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It took me two and a half evenings to complete your un-put-downable is a unique contribution to the appreciation of a life in Singapore. Thank you for having written it. C. V. Devan Nair, former President of Singapore.

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It is a remarkable story and so full of intrigue that it reads at times like fiction.Jonathan Burnham, Editor in Chief & President, Talk Miramax Books.

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This book out-Dallas, Dallas. No one has written so well of the other side of paradise,Francis T. Seow, former Solicitor General of Singapore

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Mary Bancroft – Master Spy

"I can't understand what the f--k you are saying." The voice came from an elderly lady in the back row of my computer class. It was from Mary Bancroft, a part owner of The Wall Street Journal. She is the author of Autobiography of a Spy and was the woman behind the plot to kill Hitler, the lover of CIA chief, Allen Dulles, the lady who invited me to dinner to meet Woody Allen and, yes, Mary Bancroft was my computer student.


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Windows is broken and so is Microsoft

The guys at Microsoft continue to slip farther away from reality. Untested computer graduates, fresh out of college, led by new Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella.

Mr. Nadella, an import from India, loves to quote Hitler’s favorite author, 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, using phrases like “courage in the face of reality.” Better that Nadella should say “reality in the face of reality,” as both Nadella and Microsoft are no longer in the real world.

The unfortunate release of Windows 8 shows just how far out of touch Nadella and Microsoft are from reality. Windows 8 was designed more for a cell-phone than for a desktop computer. Windows 8 failed to work on a desktop and continues to be full of “bugs.”

According to ZDNet, Windows 8 is full of problems:

“The last several months have seen a disturbing string of problems in updates released for Microsoft products. Last week we saw four. It’s time to worry about what’s behind it all.

The following list includes problems observed in just the last six months:

  • Microsoft’s June patches broke Office Click-to-Run for some
  • August Windows updates cause systems to go into reboot loops (among other problems)
  • September Lync server security update may not install successfully
  • A file synch issue in OneDrive for Business force Microsoft to pull and reissue an update
  • An update to add SHA-2 hashing to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 could cause system reboots
  • New ciphers included with a security update to Schannel caused connections to drop and programs to become unresponsive
  • October updates to Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013 could stop fields from updating (*)
  • An Exchange 2010 update issued in December could stop Outlook from connecting to the server. It was withdrawn and reissued
  • December update KB3004394 on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 can cause an inability to install future updates
  • December update KB2553154 for Office 2010 disables ActiveX controls”

On my own computer, I am often unable to access my own files because Windows 8 “permissions” will not allow it. This forces me to go through a number of screens to reset the permissions.

Until have found a little-known program that does this for me with a single click, I spent hours overcoming the “permissions” problem.

Sony is another victim of Microsoft Windows. Sony’s entire operation has been undermined by hackers—thanks to Windows.

Today, Windows is not only our our desktops, cell-phones, tablets, phablets, etc, but has replaced the secure IBM mainframe in many datacenters. The datacenter is now fashionably called the “cloud.” Instead of a mainframe, most new datacenters are populated by tens or hundreds of Windows PCs all strung together. Why? That is what the college grads have been taught.

When I was in charge of Singapore’s Inland Revenue Department’s datacenter, we used an IBM mainframe. Everything was secure and the system serviced its many users as a “cloud.” Since we were part of the Singapore government, the top computer science graduates were hired from the National University of Singapore to work in the datacenter. Since these students had been taught only about PCs, they naturally began to replace the IBM mainframe by Windows PCs.

Fortunately, I was hired by Citibank, Singapore to set up and run what became the largest financial datacenter in Asia—utilizing IBM mainframes. We had two IBM mainframe datacenters on opposite ends of Singapore, running in tandem. If one datacenter had a failure, there was an automatic switch to the other datacenter. The name for the technology to do that is IBM Sysplex.

However, in time at Citibank, we came under pressure to use PCs and other “mini-computers” to take over some of the functions of the IBM mainframes. This was thanks to new employees who knew nothing about mainframes.

The main programming language for mainframes is called COBOL. It still accounts for more than 70 percent of the business transactions that take place in the world today. In fact, COBOL is still being used more than Google. How much more? There are about 200 times more COBOL transactions than Google searches worldwide.

Universities, however, shun COBOL and favor the more scientific-looking “curly-brace” programming languages like C, C++ and it’s offshoots. COBOL is no longer cool, but college grads who have learned COBOL earn an average of $10,000 more per year than those who don’t, according to an ITWorld report.

Which would you prefer – a sea of Windows PCs running your business or an IBM mainframe?

Maybe Sony should have an IBM mainframe datacenter with Apples on the desktop.



U.S. launched surge against Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, from classified Snowden files

Original graphic from file.

Text for seaSnowdenMexicorch
(U/ /FOLIO) S2C41 surge effort
(TS//Sl//REL) NSA’s Mexico Leadership Team (S2C41) conducted a
two-week target development surge effort against one of Mexico’s
lead ing presidential candidates, Enrique Pena Nieto, and nine of his
close associates. Nieto is considered by most political pundits to be
the likely winner of the 2012 Mexican presidential elections which are
to be held in Ju ly 2012. SATC leveraged graph analysis in the
development surge’s target development effort.

02/12/2014 Update – The US is now placing pressure on Mexico’s currency. Recently, the Peso has dropped by over 10% in value against the US Dollar. Apparently, Washington believes that Pena Neto is unwilling or unable to curb the power of Mexico’s drug lords and local police forces.

Singapore terrorist arrested in Batam, Indonesia

A Singaporean, Lim Yong Nam, wanted by the United States for terrorism Iran has been arrested in Batam, Indonesia.

Lim Yong Nam’s name was on an Interpol Red Notice in connection with conspiracy to defraud the United States.

The US Department of Justice has requested that the Indonesian police arrest Lim Yong Nam and extradite him to the US, but the Singaporean government has been carrying out efforts to stop its citizen from being extradited, arguing that he did not violate the law.

In Lim Yong Nam’s case, he had—together with three other Singaporeans and an Iranian national—been indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2011 for conspiring to allow electronics components from the US to be illegally exported to Iran rather than to their stated final destination of Singapore.

Lim was the owner and director of NEL Electronics, and was accused of acquiring 6,000 radio frequency modules for export to Iran together with Ms. Wong Yuh Lan, an agent of another electronics company.

The US alleged that 16 of the modules were later found in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq that had not detonated and were designed to kill U.S. troops in Iraq.

The US had sought the extradition of all four Singaporeans, but Singapore Justice Choo Han Teck allowed Lim’s appeal, together with that of Ms. Wong, then 39, as it found the wrongdoing he was accused of by the US authorities was not an offence in Singapore.

Choo Han Teck

Choo Han Teck

Justice Choo Han Teck said the actions of the two did not satisfy the “double criminality” required under the extradition treaty between Singapore and the US, which means the act had to be an offence in both jurisdictions.

Justice Choo Han Teck noted that the US sought the extradition of Lim Yong Nam and Ms. Wong (a.k.a. Huang Yulan, Jancy Wong and Yuh Lan Wong) for their involvement in a conspiracy to breach trade sanctions of goods, even though Singapore had no such comparative legislation.

The other two Singaporeans were, however, extradited as they had illegally exported military-use antennas, which are controlled goods, to Singapore.

Both men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the US by dishonest means, and were sentenced by a US federal court in 2013. Lim Kow Seng, then 44, was handed a 37-month prison term while Benson Hia Soo Gan (a.k.a. Benson, Soo Gan Benson Hia and Thomas Yan), then 46, got a 34-month jail term.

Lim Yong Nam made a serious blunder by leaving Singapore, where he had been protected by the strange decision of Justice Choo Han Tack.

ISIL’s Brand of Islam Comes from Saudi Arabia

The first Saudi King, Abdul Aziz, formed an alliance Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism, which became and still is the foundation and law of the Saudi kingdom.

Now, Saudi Arabia has joined the United States in bombing its own believers, the Wahhabis of ISIL. They are doing this to protect the Saudi King and his vast royal family.

Caliph Ibrahim, also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is doing exactly the same thing as—and in the same—way as King Abdul Aziz did, when he invaded what is now Saudi Arabia.

Caliph Ibrahim is today’s King Abdul Aziz.

The new Caliphate or Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, has an exclusive commitment to the Saudi Wahhabi movement of Sunni Islam.

The Caliphate

The Caliphate

The King of Saudi Arabia and the monarchs of the adjacent countries have placed themselves on a very slippery slope by attacking ISIL. The one-percenters of Saudi Arabia and the related monarchies are by and large in favor of Wahhabism.

ISIL is, in no way, a deviant from the beliefs of Saudi Arabia formed by King Abdul Aziz. Under Wahhabi Islam in Saudi Arabia, people were not allowed to sing or even whistle in the street and if they did, the punishment was harsh and swift.

In Saudi Arabia, even today, punishment for crimes takes place on the first Friday after conviction—with no appeals or delays.

Decapitations, the cutting of hands and canings take place at the mosque as a part of its religious ceremony.

ISIL’s beheadings are no different than what goes on in Saudi Arabia and is in keeping with the views of most of the Saudi population.

ISIL’s beheadings are horrific. However, in the eyes of Arab Muslims, their numbers pale when weighed against the 500,000 Muslims who died as a result of the Iraq War, 100,000 of whom were killed directly by the American coalition.

Beyond being a theeat to the head of the King of Saudi Arabia and his fellow monarchs, ISIL is a major threat to the world’s oil supply.

To date, ISIL has captured significant oil production facilities in Iraq, and is marketing the oil at only $30 a barrel. Speculators, buying at that price, and re-selling at the “official price” of around $100 a barrel are making fortunes.

ISIL’s vast revenues permit it to purchase the most modern arms, which are in addition to those they have captured in Iraq, Syria, and even Libya.

Most Arab Muslims resent having lost their Caliphate and having it cut up, artificially, into nations such as Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Jordan.

Muslims of all creeds have longed for the day when the borders created by the West are erased and the glory of the Caliphate be restored. The Caliphate is a holy state founded by Prophet Mohammed, the first Caliph being his companion and successor Abu Bakr.

ISIL is restoring the Caliphate, and, in the eyes of many, restoring glory to the Arab nation.

The writer of this article, John Harding, has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for nine years, and speaks Arabic.

Non-citizen income rises 15 times faster than income of native U.S. citizens in 2013

The U.S. Census Bureau reported on September 16, 2014 that household income for non-citizens working in the United States rose 6.0% between 2012 and 2013, 15 times more than the paltry 0.4% increase for households led by native-born U.S. workers.

The Census Bureau said income households led by foreign-born workers, which includes non-citizens and naturalized citizens, rose 1.7% over the same period of time. That’s still about four times higher than the 0.4% increase for native-born workers. The difference is huge.

Democrats have supported easing immigration rules and some have criticized Obama for the delay. Republicans say more immigration would lead to depressed wages for native-U.S. workers which can’t compete. This is backed up in the Census Bureau report.

Republicans have argued that the effort by Democrats to ease immigration rules would make it easier for non-citizens to find jobs, at the expense of U.S. citizens. The Census report shows that is already be happening. Native-U.S. household income was almost flat between 2012 and 2013, while income for foreign-born residents rose much more.

The Census Bureau stressed that its report indicates a wide difference between income for citizen and non-citizen income—it also indicates that the income of some households led by native-U.S. workers actually declined between 2012 and 2013.

Whiteman by Robert Crumb

Whiteman by Robert Crumb

The largely white House Republicans have said for over a year that it won’t pass the Senate bill, in large part because of fears that it would create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Many Republicans say that would only help attract more illegal immigrants, much in the same way that, Republicans argue, the Obama administration’s deferred deportation action for younger immigrants has lured thousands of children to the southern U.S. border.

The Census Bureau assessment will certainly bolster those fears among Republicans.

The Census Bureau said that while it’s difficult to estimate future populations, it was a fact that the U.S. allows 1 million legal immigrants to enter the country each year. Obama’s Senate bill would therefore roughly double the number of legal immigrants each year through 2022.

The problem may be that native Americans, especially the whites, feel they are entitled and should not have to work so hard.

Obama’s use of the phrase “American exceptionalism,” seems to apply only to foreign-born Americans.

Certainly, the American whites are in deep and steady decline.

Did General David Petraeus create ISIL in Iraq?

Gen. David Petraeus took over as the commanding general of the Multi-National Forces in Iraq in 2007. When General Petraeus armed the Iraqi Sunnis for the surge. It appears that those same armed Sunnis later developed into what is now ISIS or ISIL in Iraq.

On July 29, 2914, Petraeus was interviewed by PBS Frontline. During this interview, Petraeus made some interesting and revealing remarks concerning the much-discussed surge. Here are the key excerpts.

PBS Frontline: Gen. Petraeus, let’s start with 2006, the debate on the need for the “surge,” a very big change in strategy at that point. … Give me your take on … what the debate was about and why.

Petraeus: …But another huge idea — and not something separate, not something just lucky — was the idea of promoting reconciliation with disaffected Sunni Arabs who felt they had been cast off, cast out of Iraq, that they had been disenfranchised. …
…There was one small case of this outside Ramadi, in Anbar Province, when the surge began. It had been going on for several months, and I immediately went out there, assessed it, recognized that this is the kernel of a huge idea, that if we could achieve critical mass and set off a chain reaction, first up and down the Euphrates River Valley and Anbar Province and then to Baghdad and then up and down the Tigris River Valley, each of these in the predominantly Sunni Arabs areas west and north of Baghdad, that we could really make a difference. And we set out to do that.
…Over time this spawned the so-called Sunni Arab awakening, the Sons of Iraq. Ultimately we had 103,000 former insurgents, and actually over 20,000 former militia members part of that 103,000 to give you a sense of the magnitude of this endeavor…

PBS Frontline: The Sunni insurgents, the over 100,000 that you brought onboard basically, where did the idea come from that we actually had to involve them, we had to put them on the payroll to really bring them within our realm?

…First of all, you have to recognize that the Sunni Arabs were not going to reconcile. They were not going to have an awakening, if you will. They weren’t going to raise their hand and say, “We’ll take on Al Qaeda,” until they were assured that we could secure them. …Once they saw that we were committed, once they saw that we were able to secure them, they’d gotten tired of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda had been abusive. It had been blowing Sunni Arabs up and Sunni mosques up in addition to Shia Arabs and mosques. So they were keen to get these individuals out of their areas and to reintegrate into an Iraq which has such bounty.

Let’s remember that Iraq can generate — even at that time it could generate $110 billion per year just in oil exports alone, if we could get the pipelines and all the production facilities and the electrical towers upright and operating again.
Once they realized that this was possible, then they raised their hand. They said: “Let us help you. We will help secure our areas alongside your soldiers, and then what we’d like to do over time is of course we’d like to find employment for our young men.”

Our comment: Petraeus’s statement about Iraq oil revenues may reveal the real reason for the Iraq war – the need to feed the U.S. Military/Industrial Complex.

PBS Frontline: You’ve written that you’re not surprised about ISIS rising up. Explain.

Petraeus: It’s not a surprise if you’re watching it closely. And I have watched it closely, albeit through open-source rather than classified intelligence. But there’s plenty of it out there. In fact, there is more and more and more as these groups themselves post videos on YouTube and have Twitter accounts and are constantly telling you what it is that they are doing. A number of the think tanks in this town follow that closely, the Institute for the Study of War in particular, on whose board I sit.
So we’ve watched as ISIS became more and more prominent in Syria, as it challenged the true Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra. Then, as it started to come back into Iraq, as it launched again, eight months ago now, an assassination campaign, very targeted hits on Iraqi security force leaders and members in and around Mosul, and then as it retook the city of Fallujah, six, seven years ago to take back from the Sunni insurgents at that time in the surge. So we’ve watched this.

Our comment: Here Petraeus reveals a lot. First, he admits that the Sunni’s were armed by the U.S. for the surge are the force that is now ISIS in Iraq. ISIS is exclusively a Sunni movement and those same Sunnis that form ISIS, today, came from the Sunnis Petraeus armed for his well-known surge.

Note: The full text of the PBS Frontline interview of Petraeus can be found at:

Are my books being illegally sold? Are yours?

Roman Catholic Parish of the Lord Kosice, Poland

Roman Catholic Parish of the Lord, Kosice, Poland

One of my clients contacted me regarding his very successful book, How to Open a Successful Pawnshop. I am his editor and set him up on his own account on Lightning Source (LSI).

He had found a site, which is selling his book, my books, and just about any books you want.

The site is located in Poland.

Warning: I got to the site and received a virus, pup.optional.amonetize, from it once I clicked into the site. This should not happen if you just take a look at the site without clicking.

The parent site, is a Catholic church and I encountered no virus here!

The church’s logo reads, “Rzymskokatolicka Parafia P.S. Przemienienia Panskiego w Koszycach Wielkich.”

Google Translate tells me this says, “Roman Catholic Parish P.S. Transfiguration of the Lord’s Kosice Great.”

If you keep pup.optional.amonetize stays in your system, it can provide an attacker with full access via a backdoor, permitting unauthorized access to your computer without your consent. This type of virus also captures your system and it can easily steal your login and password details. When it is running in the background, it downloads and executes other malware, delivers advertisements to your computer, and even blocks programs from running. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get rid of pup.optional.amonetize once upon detection.

I got rid of it with Malwarebytes.

It’s not just Jennifer Lawrence who is victimized by the Internet.

Obama’s speech was only to conceal his support for the Shias – and Iran

Today, in his speech, Obama officially made the United States and ally of the Shia governments of Iraq and Iran. In his speech, Obama mixed up the Shia and Sunni roles in the ISIL conflict to conceal this fact from his fellow Americans just whose side he is really on.

There are only three places in Obama’s September 10, 2014 speech to the nation where the words “Sunni” and “Shia” are mentioned.

These statements are designed to give the false impression that Obama is mainly saving the Sunni Muslims when the opposite is true.

1) Obama states, “We will also support Iraq’s efforts to stand up National Guard Units to help Sunni communities secure their own freedom from ISIL control.”

—Here, Obama mentions only Sunnis and not the Shias. This is to create the false picture that the United States is in Iraq to free Sunni’s. However, the opposite is true as Iraqi Sunnis are by and large on the side of ISIL, and it is the Shia communities that are under attack by the ISIL, which is a Sunni-led movement.

2) Later Obama states, “Fourth, we will continue providing humanitarian assistance to innocent civilians who have been displaced by this terrorist organization. This includes Sunni and Shia Muslims who are at grave risk, as well as tens of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities.”

—In this statement, Obama lumps the Sunni and Shia Muslims together, when conflicts in Iraq and in Syria are between the Sunni Muslim ISIL, and the Shia majority.

3) Finally, Obama says, “Secretary Kerry was in Iraq today meeting with the new government and supporting their efforts to promote unity, and in the coming days he will travel across the Middle East and Europe to enlist more partners in this fight, especially Arab nations who can help mobilize Sunni communities in Iraq and Syria to drive these terrorists from their lands.”

—This contradicts the facts that it is the Sunnis who are attacking the Shia communities in Iraq and Obama is coming down on the side of the Shia’s and Iran.

What Obama is saying in these three statements is that he is saving the Sunni’s—most of which are either pro-ISIL, or are actually ISIL fighters themselves. That is just not so. Obama is hiding the fact—yes, by lying—that he is saving not the Sunnis, but the Shias at a great and enduring cost to the United States.

The Shia and Sunni Muslims have been fighting each other since the Battle of Karbala in 680. The Sunni-Shia conflict is all about who shall be the caliph (leader) of Islam. That conflict has been going on for over 1,300 years. And Obama is going to put an end to it?

The consequence of Obama’s backing of the Shia Muslims is that it will bring terrorism to America.

The writer of this article, John Harding has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for nine years, and speaks Arabic.

Following is the complete text of Obama’s speech, containing the three items cited above.

The White House — My fellow Americans — tonight, I want to speak to you about what the United States will do with our friends and allies to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL.
As Commander-in-Chief, my highest priority is the security of the American people. Over the last several years, we have consistently taken the fight to terrorists who threaten our country. We took out Osama bin Laden and much of al Qaeda’s leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We’ve targeted al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen, and recently eliminated the top commander of its affiliate in Somalia. We’ve done so while bringing more than 140,000 American troops home from Iraq, and drawing down our forces in Afghanistan, where our combat mission will end later this year. Thanks to our military and counterterrorism professionals, America is safer.
Still, we continue to face a terrorist threat. We cannot erase every trace of evil from the world, and small groups of killers have the capacity to do great harm. That was the case before 9/11, and that remains true today. That’s why we must remain vigilant as threats emerge. At this moment, the greatest threats come from the Middle East and North Africa, where radical groups exploit grievances for their own gain. And one of those groups is ISIL — which calls itself the “Islamic State.”
Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not “Islamic.” No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim. And ISIL is certainly not a state. It was formerly al Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq, and has taken advantage of sectarian strife and Syria’s civil war to gain territory on both sides of the Iraq-Syrian border. It is recognized by no government, nor the people it subjugates. ISIL is a terrorist organization, pure and simple. And it has no vision other than the slaughter of all who stand in its way.
In a region that has known so much bloodshed, these terrorists are unique in their brutality. They execute captured prisoners. They kill children. They enslave, rape, and force women into marriage. They threatened a religious minority with genocide. In acts of barbarism, they took the lives of two American journalists — Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff.
So ISIL poses a threat to the people of Iraq and Syria, and the broader Middle East — including American citizens, personnel and facilities. If left unchecked, these terrorists could pose a growing threat beyond that region — including to the United States. While we have not yet detected specific plotting against our homeland, ISIL leaders have threatened America and our allies. Our intelligence community believes that thousands of foreigners — including Europeans and some Americans — have joined them in Syria and Iraq. Trained and battle-hardened, these fighters could try to return to their home countries and carry out deadly attacks.
I know many Americans are concerned about these threats. Tonight, I want you to know that the United States of America is meeting them with strength and resolve. Last month, I ordered our military to take targeted action against ISIL to stop its advances. Since then, we have conducted more than 150 successful airstrikes in Iraq. These strikes have protected American personnel and facilities, killed ISIL fighters, destroyed weapons, and given space for Iraqi and Kurdish forces to reclaim key territory. These strikes have helped save the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children.
But this is not our fight alone. American power can make a decisive difference, but we cannot do for Iraqis what they must do for themselves, nor can we take the place of Arab partners in securing their region. That’s why I’ve insisted that additional U.S. action depended upon Iraqis forming an inclusive government, which they have now done in recent days. So tonight, with a new Iraqi government in place, and following consultations with allies abroad and Congress at home, I can announce that America will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat.
Our objective is clear: we will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy.
First, we will conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists. Working with the Iraqi government, we will expand our efforts beyond protecting our own people and humanitarian missions, so that we’re hitting ISIL targets as Iraqi forces go on offense. Moreover, I have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are. That means I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL in Syria, as well as Iraq. This is a core principle of my presidency: if you threaten America, you will find no safe haven.
Second, we will increase our support to forces fighting these terrorists on the ground. In June, I deployed several hundred American service members to Iraq to assess how we can best support Iraqi Security Forces. Now that those teams have completed their work — and Iraq has formed a government — we will send an additional 475 service members to Iraq. As I have said before, these American forces will not have a combat mission — we will not get dragged into another ground war in Iraq. But they are needed to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces with training, intelligence and equipment. We will also support Iraq’s efforts to stand up National Guard Units to help Sunni communities secure their own freedom from ISIL control.
Across the border, in Syria, we have ramped up our military assistance to the Syrian opposition. Tonight, I again call on Congress to give us additional authorities and resources to train and equip these fighters. In the fight against ISIL, we cannot rely on an Assad regime that terrorizes its people; a regime that will never regain the legitimacy it has lost. Instead, we must strengthen the opposition as the best counterweight to extremists like ISIL, while pursuing the political solution necessary to solve Syria’s crisis once and for all.
Third, we will continue to draw on our substantial counterterrorism capabilities to prevent ISIL attacks. Working with our partners, we will redouble our efforts to cut off its funding; improve our intelligence; strengthen our defenses; counter its warped ideology; and stem the flow of foreign fighters into — and out of — the Middle East. And in two weeks, I will chair a meeting of the UN Security Council to further mobilize the international community around this effort.
Fourth, we will continue providing humanitarian assistance to innocent civilians who have been displaced by this terrorist organization. This includes Sunni and Shia Muslims who are at grave risk, as well as tens of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities. We cannot allow these communities to be driven from their ancient homelands.
This is our strategy. And in each of these four parts of our strategy, America will be joined by a broad coalition of partners. Already, allies are flying planes with us over Iraq; sending arms and assistance to Iraqi Security Forces and the Syrian opposition; sharing intelligence; and providing billions of dollars in humanitarian aid. Secretary Kerry was in Iraq today meeting with the new government and supporting their efforts to promote unity, and in the coming days he will travel across the Middle East and Europe to enlist more partners in this fight, especially Arab nations who can help mobilize Sunni communities in Iraq and Syria to drive these terrorists from their lands. This is American leadership at its best: we stand with people who fight for their own freedom; and we rally other nations on behalf of our common security and common humanity.
My Administration has also secured bipartisan support for this approach here at home. I have the authority to address the threat from ISIL. But I believe we are strongest as a nation when the President and Congress work together. So I welcome congressional support for this effort in order to show the world that Americans are united in confronting this danger.
Now, it will take time to eradicate a cancer like ISIL. And any time we take military action, there are risks involved — especially to the servicemen and women who carry out these missions. But I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil. This counter-terrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out ISIL wherever they exist, using our air power and our support for partner forces on the ground. This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years. And it is consistent with the approach I outlined earlier this year: to use force against anyone who threatens America’s core interests, but to mobilize partners wherever possible to address broader challenges to international order.
My fellow Americans, we live in a time of great change. Tomorrow marks 13 years since our country was attacked. Next week marks 6 years since our economy suffered its worst setback since the Great Depression. Yet despite these shocks; through the pain we have felt and the grueling work required to bounce back — America is better positioned today to seize the future than any other nation on Earth.
Our technology companies and universities are unmatched; our manufacturing and auto industries are thriving. Energy independence is closer than it’s been in decades. For all the work that remains, our businesses are in the longest uninterrupted stretch of job creation in our history. Despite all the divisions and discord within our democracy, I see the grit and determination and common goodness of the American people every single day — and that makes me more confident than ever about our country’s future.
Abroad, American leadership is the one constant in an uncertain world. It is America that has the capacity and the will to mobilize the world against terrorists. It is America that has rallied the world against Russian aggression, and in support of the Ukrainian peoples’ right to determine their own destiny. It is America — our scientists, our doctors, our know-how — that can help contain and cure the outbreak of Ebola. It is America that helped remove and destroy Syria’s declared chemical weapons so they cannot pose a threat to the Syrian people — or the world — again. And it is America that is helping Muslim communities around the world not just in the fight against terrorism, but in the fight for opportunity, tolerance, and a more hopeful future.
America, our endless blessings bestow an enduring burden. But as Americans, we welcome our responsibility to lead. From Europe to Asia — from the far reaches of Africa to war-torn capitals of the Middle East — we stand for freedom, for justice, for dignity. These are values that have guided our nation since its founding. Tonight, I ask for your support in carrying that leadership forward. I do so as a Commander-in-Chief who could not be prouder of our men and women in uniform — pilots who bravely fly in the face of danger above the Middle East, and service-members who support our partners on the ground.
When we helped prevent the massacre of civilians trapped on a distant mountain, here’s what one of them said. “We owe our American friends our lives. Our children will always remember that there was someone who felt our struggle and made a long journey to protect innocent people.”
That is the difference we make in the world. And our own safety — our own security — depends upon our willingness to do what it takes to defend this nation, and uphold the values that we stand for — timeless ideals that will endure long after those who offer only hate and destruction have been vanquished from the Earth.
May God bless our troops, and may God bless the United States of America.

The geeks, not the hackers, exposed the Jennifer Lawrence crowd

Explicit digital-video clips of dozens of naked celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, the 24-year-old Academy Award–winning star of Silver Linings Playbook, the Hunger Games franchise, and many other films, have been made public— forever. The photos were posted anonymously to image boards such as 4chan and Gamehonk.

The current blame game has shed no light on the basic facts of what occurred.

Many, perhaps all, of the leaked photos were reportedly stored on the cloud and allegedly stolen from the cloud.

Nothing, but nothing, that is stored on the cloud can be considered “safe,” not just from hacking but safe in general. Not your credit card information, your photos, your passwords, nothing—nada.

The basic technical fact that allowed for the exposure is inseparable from the business model of social-media and cloud-data-storage companies.

Don’t blame the cloud. The problem starts with the cell phone and its settings. The vendors of cellphones, tablets, phablets and the like allow the automatic sharing of what is on the cellphone to all the devices the user may have, including the cloud.

They call this “connectivity” and its impressive tools have many of us hooked. These tools gives users access to live in streams of information about other people’s lives—no hackers needed. In exchange for these tools, users allow the tech giants to handle and inspect all the stuff we show, and all the stuff we look at, and to keep copies of it—forever, on computer servers that we do not control, do not understand and never will.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella - one scary geek

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella – one scary geek

Actually, the problem begins not with the hackers but in the complex settings of the user’s own cellphone. Have your cellphone set in the wrong way, on sharing, and the whole world may have access to everything in your cellphone.

The tech companies sometimes make statements about the security of all this material in their very complex Terms of Service. And who reads the Terms of Service and who can cope with all the settings in their beloved cellphone – only the geeks.

The systems designed by the Apples, Googles and Microsoft of this world are designed by their cadres of geeks, based to geek standards and for the geeks geeky enjoyment. Who has not suffered through the difficult transition to Windows 8—a very buggy system, full of settings that only a geeks could love—or understand.

Today geeks risen to the top and tech companies are run by scary guys like Microsoft’s CEO, geeky space-alien-like Satya Nadella. Just check out his photo and you will see what we mean.

Nadella is so out of touch with the real world that he doesn’t mind bragging openly that he is a big fan of the anti-Semitic writings of Friedrich Nietzsche.

Geeks—the new world order.

Centerplate catering CEO Desmond Hague caught on video abusing a female puppy

Puppy abuser Desmond Hague

Puppy abuser Desmond Hague

Sports catering giant Centerplate said Tuesday night it was conducting an internal review after surveillance video of its chief executive kicking his friend’s puppy, one-year-old female Doberman pinscher, and yanking it by its leash went public. Yes, Hague was abusing a puppy that did not even belong to him.

The incident took place at the Private Residences in downtown Vancouver’s Hotel Georgia, where Hague’s kicking the puppy and yanking it into the air by its leash was caught on video. The video was emailed to the SPCA. NBC Connecticut says the SPCA has the video and is actively investigating.

When two B.C. SPCA officers entered the 39th-floor condo of a downtown Vancouver building Wednesday night they found the Doberman pinscher puppy in its crate, surrounded by the stench of its own urine with its food and water bowls out of reach, according to court documents.

Once let out of her cage, Sade — the one-year-old female puppy — was skittish around people and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals officers said she appeared physically abused, according to the information to obtain a search warrant filed in B.C. Provincial Court.

According to court papers, Marcie Moriarty, with the BC SPCA, reported authorities found the puppy in a urine filled crate in the 39th floor condo with both water and food out of her reach. The puppy showed signs of being abused, and has since been removed and is reported to be doing better under the care of the SPCA.

Moriarty has recommended animal cruelty charges be pressed against Hague, and the case has been referred to Crown counsel who is still conducting their investigation. If charged and found guilty, Hague faces a lifetime ban on pet ownership or jail time.

The puppy is now in the SPCA’s custody.

Hague, who lives in Connecticut and gave the SPCA a number with that area code, released a statement Saturday.

“I take full responsibility for my actions,” he said. “This incident is completely and utterly out of character and I am ashamed and deeply embarrassed. Under the circumstances of the evening in question, a minor frustration with a friend’s pet caused me to lose control of my emotional response. Unfortunately, I acted inappropriately, and I am deeply sorry for that and am very grateful that no harm was caused to the animal.”

What lies! The video shows that the puppy was quiet and lying down when Hague began to kick her. How can Hague say that “no harm was caused to the animal.” Are we to believe that? In addition, the fact that the SPCA found the puppy in a filthy cage further eondemns that actions of Hague.

If convicted of animal abuse in the U.S. Desmond Hague faces up to a $75,000 fine and 2 years in prison. If Hague is not convicted and sentenced, it will be another show of  just how powerful corporate America and the One Percenters are.

Centerplate said it will make a public statement once it has completed its internal review.

Where are the police in this? Why hasn’t Hague been arrested?