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Saudi Arabia attacked by ISIS

This is not news you will read in your local newspaper, or see on television.

Point of ISIS attack on vast Saudi/Iraq border

Point of ISIS attack on vast Saudi/Iraq border

On the border between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, three Saudi Border Guard officers were killed on Monday, Jan 5th, in the dark of night, by ISIS terrorists.

Four ISIS attackers were also killed in the clash. Two ISIS suicide bombers died from detonating their explosive belts, while the other two were shot by Saudi officers.

“A border patrol in Suwaif, in the northern Arar region, came under fire from terrorist elements at 4:30 a.m.,” said Saudi Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki.

As security forces killed one assailant, another “detonated an explosive belt he was carrying,” killing himself and two guards and wounding another.

One of the ISIS terrorists signaled that he wanted to surrender and that he would hand himself over to Saudi Gen. Al-Balawi, who had just arrived at the site. As the ISIS terrorist came close, he blew himself up with the explosives belt hidden under his clothes, killing Saudi Gen. Al-Balawi and injuring others.

In total, three guards were killed, including Brig. Gen. Audah Al-Balawi, commander of the Border Guard in the Northern Border Region.

Saudi Arabia shares an 800-km border with Iraq, so long that it is impossible to defend. The Iraqi/Saudi border, through which liquor smugglers travel is now open to an ISIS invasion.

In addition to the and other border attacks on Saudi Arabia by ISIS, foreign residents in an exclusive compound near the Red Sea, deep in Saudi Arabia, have been attacked by bombs several times. The compound residents are no longer allowed to leave the safety of their compound at night. It is not known if their attackers were from ISIS or from Saudis, many of whom are becoming ISIS sympathizers.

Saudi Arabia and the surrounding monarchies are on full alert to defend their crowned heads as the ISIS Caliphate and its sympathizers expand south to the Saudi oil fields.

With the rapid collapse of oil prices costing Saudi Arabia its revenue and attacks by ISIS, Saudi Arabia and the other nearby Arab monarchies live in fear and trepidation.

Was the Sony cyber-attack from Singapore?

Red arrow points to potential source of Sony cyber-attack

Red arrow points to potential source of Sony cyber-attack – click to expand

The Daily Beast, in its article today regarding the Sony cyber-attack, doubts that North Korea is the culprit.

According to The Daily Beast:

“As with much of this investigation our information is somewhat limited.

The FBI haven’t released all the evidence, so we have to go by what information is available publicly.

Perhaps the most interesting and indeed relevant of this is the C2 (or Command and Control) addresses found in the malware.

These addresses were used by whoever carried out the attack to control the malware and can be found in the malware code itself.




They are:








Taking a look at these addresses we find that all but one of them are public proxies. Furthermore, checking online IP reputation services reveals that they have been used by malware operators in the past.”

Using the Singapore IP-Address, we obtained the following geo-location information:

Decimal: 985242211
ISP: SingNet Pte Ltd
Organization: Singapore Telecommunications
Services: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Static IP

Geolocation Information

Country: Singapore sg flag
City: Singapore
Latitude: 1.2931  (1° 17′ 35.16″ N)
Longitude: 103.8558  (103° 51′ 20.88″ E)

Yes, this location is in the heart of Singapore. The Daily Beast article appears at this link.

Singapore terrorist arrested in Indonesia

Choo Han Teck - terrorists OK?

Choo Han Teck – terrorists OK?

The wife of a Singaporean fugitive who has been detained in Indonesia for over 50 days has resorted to selling her flat in a last-ditch attempt to get her husband back.

Mrs May Lim, 40, revealed that she has spent all her savings on legal fees to try to bring her husband Lim Yong Nam, 40, back to Singapore. This includes funds from selling her three-bedroom apartment to pay for lawyers’ fees in Indonesia. Her husband is on an Interpol list as he is wanted by the United States for breaching a US trade embargo against Iran.

Lim is accused by U.S. authorities of participating in a scheme to unlawfully ship 6,000 radio frequency modules from Minnesota, US, to Singapore with false statements – however the destination was Iran.

They claimed that Mr Lim managed to convince the US companies that the end users of the devices were in Singapore, when he knew that they were being shipped to Iran to make improvised explosive devices (IEDs)

US authorities also claimed that in 2008 and 2009, at least 16 of the modules he purchased were recovered by coalition forces in Iraq, and used in improvised explosive devices designed to kill American troops.

Although several of his associates were extradited and are or have served sentences in U.S. prisons, Singapore Judge, Choo Han Teck, found that selling U. S. bomb-making equipment to Iran to kill Americans is not an offense in Singapore—it is OK for Singapore terrorists to engage in such activities!

Lim and three other people were arrested in 2011 for smuggling US-made radio devices commonly usually used in bomb-making from Singapore to Iran. The three other people were found guilty and extradited to the US for further processing.

Lim claims he did not know he was on the Interpol notice when he traveled to Indonesia even though he has been on Interpol’s list since September 2013.

After Lim’s arrest in Indonesia, the US Attorney-General made a formal request to the Indonesian government to extradite him to the U.S. for abetting terrorism.

Mrs Lim has stated, “I wish the Singapore Government can do more to help us. My husband has already been tried and has proven his innocence here.”

Falsly exporting U.S. made bomb-making equipment to Iran to kill Americans seems to be quite OK Singapore Judge Choo Han Teck.

Windows is broken and so is Microsoft

The guys at Microsoft continue to slip farther away from reality. Untested computer graduates, fresh out of college, led by new Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella.

Mr. Nadella, an import from India, loves to quote Hitler’s favorite author, 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, using phrases like “courage in the face of reality.” Better that Nadella should say “reality in the face of reality,” as both Nadella and Microsoft are no longer in the real world.

The unfortunate release of Windows 8 shows just how far out of touch Nadella and Microsoft are from reality. Windows 8 was designed more for a cell-phone than for a desktop computer. Windows 8 failed to work on a desktop and continues to be full of “bugs.”

According to ZDNet, Windows 8 is full of problems:

“The last several months have seen a disturbing string of problems in updates released for Microsoft products. Last week we saw four. It’s time to worry about what’s behind it all.

The following list includes problems observed in just the last six months:

  • Microsoft’s June patches broke Office Click-to-Run for some
  • August Windows updates cause systems to go into reboot loops (among other problems)
  • September Lync server security update may not install successfully
  • A file synch issue in OneDrive for Business force Microsoft to pull and reissue an update
  • An update to add SHA-2 hashing to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 could cause system reboots
  • New ciphers included with a security update to Schannel caused connections to drop and programs to become unresponsive
  • October updates to Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013 could stop fields from updating (*)
  • An Exchange 2010 update issued in December could stop Outlook from connecting to the server. It was withdrawn and reissued
  • December update KB3004394 on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 can cause an inability to install future updates
  • December update KB2553154 for Office 2010 disables ActiveX controls”

On my own computer, I am often unable to access my own files because Windows 8 “permissions” will not allow it. This forces me to go through a number of screens to reset the permissions.

Until have found a little-known program that does this for me with a single click, I spent hours overcoming the “permissions” problem.

Sony is another victim of Microsoft Windows. Sony’s entire operation has been undermined by hackers—thanks to Windows.

Today, Windows is not only our our desktops, cell-phones, tablets, phablets, etc, but has replaced the secure IBM mainframe in many datacenters. The datacenter is now fashionably called the “cloud.” Instead of a mainframe, most new datacenters are populated by tens or hundreds of Windows PCs all strung together. Why? That is what the college grads have been taught.

When I was in charge of Singapore’s Inland Revenue Department’s datacenter, we used an IBM mainframe. Everything was secure and the system serviced its many users as a “cloud.” Since we were part of the Singapore government, the top computer science graduates were hired from the National University of Singapore to work in the datacenter. Since these students had been taught only about PCs, they naturally began to replace the IBM mainframe by Windows PCs.

Fortunately, I was hired by Citibank, Singapore to set up and run what became the largest financial datacenter in Asia—utilizing IBM mainframes. We had two IBM mainframe datacenters on opposite ends of Singapore, running in tandem. If one datacenter had a failure, there was an automatic switch to the other datacenter. The name for the technology to do that is IBM Sysplex.

However, in time at Citibank, we came under pressure to use PCs and other “mini-computers” to take over some of the functions of the IBM mainframes. This was thanks to new employees who knew nothing about mainframes.

The main programming language for mainframes is called COBOL. It still accounts for more than 70 percent of the business transactions that take place in the world today. In fact, COBOL is still being used more than Google. How much more? There are about 200 times more COBOL transactions than Google searches worldwide.

Universities, however, shun COBOL and favor the more scientific-looking “curly-brace” programming languages like C, C++ and it’s offshoots. COBOL is no longer cool, but college grads who have learned COBOL earn an average of $10,000 more per year than those who don’t, according to an ITWorld report.

Which would you prefer – a sea of Windows PCs running your business or an IBM mainframe?

Maybe Sony should have an IBM mainframe datacenter with Apples on the desktop.



U.S. launched surge against Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, from classified Snowden files

Original graphic from file.

Text for seaSnowdenMexicorch
(U/ /FOLIO) S2C41 surge effort
(TS//Sl//REL) NSA’s Mexico Leadership Team (S2C41) conducted a
two-week target development surge effort against one of Mexico’s
lead ing presidential candidates, Enrique Pena Nieto, and nine of his
close associates. Nieto is considered by most political pundits to be
the likely winner of the 2012 Mexican presidential elections which are
to be held in Ju ly 2012. SATC leveraged graph analysis in the
development surge’s target development effort.

02/12/2014 Update – The US is now placing pressure on Mexico’s currency. Recently, the Peso has dropped by over 10% in value against the US Dollar. Apparently, Washington believes that Pena Neto is unwilling or unable to curb the power of Mexico’s drug lords and local police forces.

Singapore terrorist arrested in Batam, Indonesia

A Singaporean, Lim Yong Nam, wanted by the United States for terrorism Iran has been arrested in Batam, Indonesia.

Lim Yong Nam’s name was on an Interpol Red Notice in connection with conspiracy to defraud the United States.

The US Department of Justice has requested that the Indonesian police arrest Lim Yong Nam and extradite him to the US, but the Singaporean government has been carrying out efforts to stop its citizen from being extradited, arguing that he did not violate the law.

In Lim Yong Nam’s case, he had—together with three other Singaporeans and an Iranian national—been indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2011 for conspiring to allow electronics components from the US to be illegally exported to Iran rather than to their stated final destination of Singapore.

Lim was the owner and director of NEL Electronics, and was accused of acquiring 6,000 radio frequency modules for export to Iran together with Ms. Wong Yuh Lan, an agent of another electronics company.

The US alleged that 16 of the modules were later found in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq that had not detonated and were designed to kill U.S. troops in Iraq.

The US had sought the extradition of all four Singaporeans, but Singapore Justice Choo Han Teck allowed Lim’s appeal, together with that of Ms. Wong, then 39, as it found the wrongdoing he was accused of by the US authorities was not an offence in Singapore.

Choo Han Teck

Choo Han Teck

Justice Choo Han Teck said the actions of the two did not satisfy the “double criminality” required under the extradition treaty between Singapore and the US, which means the act had to be an offence in both jurisdictions.

Justice Choo Han Teck noted that the US sought the extradition of Lim Yong Nam and Ms. Wong (a.k.a. Huang Yulan, Jancy Wong and Yuh Lan Wong) for their involvement in a conspiracy to breach trade sanctions of goods, even though Singapore had no such comparative legislation.

The other two Singaporeans were, however, extradited as they had illegally exported military-use antennas, which are controlled goods, to Singapore.

Both men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the US by dishonest means, and were sentenced by a US federal court in 2013. Lim Kow Seng, then 44, was handed a 37-month prison term while Benson Hia Soo Gan (a.k.a. Benson, Soo Gan Benson Hia and Thomas Yan), then 46, got a 34-month jail term.

Lim Yong Nam made a serious blunder by leaving Singapore, where he had been protected by the strange decision of Justice Choo Han Tack.

ISIL’s Brand of Islam Comes from Saudi Arabia

The first Saudi King, Abdul Aziz, formed an alliance Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism, which became and still is the foundation and law of the Saudi kingdom.

Now, Saudi Arabia has joined the United States in bombing its own believers, the Wahhabis of ISIL. They are doing this to protect the Saudi King and his vast royal family.

Caliph Ibrahim, also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is doing exactly the same thing as—and in the same—way as King Abdul Aziz did, when he invaded what is now Saudi Arabia.

Caliph Ibrahim is today’s King Abdul Aziz.

The new Caliphate or Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, has an exclusive commitment to the Saudi Wahhabi movement of Sunni Islam.

The Caliphate

The Caliphate

The King of Saudi Arabia and the monarchs of the adjacent countries have placed themselves on a very slippery slope by attacking ISIL. The one-percenters of Saudi Arabia and the related monarchies are by and large in favor of Wahhabism.

ISIL is, in no way, a deviant from the beliefs of Saudi Arabia formed by King Abdul Aziz. Under Wahhabi Islam in Saudi Arabia, people were not allowed to sing or even whistle in the street and if they did, the punishment was harsh and swift.

In Saudi Arabia, even today, punishment for crimes takes place on the first Friday after conviction—with no appeals or delays.

Decapitations, the cutting of hands and canings take place at the mosque as a part of its religious ceremony.

ISIL’s beheadings are no different than what goes on in Saudi Arabia and is in keeping with the views of most of the Saudi population.

ISIL’s beheadings are horrific. However, in the eyes of Arab Muslims, their numbers pale when weighed against the 500,000 Muslims who died as a result of the Iraq War, 100,000 of whom were killed directly by the American coalition.

Beyond being a theeat to the head of the King of Saudi Arabia and his fellow monarchs, ISIL is a major threat to the world’s oil supply.

To date, ISIL has captured significant oil production facilities in Iraq, and is marketing the oil at only $30 a barrel. Speculators, buying at that price, and re-selling at the “official price” of around $100 a barrel are making fortunes.

ISIL’s vast revenues permit it to purchase the most modern arms, which are in addition to those they have captured in Iraq, Syria, and even Libya.

Most Arab Muslims resent having lost their Caliphate and having it cut up, artificially, into nations such as Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Jordan.

Muslims of all creeds have longed for the day when the borders created by the West are erased and the glory of the Caliphate be restored. The Caliphate is a holy state founded by Prophet Mohammed, the first Caliph being his companion and successor Abu Bakr.

ISIL is restoring the Caliphate, and, in the eyes of many, restoring glory to the Arab nation.

The writer of this article, John Harding, has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for nine years, and speaks Arabic.

Non-citizen income rises 15 times faster than income of native U.S. citizens in 2013

The U.S. Census Bureau reported on September 16, 2014 that household income for non-citizens working in the United States rose 6.0% between 2012 and 2013, 15 times more than the paltry 0.4% increase for households led by native-born U.S. workers.

The Census Bureau said income households led by foreign-born workers, which includes non-citizens and naturalized citizens, rose 1.7% over the same period of time. That’s still about four times higher than the 0.4% increase for native-born workers. The difference is huge.

Democrats have supported easing immigration rules and some have criticized Obama for the delay. Republicans say more immigration would lead to depressed wages for native-U.S. workers which can’t compete. This is backed up in the Census Bureau report.

Republicans have argued that the effort by Democrats to ease immigration rules would make it easier for non-citizens to find jobs, at the expense of U.S. citizens. The Census report shows that is already be happening. Native-U.S. household income was almost flat between 2012 and 2013, while income for foreign-born residents rose much more.

The Census Bureau stressed that its report indicates a wide difference between income for citizen and non-citizen income—it also indicates that the income of some households led by native-U.S. workers actually declined between 2012 and 2013.

Whiteman by Robert Crumb

Whiteman by Robert Crumb

The largely white House Republicans have said for over a year that it won’t pass the Senate bill, in large part because of fears that it would create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Many Republicans say that would only help attract more illegal immigrants, much in the same way that, Republicans argue, the Obama administration’s deferred deportation action for younger immigrants has lured thousands of children to the southern U.S. border.

The Census Bureau assessment will certainly bolster those fears among Republicans.

The Census Bureau said that while it’s difficult to estimate future populations, it was a fact that the U.S. allows 1 million legal immigrants to enter the country each year. Obama’s Senate bill would therefore roughly double the number of legal immigrants each year through 2022.

The problem may be that native Americans, especially the whites, feel they are entitled and should not have to work so hard.

Obama’s use of the phrase “American exceptionalism,” seems to apply only to foreign-born Americans.

Certainly, the American whites are in deep and steady decline.

Did General David Petraeus create ISIL in Iraq?

Gen. David Petraeus took over as the commanding general of the Multi-National Forces in Iraq in 2007. When General Petraeus armed the Iraqi Sunnis for the surge. It appears that those same armed Sunnis later developed into what is now ISIS or ISIL in Iraq.

On July 29, 2914, Petraeus was interviewed by PBS Frontline. During this interview, Petraeus made some interesting and revealing remarks concerning the much-discussed surge. Here are the key excerpts.

PBS Frontline: Gen. Petraeus, let’s start with 2006, the debate on the need for the “surge,” a very big change in strategy at that point. … Give me your take on … what the debate was about and why.

Petraeus: …But another huge idea — and not something separate, not something just lucky — was the idea of promoting reconciliation with disaffected Sunni Arabs who felt they had been cast off, cast out of Iraq, that they had been disenfranchised. …
…There was one small case of this outside Ramadi, in Anbar Province, when the surge began. It had been going on for several months, and I immediately went out there, assessed it, recognized that this is the kernel of a huge idea, that if we could achieve critical mass and set off a chain reaction, first up and down the Euphrates River Valley and Anbar Province and then to Baghdad and then up and down the Tigris River Valley, each of these in the predominantly Sunni Arabs areas west and north of Baghdad, that we could really make a difference. And we set out to do that.
…Over time this spawned the so-called Sunni Arab awakening, the Sons of Iraq. Ultimately we had 103,000 former insurgents, and actually over 20,000 former militia members part of that 103,000 to give you a sense of the magnitude of this endeavor…

PBS Frontline: The Sunni insurgents, the over 100,000 that you brought onboard basically, where did the idea come from that we actually had to involve them, we had to put them on the payroll to really bring them within our realm?

…First of all, you have to recognize that the Sunni Arabs were not going to reconcile. They were not going to have an awakening, if you will. They weren’t going to raise their hand and say, “We’ll take on Al Qaeda,” until they were assured that we could secure them. …Once they saw that we were committed, once they saw that we were able to secure them, they’d gotten tired of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda had been abusive. It had been blowing Sunni Arabs up and Sunni mosques up in addition to Shia Arabs and mosques. So they were keen to get these individuals out of their areas and to reintegrate into an Iraq which has such bounty.

Let’s remember that Iraq can generate — even at that time it could generate $110 billion per year just in oil exports alone, if we could get the pipelines and all the production facilities and the electrical towers upright and operating again.
Once they realized that this was possible, then they raised their hand. They said: “Let us help you. We will help secure our areas alongside your soldiers, and then what we’d like to do over time is of course we’d like to find employment for our young men.”

Our comment: Petraeus’s statement about Iraq oil revenues may reveal the real reason for the Iraq war – the need to feed the U.S. Military/Industrial Complex.

PBS Frontline: You’ve written that you’re not surprised about ISIS rising up. Explain.

Petraeus: It’s not a surprise if you’re watching it closely. And I have watched it closely, albeit through open-source rather than classified intelligence. But there’s plenty of it out there. In fact, there is more and more and more as these groups themselves post videos on YouTube and have Twitter accounts and are constantly telling you what it is that they are doing. A number of the think tanks in this town follow that closely, the Institute for the Study of War in particular, on whose board I sit.
So we’ve watched as ISIS became more and more prominent in Syria, as it challenged the true Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra. Then, as it started to come back into Iraq, as it launched again, eight months ago now, an assassination campaign, very targeted hits on Iraqi security force leaders and members in and around Mosul, and then as it retook the city of Fallujah, six, seven years ago to take back from the Sunni insurgents at that time in the surge. So we’ve watched this.

Our comment: Here Petraeus reveals a lot. First, he admits that the Sunni’s were armed by the U.S. for the surge are the force that is now ISIS in Iraq. ISIS is exclusively a Sunni movement and those same Sunnis that form ISIS, today, came from the Sunnis Petraeus armed for his well-known surge.

Note: The full text of the PBS Frontline interview of Petraeus can be found at:

January 9, 2015 Update:

The F.B.I. and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against David H. Petraeus, contending that he provided classified information to his lover, Paula Bradwell, while he was director of the C.I.A. This pressures Attorney General Holder to seek an indictment that could send the Petraeus to prison.

F.B.I. agents discovered classified documents on Bradwell’s computer after Mr. Petraeus resigned from the C.I.A. in 2012 when the affair became public.

Petraeus, has indicated to the Justice Department that he has no interest in a plea deal that would spare him an embarrassing trial.

Attorney General Holder was expected to decide by the end of last year whether to bring charges against Mr. Petraeus, but he has not yet don anything. This delay has frustrated Justice Department and F.B.I. officials and investigators who believe Petraeus has received special treatment at a time when Holder has led a crackdown on government officials who reveal even non-classified secrets to journalists.

John McCain, Republican of Arizona, wrote to Holder last month that the investigation had deprived the nation of wisdom from one of its most experienced leader. Huh? Was arming and creatubg ISIS under the name of Petraeus’ failed “surge” wisdom?

Hopefully, Petraeus will go to jail and take his myth with him.

Are my books being illegally sold? Are yours?

Roman Catholic Parish of the Lord Kosice, Poland

Roman Catholic Parish of the Lord, Kosice, Poland

One of my clients contacted me regarding his very successful book, How to Open a Successful Pawnshop. I am his editor and set him up on his own account on Lightning Source (LSI).

He had found a site, which is selling his book, my books, and just about any books you want.

The site is located in Poland.

Warning: I got to the site and received a virus, pup.optional.amonetize, from it once I clicked into the site. This should not happen if you just take a look at the site without clicking.

The parent site, is a Catholic church and I encountered no virus here!

The church’s logo reads, “Rzymskokatolicka Parafia P.S. Przemienienia Panskiego w Koszycach Wielkich.”

Google Translate tells me this says, “Roman Catholic Parish P.S. Transfiguration of the Lord’s Kosice Great.”

If you keep pup.optional.amonetize stays in your system, it can provide an attacker with full access via a backdoor, permitting unauthorized access to your computer without your consent. This type of virus also captures your system and it can easily steal your login and password details. When it is running in the background, it downloads and executes other malware, delivers advertisements to your computer, and even blocks programs from running. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get rid of pup.optional.amonetize once upon detection.

I got rid of it with Malwarebytes.

It’s not just Jennifer Lawrence who is victimized by the Internet.