people of Singapore, has, yet again, been used by the PAPies to further their selfish interests of self-preservation. The website is still unaccessible at to Singtel subscribers at this time. Deplorable conduct by Singtel.

  • Jim


    The website can now be accessed through firefox (it was also down during the weekend but on line now).

    However, it remains unaccessible through Yahoo. Those Singtel subscribers who have been following the website might want to take note of this, to log in through firefox.

  • Jim


    It’s damn real-time phenomenon. I was getting through logging into temasekreview (TR) website just a while ago through mozilla firefox and now my screen suddenly went blank and unable to re-connect again – the blackout, I think, is a full blanket.

  • Jim

    It’s getting damn interesting. All avenues to (TR) have been blocked (even for those sites which provided alternative gateway into the site).

    It seems TR has been suspended suddenly from broadcast (no reason given by Media Authority of Singapore). However, a ruling has been imposed on all bloggers who want to contribute to the website it seems. They must declare their income before being allowed to participate. This is another nail in the coffin of “press” freedom yet again. I bet if TR had been a site championing the PAPies’ cause it would still have been readily accessible to all independent bloggers. It is obvious they are using the “income” strategy to intimidate dissenters of PAP policies. The IRAS is one of the most useful tools used by LKY to kill off his a lot of his potential political adversaries all along, and this recent episode shows that it is still the same. Nothing has changed. The old man is still as wicked as ever, even in his final years, if not, his final days, I would say.

    • admin

      You are right. I can get the Temasek Revies home page, but none of the links. Here’s what I get using Google Chrome:
      This webpage is not available.

      The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

      More information on this error
      Below is the original error message

      Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error.

      So now we have two blackouts – Temasek Review, and anything pertaining to alleged terrorist, Balldev Naidu.

  • Jim

    Damn all those who still have unwavering faith this leadership.

  • Political SalesMaN

    Thru half way of the comment, some one sidetrack to bring in CHiam & CSJ.
    To divert the attention of Naidu case. Reform Party is an inmature & illegal Party under those illegal CEC member. With the help of Naidu to bribe the rest of the members to elbow the Old CEC member. Not only now ! Naidu has try many times to fix JBJ. He himself is a cover-agent. Now his Hope is answer to get an idiot with double 1st (Phui) to help build a Tiger Base here and demolish JBJ lagacy. Thank to the US agent to fix him. I personally make Clear to all citizen, Singapore is our Land. should not be conspire to be use by resistence group.

  • Jim

    Political Salesman

    You were also a contributor ar like me. Can you access that site now? Did you know it’s been blocked by our Men in White ? Totally inacessible to Singaporeans now. Looks like got to go across causeway and use their waveband and then relay them back through a blogsite here ?

  • Jim


    I think it is pretty clear that this Naidu guy is indeed a covert operative, a paid agent of PAP, who is being used to discredit the RP, with the unsuspecting and greenhorn politicial Kenneth still in the dark about whose master Naidu really is.

    Why the total lack of a single picture on him since he has just been reported in a high profile case here. I mean when the terror plot was discovered regarding Mas Selamat and his cohort, his picture was on the cover of every media channel. But when Naidu’s case appeared, nothing was available. LKY’s intelligence agents are in it with the CIA as you have suggested, which, I think is highly probable. Again, The Straits Times as an agent of the government has been duly proven – they collaborated with the black-out on all pictures of Naidu.

  • Political SalesMaN

    Thank U Jim, Yes I got the same problem as U mention. Any way the White Ant is everywhere. Must use by-gone to terminate them. In the 90’s if I not wrong there was one web call “Fateha .com” also obsolute by White Ant.

  • Jim

    Political Salesman

    Correction : the website should read

    Anyway, you’ve got my point. Look’s like the PAPies are trying to block out the news that there is a book entitled “The Fajar Generation” written by the 3 ex-political detainees which has just been launched.

    I can bet that no bookshop chain would dare distribute this book, unless they want to suffer the same fate as Kinokuniya, which was ordered to withdraw its sale of “Escape From Paradise”.

  • anon

    Hey Jim et al,

    You could try using this proxy website to access to TR.

    I finally managed to access to TR using the proxy above.